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Dual Motor vs. Single-motor Desks: Which Is Better?

10 December 2021

Are you looking for a standing desk? The choice can certainly be overwhelming given the countless features and variations you can find on the market. Some considerations are quite simple to understand, but others are not so much.

If you have been out in the market looking for a standing desk, you would know that there are two different motor configurations for standing desks, single-motor, and dual motor. And it is one of those features that fall in the “not-so-simple to understand” category of considerations that help you decide on a standing desk that’s best for you.

While common sense says two is more desirable than one, that's not always the case with a single and dual motor standing desk. Several factors influence how many motors are best for your standing desk.

In this post, we look at the differences among single and dual motor standing desks and then figure out which is better based on several criteria to get a standing desk that is better for you.

Let’s get started.

How do They work

How do They work? – Single-motor Standing Desk vs. Dual Motor Standing Desk

As the name suggests, a single-motor standing desk relies on a single-motor that powers the adjustment mechanism that allows you to adjust the height of your standing desk. With a single motor, the two sensors catch on the number of revolutions required to reach the required height, and the desk then uses this data to monitor and manage the height of the standing desk. Moreover, it also manages any pre-programmed positions for height, along with several other features.

In the case of a single-motor standing desk, you will always find the motor or motor cover within the design. Moreover, since a single motor is used to adjust the height of the two desk legs, you can enjoy better consistency and the same overall lifting speed even when heavier weight lies on the desk.

However, while you can enjoy greater consistency with a single motor, you can expect slower speed along with lesser ability to sustain more weight.

On the other hand, a standing desk with dual motors has a slightly different mechanism. Instead of a single-motor supporting both legs, a dual-motor standing desk has two separate motors for each leg. You can find the motor placed inside a small box at the top of the column on each leg, and since the motors are concealed, dual motor standing desks are often sleeker and smaller in size. Moreover, dual motor standing desks work at a higher speed which means quicker height adjustment and can hold a lot more weight than single-motor standing desks.

However, there is a major downside of a dual-motor standing desk that you should know. While dual motor standing desk seems like a clear winner with speed and weight, the major downside is lack of consistency. Since a motor is placed on each leg, the motors must work together in synchronization with one another, which means that each leg raises precisely at the same level of height and the same rate, simultaneously to keep the desk legs balanced. In case the motors do not synchronize, it can leave your standing desk lopsided and unusable.

While lack of consistency is a genuine concern with dual motor standing desks, it is not an everyday occurrence, and you can find dual motor standing desk models with sturdy frames that are better suited to lift more load and even exceed the speed capacity.

And as we are trying to understand dual motor standing desks better, one of the favorite options available on the market is the Height Standing Desk E9. This sturdy dual motor standing desk features a higher quality steel frame, super quiet operations, smooth height adjustment along with 4 programmable height presets, and better stability. But that’s not it.

The Height Adjustable Standing Desk E9 is a quick assembly desk frame that offers wider work and under-desk space along with adjustable desk feet that allows you to level the desk legs for improved stability manually.

Now that you know how single and dual motor standing desks work let's dig a little deeper to understand the differences between single and dual motor standing desks so you can find out which one is better for you.

Single-motor vs. Dual Motor Standing Desks

Single-motor vs. Dual Motor Standing Desks – A Comparison

Performance and Speed

Performance and speed are the first and most important factors to look for when comparing single-motor vs. dual motor standing desks. Some brands like Flexispot work with specialized frames, which means regardless of your choice for the number of motors, you can still look forward to superior performance and top quality.

But for the sake of comparison, dual motor standing desks perform better in terms of speed and weight-bearing capacity. While a single-motor standing desk can adjust at around 1" inch per second, the speed can range between 1.3 and 3.15 inches per second depending on the model of the standing desk.

As for the weight-bearing capacity, a single-motor standing desk can support up to 154 pounds. However, the standing desks with dual motors can support up to 275 lbs. but that's not true for all dual motor standing desks. Some standing desks with dual motors can support the lesser weight. However, they offer better consistency.

In terms of performance and speed, dual motor standing desks perform better than single-motor standing desks, but there are other factors that you need to consider before making a choice.

Assembly and Ease of Maintenance

Assembly and Ease of Maintenance

If you look at the differences between assembling a single and dual motor standing desk, the latter is the winner here, especially if you assemble the desk DIY. A single-motor standing needs an exact alignment because a single rod connects the motor to both legs. Hence, you require better precision or else, your standing desk can become uneven, and you may have to re-assemble it from scratch. However, standing desks with dual motors are easy to assemble as each leg has a separate motor, so you can quickly assemble it DIY.

But when it comes to maintenance, you may be spending more time repairing your dual motor standing desk compared to a standing desk with a single motor. It is because when one of the motors is not functioning appropriately, it can leave your desk lopsided, causing your entire desk to remain unusable. But that's not the case with a single-motor standing desk.

Reliability and Consistent Performance

Reliability and Consistent Performance

When it comes to consistency and reliability, a single-motor standing desk is a clear winner. While having a single motor can pose a risk of complete malfunction in case of a fault, this type of standing desk does much better at maintaining consistency in performance and speed and can even handle larger weight loads.


Durability is one of the critical considerations when buying a standing desk regardless of the number of motors because it doesn't depend on it. Instead, the durability of a standing desk heavily depends upon the brand and the manufacturer. If you choose a trusted brand like Flexispot, you can look forward to durable single and dual motor standing desks that can serve you for years.


Lastly, let's compare the price of single-motor and dual motor standing desks. Single-motor standing desks are more affordable compared to standing desks with dual motors. Moreover, when it comes to repair and maintenance following the warranty period, know that a single-motor standing desk's repair cost is lower than the repair cost of standing desks with dual motors.

Height Adjustable Standing Desk E9

Summing it up

There you have it.

You know all the critical considerations that can affect your choice of single-motor and dual motor desks. Moreover, you also understand how these considerations differ between the two types of standing desks.

But if you are still confused about which is better, know that having more motors doesn't always make dual motor standing desk the best option. Single-motor standing desks are sleeker, cheaper, and more consistent in performance. However, they are not always easy to assemble, have a slower adjustment speed, and can handle the lesser weight. Still, with so many positives of single-motor standing desks, there is little disagreement that dual-motor really outperforms single-motor standing desks and offers much more.

They may be expensive, but dual motor standing desks can be a worthy investment if you go for a reliable brand. And one of the finest dual-motor standing desks that you can find on the market is the Height Adjustable Standing Desk E9 which offers exceptional features. And if budget is a constraint for you, now is the time to invest in this dual motor standing desk as you can avail yourself of huge discounts during the Pre Black Friday and Black Friday Sales. Get this dual motor standing desk at the lowest price ever and look forward to years of reliable performance and heavy workload.