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Does Desk Color Matter? Here's What We Know

19 August 2022

Have you realized that the colors you choose to use in your workplace significantly impact mental health? Colors can improve your performance and mental health by letting you stay focused and efficient, make you feel more energized, and change your mood. Over the years, color aesthetics have been proven to be an excellent tool for increasing productivity at work. So, does the desk color matter, and if it does, why? Stick with us and find out what we know.

Desk colors not only affect our attitudes but also considerably affect the overall efficiency, according to several scientific pieces of research. Filling your workstation with fascinating colors is vital to boosting productivity and innovation. It is essential to know that the central feature of your workstation or office is your desk. No matter the type of workstation you choose, seated or standing, you must ensure it complements the rest of the room’s décor. You can also create a color contrast or stick to the same color scheme as the rest of your workstation. Educating people more about color perception can help them function better.

To summarize, here are some reasons why your desk color matters.

Desk color matters because it affects how you feel. If you work in an office, colors can affect the moods of the people around you, which is very important.
Desk color has a massive impact on productivity and performance. It can change your focus and energy levels, and we will discuss the best work desk colors.
Desk colors matter because they can affect the amount of energy you have. Some colors, such as yellow, green, and orange, make people more energetic, while some harmful colors, such as shades of blue, make people feel less alert.
Picking the best desk colors or simply those that fit well into your environment is essential because it distracts others in the same work environment creating a safe and comfortable space for everyone.

To further understand desk colors and if they matter, you should know more about the psychology of colors.

color psychology

What is color psychology?

It involves studying hues to determine human behavior. As stated earlier, colors can affect emotions, moods, and perceptions in individuals or a group of people. Those colors typically evoke different feelings between consumers since they have particular associations with various events or activities. For this reason, colors must be chosen carefully to match their intended purpose. Also, color psychology is not necessarily about what you see. It can influence perceptions that are not obvious, like food taste and the emotions we feel in different situations. As such, it is critical to consider your surroundings when picking a desk color for your workspace. In color psychology, you should know that different colors can affect how you feel about something and how you feel about yourself.

Here are some colors for your desk and what they represent:

Red - a physical color representing strength, bravery, and excitement. Red is an excellent color for work areas that require physical exertion.
Green - a typical color found in many places. It needs a slight eye adjustment, making it simple to use throughout your working day. Green aids in creating a sense of balance, making it quickly found in medical spaces like doctor's offices and hospitals. Green is a good color for environmental balance and restoration.
Grey - It is seen as a color of neutrality and is primarily used in office environments that attempt to create a modern and sleek look. It can, however, get depressing when you use grey in your entire room without mixing it with other colors. Grey can be a good desk color if you want a modern-looking workspace.
Brown - It is a good desk color for the expertise and unshakable power. It is usually linked with wanting to stay unnoticeable and minimal. Brown desk colors can easily blend with other colors in the room, making it a more manageable color to deal with.
White - this color has a lot of advantages and disadvantages at the same time. White can look chilled and professional because it is a cool color. White-colored desks make workspaces look professional and modern. On the other side, humans usually think about things that are not very useful for the task when the environment is highly monotonous. This color can make personnel increasingly open to blunders.

What to consider when picking a desk color

What to consider when picking a desk color

When picking a desk color, you should consider several factors. It could be challenging to some people, but be assured that Flexispot is here to help. Some things you should consider are:

Room color

You need a desk that can complement your room's color and floor. Getting a white desk should be an obvious choice if your room is white, but you may need to contrast it with a darker-colored desk. A brown desk can be pleasing to add if your room has an earth tone color. Finally, if you have a brightly colored room, you should consider a grey desk as a solid color selection.

Accessories and parts for your desk

Desks these days combine different colors and materials. You can get a desk with a gorgeous Aspen work surface but with white storage and black steel legs. You can also select the colors of your filing cabinet and handles. There are so many possibilities and ideas you can look at Flexispot standing desks to get ideas and considerations.


For those curious about the value of color and the energy it gives, you should consider colors' meanings and how they can affect your mood or the mood of your room, then pick your preference after understanding what every color means. We have explained some of the colors above, which can help you select the best desk color for your space.

Flexispot colored desks

Flexisispot is the perfect upgrade for your workstation and home office, and it has the best desks with beautiful colors which we have seen matter. Here are a few picks from the very many varieties created by Flexispot.

Flexispot Kana Bamboo Standing Desk

1. Flexispot Kana Bamboo Standing Desk

The name alone sells itself. The desktop is made from durable and long-lasting bamboo. It has a carbonized 2H lacquer coating which enables it to resist scratches, insects, and water. Flexispot has considered your health by making the whole production of the desk to be chemical-free involved. It has used aldehyde-free glue, which has made it greener and healthier to use. If you want an earth-toned theme in your room, you can add this bamboo-made desk because it is perfect. The bamboo has been sustainably sourced, and finally, the desk has a clear and robust structure evident through its dual motor lifting system.

Comhar All-in-one Standing Desk Glass Top

2. Comhar All-in-one Standing Desk Glass Top

You guessed right! The top of the desk is made of glass. The tempered glass table top allows you to work in style on this modern desk that is finished with rounded edges for extreme safety, durability, comfort, and elegance. The white color of the desk, together with the glass table top, adds class to your room. The best part is the size of your room doesn’t matter because this is a perfect corner desk for small spaces. Additional desk features include programmable height presets, embedded drawers, and USB charging ports which make everything easier. Finally, the desk has a safe lock button for extra security and an anti-collision function to prevent damage.

Electric Height Adjustable Gaming Desk 48”

3. Electric Height Adjustable Gaming Desk 48”

Gamers are not left out because this is specially made for you. The first time I saw this desk, I was amazed by the perfect combination of black and red colors. It was until I looked at the desk features that I fell in love with this desk. The desk is made of a carbon fiber textured PVC desktop, which is stain, water resistant, and non-slip, making it simple to keep things in place during intense gaming sessions. It has a curved ergonomic desktop that matches your body type and supports your wrists and elbows. Its one-touch control lifts your station with the touch of a button, and its adjustable foot pads enhance stability and keep your desk on even levels. This gaming desk can be perfect for a room that has bright colors.

Pro Plus Standing Desk E7

4. Pro Plus Standing Desk E7

This Flexispot standing desk is among the most appealing Flexispot Product due to its features and loading capacity. It has thicker leg columns than other desks, its base structure uses solid carbon steel, and its stability is outstanding. You can choose the kind of desktop you desire for the E7 standing desk. Flexispot offers you multiple materials, colors, and sizes of desktops to pick from, and these desktops are made from harm-free materials such as solid wood, natural bamboo, and E0-Graded chipboard. Picking any of these with the color you prefer means you can perfectly match your décor with this standing desk. The desk can fit in any room color due to its multiple desktop color options. Other desk features include LCD keypad panels, which can hold up to 355lbs, and a 15-year warranty.

You can go to the Flexispot website and look for further information and features about these desks mentioned in the article to pick your best fit and color. Don’t hesitate; Flexispot always has you covered.