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Eating Disorders in the Workplace

22 June 2021

Eating disorders are prevalent not only among ordinary people but also occur among employees and workers in the workplace. As such, employers know the impact of having some employees with eating disorders that they do what they can to prevent these or reduce the number of cases among workers. Eating disorders are serious conditions that are associated with repeated eating behaviors that have adverse effects on one's health, emotions, and ability to do important activities in life.  

According to an online article, we see some symptoms for eating disorders when an individual is:

  • Too restrictive with their diet
  • Meal avoidance
  • Talking about being overweight constantly
  • Avoidance of social activities that involves food
  • Eating quantities of unhealthy food such as sweets
  • Consuming more amount of food that is considered normal

When these symptoms are present, the individual might be suffering from an eating disorder that is more prevalent in women than in men. Eating disorders are also possibly harmful to the heart, digestive system, bones, and teeth, and mouth, leading to other ailments.

Some of the eating disorders are indicated in an online article such as:

  • Anorexia nervosa - usually called anorexia is a lethal eating disorder that is described as having low body weight, too much fear of weight gain. Individuals with this disorder use so much efforts to control their weight and shape that often interferes with their health and other activities 
  • Bulimia nervosa - often called bulimia - is a serious and deadly eating disorder. It is characterized by incidents of bingeing and purging that include lack of control over your eating. even restricting their eating during the day that usually results in more bingeing and purging.

During times of too much eating, you eat a lot of food and then try to take away the extra calories in an unsound way. You may be forced to get rid of the food you have eaten by vomiting or exercise too much and other forms to be able to remove the calories from food.

  • Binge-eating disorder - this is a situation wherein you usually eat too much feeling a lack of control over it. Even when you are not hungry, you continue eating even long after being awkwardly full. You may have the guilt feeling or being disgusted or ashamed of your behavior but do not try to satisfy it with purging or exercise just like those with bulimia and anorexia.
  • Rumination disorder - this disorder is described as expelling food after eating and then swallowing again the good without nausea and food is sometimes spit out. This makes the person end up malnourished
  • Avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder - this is described as not having the interest to eat, that is, avoid food with certain sensory attributes such as taste, texture, and color. There is the tendency to feel afraid of choking rather than avoiding food because the individual is afraid of gaining weight. With this disorder, the individual may experience weight loss and nutritional deficiencies that can result in health problems.

A study conducted about the "consequences and costs of the eating disorders" was conducted and indicated that anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa are now together "considered as a severe mental illness." ( In other words, these eating disorders not only affect one’s physical health but also affect one’s mental health. As mentioned before, it is also a challenge to every employer in business organizations with some employees that suffer from these eating disorders.

The sad part of these conditions is that although eating disorders and their symptoms are known, the precise causes are unknown but may be caused by genetics or psychological and emotional health such as having problems with relationships or issues on self-esteem.

In this regard, when mental health is concerned, you may do something to prevent the symptoms of eating disorders especially in the workplace but doing physical activities to have other focus on positive things rather than deal seriously with emotional problems that may lead to these eating disorders. You have to veer away sometimes from waiting your time thinking about the problems which you think have no quick solution. 

When you exercise, you feel better and think more clearly. In this way, you may find the right solution to the problem with the help of family members or your co-workers who you think are concerned about you and are really serious about helping you cope and resolve your problems whether it is about family or your present work.

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