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Disaster Preparedness

06 July 2021

As of this writing, three more bodies were retrieved from the collapsed Champlain Towers Building in Surfside, Florida. There are still bodies to be recovered out of the building as the news has purported, there are 118 bodies still unaccounted for. With the given warning of Tropical Storm Elsa, it was also reported that the location of the ill-fated building is out of the storm’s path. Unfortunately, the cause of the collapse is still unknown.

There are some disasters happening around the world these days that we should always be prepared for because they happen at any time, sometimes without warning. We must somehow prepare for these unforeseen events that might strike where we are at any given time to save our lives. We are always busy and mindless of some important things to do as our focus is normally on our work. Saving our lives should be also our priority and we must be aware that they can happen anywhere at any time.

Tips to Prepare for a Disaster:

  • Always bring your smartphones with you together with a power bank with a full battery. Putting them in your bag may be a burden because of the weight but it may really save our lives from a disaster or accidents that inevitably happen.  
  • While we are busy surfing the net or watching videos on our smartphone or laptop, always include checking some information on weather forecasts or emergency warnings so we can make some necessary adjustments to our schedules or make some preparations for emergencies.
  • There must be an emergency survival kit at home that is strategically located and within your reach at any time that it is needed. They must be prominent to be seen by everyone at home. 
  • Be sure that you know how to shut off the electric power and water sources during severe weather conditions when heavy flooding and strong winds could destroy these power lines.
  • When you are in a particular place during a storm or any emergency situation, be sure to communicate with your family about your exact whereabouts to help them locate you when an emergency happens.
  • Be sure that your car charges are available for your smartphones and other devices that may be used to communicate with your family or other people who want to help you in case of an emergency
  • You can bring an extra t-shirt, water bottle, and some biscuits in your bag whenever you go out during a storm because the weather is unpredictable and storms can bring heavy flooding that it is sometimes impossible to continue driving or traveling.
  • At home, secure all pieces of furniture and if possible bring them upstairs for safety. All other essential things outside the home must also be secured from any unforeseen events such as heavy rains and flooding.
  • It is better to stay at home where you are more secure with your family than staying outside for some trivial things.
  • Do not forget to pray for spiritual guidance and for safety and survival from unforeseen events and disasters

Disaster preparedness these days are necessary more than ever because it happens sporadically around the world without any warning. Landslides, earthquakes, flash floods, twisters, severe storms, and thunderstorms are sometimes unpredictable and weather forecasts seem to be short of information although we have the most advanced equipment for predicting weather disturbances.

In this regard, we can help our own family and our government by being prepared during emergencies, weather disturbances, and disasters at any time.

I can still recall several years ago, I was still working at that time. There was a storm warning signal No. 1. So I was still confident that I could report for work that day despite the stormy weather. Most of the employees reported to work and we were able to finish our workload for the day. 

However, when we were going home, we saw that the parking area was already inundated soaking most of our cars that it was impossible to drive and to go home. Most of us could not go outside the building due to the rising floodwater. We waited for hours for the floodwater to subside so that we could drive and eventually went home. However, as time went by, the ravaging winds and heavy rains prevented us from leaving the building.

We were stuck in the middle of the night without food and water. I was really hungry at that time. Luckily, I had a bottle of water and some biscuits in my backpack which I always brought with me. I was able to eat and drink water to satisfy my hunger.  

It was already early morning the next day that we were able to go home. We were told to take some rest and to report for work in the afternoon for half of the day's attendance. From that time on, I usually use my backpack to bring some essentials for emergencies in the future.

I think it is also worthwhile to have some study pieces of furniture that you could use during emergencies such as heavy storms and flooding and for natural calamities such as earthquakes that you could use to safeguard your body from falling debris during tremors.

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