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Does Standing at Work Assist You in Losing Weight? Facts on Calories Burned Sitting vs. Standing

29 August 2022

You've probably heard about how sitting too much can affect your health. Sitting for too long can heighten your risk of gaining weight and lead to heart problems, depression, type 2 diabetes, blood clots, and back pain, to mention a few. Studies show how excessive sedentary time is not suitable for our health. Also, the link between sedentarism and obesity is well known now. It is reported that too much sitting can lead to fat buildup around your internal organs. It makes sense now that standing more daily could counteract some of these effects. Apart from helping prevent chronic pain, standing at work could help you lose weight.

A gastroenterologist at New York Presbyterian says that studies have shown; that increased time spent standing versus sitting able to improve weight loss efforts and reduce the risk of gaining weight with time. Many researchers agree with this statement by adding other benefits of standing at work, such as; it can boost someone's metabolic health. Boosting your metabolic health is helpful because you can maintain or boost weight loss which you get in other ways such as exercising daily. As stated earlier, reducing the number of hours you sit while working is linked to lowering common health problems. Still, apart from that, it can improve your mood, boost your productivity, and improve your sleeping patterns.

sitting versus standing

So, what are the facts on calories burned sitting versus standing?

Researchers at Mayo Clinic have said that something as simple as standing instead of sitting can help us lose weight. They did a systematic review that examined the difference between standing and sitting down in terms of calories burned. The European journal published a meta-analysis on preventive cardiology, concluding that standing for six hours a day, even at work, can burn up to 54 calories. Forty-six studies were examined that led to a total of 1,184 participants with an average of 33 years and an average weight of 13.3 pounds or 65kg. The study shows that when you collect all available scientific evidence, you discover that standing accounts for more calories burned compared to sitting.

Standing was linked to 0.15 more calories burned per minute than sitting. It means that if someone weighing 143.3 pounds replaced sitting with standing every day for six hours, they would burn 54 more calories than their sedentary partner. In a year, it amounts to losing 5.5 pounds, and in four years, it amounts to 22 pounds.

calories burned

According to WebMD, a study measured the number of calories a group of people burned on averagely while standing, sitting, and walking and found that while sitting, people burned 80 calories per hour; while standing, they burned an additional 8 calories, and while walking, they burned up to 210 calories per hour. You can burn more calories from 120 to 210 by swapping only 3 hours of sitting for standing. While it may not help you lose a substantial amount of weight, it may help maintain your current weight and reduce several health risks.

Another impact of standing for extended hours is that it improves long-term health. It may seem unmanageable for many adults to stand for long periods, especially if you have a desk job, but for those that sit for twelve hours a day, reducing your sitting time to half can give you great benefits. The idea is to work into our daily routines to improve our long-term health. Research supports the "Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis" (NEAT). NEAT is a theory that was designed by obesity researchers from Mayo Clinic; which has its focuses on non-exercising daily activities, which can be helpful in weight loss. The findings of these studies are significant given that, on average, Americans sit for thirteen hours, and if you add the 8 hours of sleep at night, it leads to 21 hours of physical inactivity out of every 24 hours.

After reading this, you are a victim of sitting at your desk all day at work; you should already know that you need to move more to stand. If you work at a job that requires you to sit all day behind your desk, you should consider finding ways to encourage you to stand more such as using standing desks. Now that you know that standing helps with weight loss, Flexispot offers you several options that could help you, especially if you struggle with weight due to sitting all day at work. If you want to maintain weight and health simultaneously and if burning calories is your goal, here are some of the ways Felxispot has you covered:

Flexispot Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair.

You are lucky today if you want to go that extra mile and burn more calories at work. You already know that you need to shift between standing and sitting, but that is not enough. You can also do exercises more, do chair aerobics or even wear ankle weights while working all day long. Multi-tasking is not a skill that most people can accomplish, even though our bodies are ultimate multitaskers. There is a time when you need more powerful mental focus to control multi-tasking activities that can burn calories for you while working. For this reason, you can use the Flexispot Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair. It has provided a comfortable sitting experience that can be a perfect alternative to your standard desk chair.

The chair is necessary, especially if your work forces you to sit for long hours. The chair contains a breathable mesh and a backrest, ensuring comfort and stability. What I love the most about this Flexspot product is that it cycles smoothly and quietly, so you can use it without worrying about disturbing your co-workers. The chair is an ideal way to ease yourself into a new world of fitness routine as you cycle lightly. The significant part is that you can do it anytime and anywhere, like during your break hours or on the weekend as you work on other activities. When you buy the Flexispot Sit2Go 2-in-1, you get all the professional benefits of an exercise bike with adjustable resistance levels, which allow you to decide your calorie-burning challenge. It also has a calorie tracker built into the fitness chair.

Having a fitness chair like this has several advantages, including helping you burn calories while working every day. It should not be the only way to help you burn calories, but it is the best for people who are stuck with less time, more work, and more sitting. Apart from this, you can do calorie workouts but remember, Flexispot always has you covered, so go to the official Flexispot website because this is what you need.

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Also, since we have established that standing at work helps with weight loss, Flexspot offers you standing desks. The advantages of using a standing desk are several, but the most important ones for this article include; it allows you to exercise and stand, which leads to a healthy life. Even if you exercise for an hour a day, it is not enough to overcome the destructive effects of sitting for more than 12 hours a day—movements such as standing and walking play a crucial role in one's overall health and metabolic expenditure. Your body needs movements throughout your day and additional exercises to be fit; hence, a standing desk can fix this for you. Another benefit is that standing desks prevent metabolic syndromes. Metabolic syndromes are conditions that increase the risk of diabetes, heart diseases, and stroke, including obesity and weight gain—standing burns up to 30% calories per hour compared to sitting. At the same time, working also moderates the levels of insulin. When your lifestyle is sedentary, essential processes in your body slow down, leading to a rise in your blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels.

Flexispot has fixed this potential problem for you by offering crank adjustable height desks, electric height adjustable desks, and pneumatic standing desks. These standing desks are available in different designs, specifications, and finishes. Some of the exciting features that these desks have include;

1. Anti-collision- these features ensure that accidents do not happen when you raise or lower your desk. Flexispot desks with this feature contain sensors that detect obstructions and stop the desk midway. It is very helpful in preventing damages and injuries as you work.

2. Motor- manual desks usually have handles or cranks that help you lower or raise them. It is not the same with motorized desks. There are single motor desks that are efficient in height adjustments and are suitable for lightweight use. Then, dual motor desks have motors on either side and are ideal for heavier equipment.

3. Keypads - basic keypads have up and down buttons that aid in raising and lowering your desk in moments. Standard keypads have additional benefits of programmable timers that remind you to switch positions when it's time. And a premium keypad has all these features together with a child lock for extra security.

These are not the only features that Flexispot standing desks offers but imagine taking advantage of these features amid a stressful workday while taking care of your health and weight. Flexispot has a leading name in the standing desk segment, so do not be left out! Visit the Flexispot website.