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Digital Nomads

19 April 2021

New Technology

The advent of the internet annihilated a lot of industries. It took from many people jobs that are now taken over by advance technologies. But the internet also enabled different industries to flourish. With the advancement in technology and the improving internet connection around the world, it’s only inevitable that the traditional way of working will change forever.

The traditional way of working within an office is now slowly changing. People are going out and going home. Although companies and corporations are still skeptical and, in some ways, scared. They have to adapt in order to survive. Slowly, though, we are seeing companies employing freelancers in every corner of the word. We are seeing companies allowing their people to telecommute. Large percentages of work done inside the office are now being outsourced to people working at home, the beach, a restaurant.

Employees around the world are burned out, and the change in working environments is making people hopeful. Perhaps it’s time, they say, to fully take advantage of technology and do what’s best for employees for once and for all.

For nearly a hundred years, global economies rose beyond everyone’s expectations. Perhaps, it’s time for a change, people are saying. Perhaps it’s time companies and corporations think about their workforce, make it the center of their Operations. Think about their health—both mental and physical. Do what is best for them. Listen to them and what they have to say.

The Rise of Digital Nomads

Like everything else in the age of modern technology, it’s inevitable. The moment the internet was made public, it was only a matter of time before these people to rise above the ashes of traditional working environments.

What are digital nomads? Digital nomads are a group of people working remotely. They can be found around the world, but mostly in Asia where the exchange rates are high. By taking advantage of the high exchange rates and the low cost of living in Asia, these people are able to live in luxury. They can rent a small apartment by the beach and enjoy delicious food all day long.

Digital Nomads came to existence a year before the internet we know today celebrated its 10th year. Employees realized they can work remotely, and they started quitting their jobs. A number of startup companies—those who are still unable to afford expensive office addresses—started advertising freelance jobs. Employees who are tired of working inside offices began taking these jobs.


The power of working on projects on your own without any supervisor hovering over you is very appealing. The ability to work on projects on your own time is liberating. Most if not all digital nomads come from develop countries, and combined with their powerful passports, it seems as if a whole new world is opening up before them. And they are all willing to embrace it.

No more waking up early in the morning. No more ridiculous office dress codes. No more of the same office walls and fake plants that didn’t do anything to spark creativity.

Time to break free.


These days, programmers, digital artists, writers, content editors, and so much more are working in coffee shops overlooking volcanoes, loft-type apartments in the middle of the jungles, sipping cocktails with their tablets and laptops on the beach.

Since they have control of their time, they can manage their tasks and enjoy the freedom and the exotic sceneries around them.

To many working in the traditional office, lunch time means going out for a quick bite. For digital nomads, lunch time means a trip to the spa, Zoom meetings in between surf board sessions.

Working now has a new meaning.

The Tribe

The nomadic tribes of old travelled from one location to another. Digital nomads are the same. Some stay in one place for a month, then they pack their bags and move to another location. Places like Phuket and Chiang Mai are the most popular destinations.

For them, traveling light is of the extreme importance. They couldn’t buy clothes more than what they could fit in their bags. No furniture for them as well. No extra laptop or tablet that might spell trouble when traveling from one place to another.

But some digital nomads decide to stay in one place for longer than a month. Some stay in one place for 2 years before moving to another location. To them, having an effective working station is vital.


Flexispot is a company dedicated to providing work station setups centered on comfort and health.

The Adjustable Standing Desk Pro is perfect for those who love working on traditional desks, but with the option to adjust the table height for when one wants to work standing up. With a simple click of a button, the traditional desk transforms into a productive, healthy option.

The Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair is the new gold-standard in ergonomic office chairs. The minimalist style complements any interior design, most importantly, the ergonomic principles ensure comfort and support. No more lower back pains.

Ergonomic Solutions

With advance science, companies and corporations around the world are switching to ergonomic office furniture and equipments. Laws are being passed in develop countries ensuring employee comfort and welfare.

Digital nomads are taking advantage of this as well.

The Perfect Work Place

Imagine that. You are free. No longer required to come to the office to work with people you don’t necessarily like. No more beige-colored walls around your working station. No more condescending boss walking behind you. Now, the only thing you see in front of you are waves crashing on your feet, mountains changing color every minute, rice fields stretching for miles.

The digital nomad life is not for everyone. But the most important thing is, now, people have a choice. In the past, all of us didn’t. We can choose now which path to take. Which path will make us happy. Isn’t that what we all want in the first place?