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Drafting Tables: Benefits, Considerations, and the Height-Adjustable Type

17 May 2021

If you work in architecture, engineering, or the creative arts, drafting tables is undoubtedly part of your workspace. They are distinct from regular tables or standing desks in that they have an angled flat surface toward the user. This angled surface provides an ergonomic posture, which helps to reduce back, neck, and wrist pressure that can occur after hours of hunching over a flat desk.

When first invented in the pre-industrial period, drafting tables were known as drawing boards with adjustable bases. Today's drafting tables have developed to incorporate high-tech mechanisms, and they are available with a much broader range of features.

What is a drafting table?

drafting table is a worktable with a sizable adjustable top (which varies in size) that can be slanted to accommodate the comfort of the user's scope and visual perception. A drafting table's broad top allows the user to work on oversized papers, plans, and projects such as blueprints, mechanical drawings, artwork, and more.

Many artists still use drafting tables today, while others rely entirely on computers to create their work. Why are people utilizing drafting tables in this day and age when technology can do everything? 

Since hand-drawn edits are difficult to replicate or modify, authors, designers, and architects manually edit computerized prints to protect copyright. Drafting tables are handy for artists, engineers, planners, and people studying the arts, engineering, and architecture.

You can find drafting tables to be quite pricey, but you will quickly realize that they are well worth the investment. These tables perform many roles that conventional tables do not, and they will be with you for several years.

What are the benefits of drafting tables?

● A well-made drafting table will last for decades.

● Provides a large working surface for huge papers, preventing them from being ripped or wrinkled.

● Allows you to align your body to access the document you're working on effectively.

● Can keep the piece you're working on in place.

● Provides an excellent, solid surface for drawing and writing on paper.

● Adjusts to allow you to function sitting or standing.

What are the things to consider when choosing a drafting table?

When shopping for a new drafting table, you should think about adjustability, portability, scale, quality, and extra storage space. It would help if you also reflected on how you plan to use the drafting table.


Before purchasing a large piece of furniture, it is always good to measure the room, and drafting tables are no exception. Drafting tables vary in size from small, compact desk toppers that you can use on any flat surface of sufficient size to massive, sturdy tables that have plenty of space to work on several projects at once.


One of the primary benefits of using a drafting table is that it will help you strengthen your posture as you practice and minimize muscle strain. To do so, you must use a drafting table with the proper working angle and height. Some tables allow you to adjust the tabletop angle and the overall height of the table or only the height of the working surface. A minor change can make all the difference between an aching back and total relaxation.


Although both glass and wood provide a hard, flat surface to work on, you should consider your writing or drawing style before making your choice. Choose a sturdy material for the legs, such as wood or steel that can absorb the normal motion and force of your writing or drawing movement without shaking or swaying. This will support you in ensuring that the lines are as concise as possible and that an unstable table does not ruin your masterpiece.


Many tables have built-in or include features that can help you stay efficient and enhance your work environments, such as storage areas, an adjustable drafting light, or a matching stool.


When looking for a new drafting table, you should think about how else you can use it. Some tables have a fixed height and angle to the table surface, enhancing stability but restricting various applications. If others will be using the drafting table, or if you want to use it for more than one purpose, you should look for a more versatile product. 

Some tables come with desk toppers placed on top of a flat surface, such as a table or desk. Some also allow you to change their angle to have the optimal ergonomic angle for a range of activities. Another aspect to look for in a drafting table is a secondary surface, which provides you with more than one surface to work on.

Do I need a height-adjustable drafting table?

If you intend to stand or use a bar height stool when working at your drafting table, choose one with an adjustable height foundation. These bases have an electric or manual mechanism that allows them to adjust to the desired height.

Height-Adjustable Drafting Table ED1B by FlexiSpot

Drawing Table | Office Desk | Study Desk | Art Studio

Having to sit for hours on end is exhausting and can quickly rob your creative energy. FlexiSpot's electric adjustable drafting table ED18 can keep you inspired and energized as you paint, draft, or draw. It's specially built to manage all of your large-scale drafting and painting designs while allowing you to move between sitting and standing with the touch of a button.

Tiltable Tabletop

Tilt the versatile desktop surface from 0° to 40° to find the best angle for a variety of activities:

● 0° for working

● 0°-15° for writing

● 15°-30° for reading

● 30°-40° for drawing

Expandable Desktop / Foldable Side Panel

The tabletop has a drop-leaf shape that can expand to provide more desk surfaces to extend at will or folded to fit in small spaces.

● Extended: Extends the desk by 9.8” to make more space for necessities.

● Foldable: Folds up to take up less room when not in use.

Storage Drawer

There is plenty of space for setup. A handy pull-out drawer integrated with the desktop provides excellent integrated storage space for your home office equipment. Users should store items in the drawer to keep the tabletop tidy, and things are easily accessible when users need them.

Height-Programmable Control Panel

It has four memory buttons that can be programmed up to four different sit/stand heights, allowing you to move by pressing a button quickly. Even kids can use it for studying. The controller comes with a LED screen, is water-proof, and anti-scratch.

Ledge Stopper

No matter which desktop angle you choose, this prevents your laptops, artwork, and paperwork from slipping off the table surface.

Anti-Collision System

The anti-collision feature protects the desktop by keeping it from being damaged or crushing other items and pieces of equipment when in motion.