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Dodge These 6 Blunders When Getting a Height-Adjustable Desk

30 August 2021

You've heard about the latest craze in workplace technology during the last half-decade: sit-stand desks. There is a strong likelihood that at least one employee in your office supports standing desks. These creations have now found their way into our dormitories, living rooms, and improvised home offices as we equip our houses with the latest remote work gear.

Sit-stand desks, the ideal companion to mindfulness, have become popular as a way to prevent the harmful health effects of sitting in a hunched position all day. While the hoopla has subsided a little, standing desks remain widespread, with millions of individuals swearing by them.

advantages of sit-stand desk

Advantages of a Sit-Stand Desk

The majority of that sitting occurs during work. All that sitting not only harms your physical and mental health but also has an impact on the results of your work. The simplest solution is to fix the way you do the majority of your work. Rather than sitting, try standing. Here are a few points why everyone should consider investing in a height-adjustable standing desk irrespective of business.

Helps Burn Calories

Standing up allows you to burn more calories throughout the day since even while you're standing, you're continuously moving around, even though it doesn't feel like it. You transfer your weight from leg to leg, activate your stabilizer muscles to make sure you stay balanced and even tap your foot to think. All of these small movements build up over time and boost your total number of calories burned.

Promotes Productivity

Instead of feeling locked or confined at your workstation, you will be free to shift your outlook all through the day. Modifying your scenery, even if it's as simple as elevating your workstation a foot or two, can often cause a major difference in your attempt to remain on track. Everything seems new and exciting, allowing you to approach difficulties from a different angle.

Easier Access to Tools

When you're seated in a comfortable position, you wouldn't want to interrupt your workflow to grab an item. Because you're already standing up and moving around on your sit-stand desk, retrieving items that aren't within easy reach is considerably easier and less distracting to your workflow. You'll be able to grab what you need and get back to work quickly.

Discomfort and Pain Reduction

Your muscles aren't built to sit stationary all day. When they do, they become tense. You may allow your muscles to work and change positions during the day by using a height-adjustable standing desk. You'll probably experience fewer pains and soreness with time. Remember that even if you're standing, you'll want to stretch and walk around. This will assist you in maintaining your limberness and keep blood pumping to your shoulders, lower back wrists, and feet.

Fosters Collaboration

With a sit-stand desk, you'll be more approachable and open. For instance, if you work as a designer and a teammate needs to consult on particular design aspects, you can elevate your desk to a standing position with the press of a button. This gives you an unobstructed view of the screen and makes it easier and convenient to work.

Common Mistakes When Buying a Sit-Stand Desk

Common Mistakes When Buying a Sit-Stand Desk

If you're sold and are thinking about getting a height-adjustable standing desk to start reaping its benefits and do better at work, here are some purchasing mistakes to avoid, as well as the extra expense that may go with the entire process.

Getting just the frame

When you look at some of the most popular standing desk manufacturers, you will see that their top-only costs are pretty high. The primary reason for this is the high expense of shipping. They ship in a package when matched with a frame. Separating them means you'll only be charged shipping on the tabletop. Sometimes it's simply the vendor's desire to increase their profit margin. Nevertheless, it has the potential to be a costly experience.

Not the right size

It is critical to accurately estimate how much room you will need to work comfortably. With sit-stand desks, bigger is nearly always better because you can put more things to standing height. This is accurate until you order a desk that is too massive for your room. It is generally a good idea to measure again to verify you order the proper size. Mocking up your workspace is also a smart idea. This way, you can get a sense of how much space you need for the items that remain on your desk.

Excessive lifting functions

Having an extensive lifting capability does not always imply higher quality in a height-adjustable desk. This is a common misunderstanding in the market today. Another issue is that many weight ratings are produced by brands and not validated by their OEM manufacturer. Examine your existing workplace layout and consider how much weight you need. Then, to be sure, throw another 20% on top of that. The average user will need 75-100 lbs. in addition to the weight of the surface.

Not considering stability

The issue with steadiness on a standing desk is that it is not easily remedied. These design problems must be addressed in the factory. A minor flaw in the frame or tabletop can cause enough slight movement. You will experience stability concerns if you perform tasks requiring a lot of movement, are a hard typist, or lean on the desk. If you're sensitive to wobbling while working, make sure your new desk is stable. One of the suggestions we've heard is that a wider sit-stand frame will be more steady. Sadly, this is not the case, and purchasing a wider frame will not solve the frame's stability issues.

Holding off accessories 

When purchasing a bundle, many of the brands provide a discount when adding accessories to the desk. The amount will vary depending on the brand, but a lot of it will be determined by shipping charges. The second thing to think about is putting the accessories together. Once your desk is assembled, attaching accessories becomes more challenging. Drilling into the surface of a desk is more complicated than drilling into the floor when the desk is inverted. If you've piled things on the desk surface, you may need to clear them and turn the desk upside down to attach the new accessories correctly.

Overlooking shipping of a large standing desk

If additional services are not purchased before the shipment departs, freight carriers will default to the back of the vehicle or tailgate deliveries. The pallet will be rolled to the back of the truck, and the bands will be broken for you. You then must remove each box from the vehicle. Most drivers will assist in removing it from the truck, but without further services, they are not liable for moving it farther. A dolly is an excellent alternative for helping in the movement of large things. Liftgate service and inside delivery can be provided, but some freight companies charge a premium for these.

Purchasing a new height-adjustable standing desk does not have to be a frustrating process. You should be able to prevent the majority of the common errors. Buying the right standing desk the first time will get you up and running faster.