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Double Life

20 April 2021

My Role

Harvey’s father was one of California’s most famous lawyers. From the very beginning, he pushed Harvey to follow in his footsteps. They came from a middle-class family in Colorado. He could still remember how sometimes their mother would leave him and his sister in the care of their childless neighbor just so her father could attend university and her mother work in a nearby restaurant.

He had a happy childhood. It was only later on when he realized they didn’t have a lot of money growing up. He never cared about toys. It was odd, he admitted. He never wanted toys. All he wanted was a puppy which his parents refused to give him.

For years, he spent most of his time in school and going to their neighbor’s house to visit their dog.

His father was tough on him. Perhaps because he didn’t want him to end up in the gutter with no money and food like most of their relatives. Harvey admitted that in the early days, he felt he didn’t have the right to decide for his own life. His own personal dreams didn’t matter. What mattered was his father’s dream of one day putting up his own law firm dedicated to helping the needy. It was their noble mission in life, his father often told him repeatedly when he was young.

He attended his father’s graduation and saw how hard he worked the first few years. It took a toll on their parent’s marriage, but they were stronger than most couples, they knew what they were doing and decided to stay in the marriage.

Harvey said it felt like watching a movie play before his eyes. Everything happening according to plan. Everyone had a role. He was given a role, and he didn’t dare disappoint his parents.

Double Life

He was never given a puppy. Harvey’s father said they couldn’t take another mouth to feed. So, when he was in high-school, he bought a puppy and asked their childless neighbor to help him take care of it. He bought all the supplies. Dog food, vitamins, toys, you name it! He bought them using the money he got from working part time in a local pizzeria. But because he couldn’t take the puppy home, he asked his childless neighbor to keep his dog in her house. She agreed, being mostly at home alone and lonely. She also didn’t mind the daily visits from Harvey, who she adored.

A year before he graduated from high-school, the local veterinary clinic opened its doors. Harvey was first in line. He got a job as an assistant and worked there almost every day. The vet saw his potential and enthusiasm, so he volunteered to take in his dog when the childless neighbor died.

His father never discovered the dog.

When Harvey left for university, he was forced to study law. He knew he wouldn’t survive unless he was doing something he truly loved, so he took up veterinary medicine as well.

He excelled in both, which made sure his father didn’t suspect his double life. It even went on for years. But he had to admit it to his mother, who took pity on him when, out of exhaustion, he collapsed during a cousin’s birthday party.

With the help of his mother and the vet who became more like his second father, he graduated with two degrees. Just like what his father had planned, he ended up working for him in his own law firm. He worked there most days, and during weekends, he secretly worked in the clinic.

Harvey laughed and remembered how tired he was those days. Tired, but extremely happy.

One day, they’ve decided to redecorate the clinic. As an assistant vet, he was tasked to buy office furniture and equipments. He came across an article about ergonomic furniture. They were more expensive than traditional office furniture, but he read they were better. So, one night, he Googled ergonomic furniture and came across Flexispot. He discovered the company is dedicated to creating office furniture and equipments following a scientifically proven design language aimed at making sure its users wouldn’t get the typical body aches and pains associated to using traditional, cheap office furniture.

The head vet approved his proposal. They ended up buying several of Flexispot’s Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series, which could transform from an ordinary traditional desk to a convenient standing desk. They even ended up saving space since they realized the desks could easily transform to examination tables with just a push of a button.

They also bought several of Flexispot’s Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair. It was so comfortable that he got one for himself at home.

The Discovery

One fateful day, the head vet got involved in an accident. He asked a friend to call a lawyer, and they ended up contacting Harvey’s father. Harvey’s father arrived on the scene and promised him help. The head vet was informed that they were needed in the police station, so he had to call Harvey to take over the clinic. The problem was, he couldn’t move his fingers, so he asked the lawyer (Harvey’s father) to call his assistant vet. The rest is history. His father recognized his voice. Understandably, he was confused at first, because he knew his son was a lawyer and not a doctor. At dinner that night, Harvey explained that he too was a doctor. His father’s jaw dropped. His mother, who sat in silent during the conversation, stood up and produced his diploma with tears in her eyes.

Partnership with Flexispot

Harvey’s father was amazed at what his son had accomplished. He didn’t allow him to leave the firm, but he insisted he head a new division dedicated to cases filed involving animals. He even gave Harvey a loan so they could expand the clinic. Harvey made sure to order more Flexispot office furniture and equipment, of course.