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Electric Standing Converters - What They Are and Why You Need Them

07 February 2023

Over the last few years, there has been a significant change in office design and layout. With recent research and development in ergonomic workspace solutions, an increasing number of employees now prefer to have workstations that allow them to live pain-free and healthy lives. And it is one of the reasons why sit-stand desk converters are becoming an increasingly popular work tool.

In what follows, we take a closer look at what are electric standing converters and why you may need them in your workplace.

Electric Standing Converters – What Are They?

Electric standing converters are electrically operated workspace devices that allow you to utilize your conventional desk as a standing desk by giving you the flexibility to raise or lower your workstation without the need to replace your existing desk.

Electric standing converters make a great choice for employees who prefer to have a convertible standing desk but do not want to give up on their existing desk.

The Motorized Aesthetic Sit Stand Workstation EM6M is one of the best ways to convert any fixed-height desk into a standing desk. The ergonomic device is designed to accommodate your keyboard and provide you with ample surface area so you can maximize your working space and productivity. With a sleek and stylish design, the electric standing converters feature easy-to-use electric push buttons for a smooth and seamless height adjustment. Moreover, it also features integrated charging, so you don't have to worry about wall outlets. The Motorized Aesthetic Sit Stand Workstation EM6M can support a dual monitor mount so you can conveniently work while using two monitors.

Now that you know what electric standing converters are and have an insight into one of the most reliable sit-stand workstations for your desk, it's time to delve into the reasons why you need an electric standing converter for your workstation.

Why Do You Need Electric Standing Converters?

Electric Standing Converters Allow You to Create a Healthier Work Environment

Research suggests that sitting for prolonged hours can be detrimental to your health. Prolonged sitting can lead to several health concerns, including high blood cholesterol and sugar levels, high blood pressure, and other health concerns that can lead to metabolic disorders like Type II diabetes.

However, that doesn't mean that you should continue to stand for long hours, as prolonged standing, like prolonged sitting, is not ideal for your health. Alternating between sitting and standing is considered to be one of the best solutions for staying healthy in the workplace.

With an electric standing converter, you can switch between sitting and standing and vice versa conveniently several times a day. You can also incorporate light movement like walking around to improve blood circulation and muscle soreness from maintaining a single position throughout the day.

Electric Standing Converters Are More Affordable Than Height-Adjustable Standing Desks

Another reason why investing in electric standing converters makes a wise choice is that they are more affordable than height-adjustable standing desks. However, that doesn't mean that electric standing converters compromise on functionality. They provide you with the same convenience of switching between standing and sitting and vice versa without breaking the bank.

You Don't Have to Give Up on Your Existing Desk

For many employees, their workstation is a quite personal office equipment that they have become accustomed to, and the idea of giving up on your existing desk may not be a viable option. In that case, investing in an electric standing converter makes a good decision as you can still hold on to your existing desk but can enjoy the flexibility of switching your position from sitting to standing and vice versa. Moreover, given that there are several different types of electric standing converters available on the market, you don't have to worry much about fitting a model that best suits your desk.

Electric Standing Converters Allow You to Conveniently Switch Your Position

For many employees, standing desks do not serve as a viable choice because they require you to fully commit to standing, which is why most people look for a height-adjustable standing desk. However, even a height-adjustable standing desk is far from perfect as when you lower your desk, it's not in the same position, and you have to readjust the height to find your optimal position repeatedly.

An electric standing converter helps you solve this problem as you don't have to go through the process of adjusting and readjusting the height of your entire desk. All you have to do is simply decide when you have to switch your position without the need to fully commit to standing.

Electric Standing Converters Are Easy to Assemble

For many individuals, the idea of assembling large pieces of furniture such as a height-adjustable standing desk can be intimidating. It can be even more troublesome if the piece of furniture also requires the installation of electronics. And the fear is understandable as assembling most height-adjustable standing desks takes around 30-60 minutes to assemble and typically requires the use of a screwdriver or a drill.

Fortunately, that's not the case with electric standing converters. Assembling electric standing converters takes around five minutes or less and typically does not require the use of any equipment or tools. Hence, electric standing converters make a great choice for individuals and businesses who prefer not to deal with installation and lengthy assembly processes.

Electric Standing Converters Are Portable

You can find several different types of electric standing converters that are small and lightweight enough that you can move them conveniently on and off your workstation. The ease of portability makes them useful for several different applications and does not restrict their use to offices only.

Electric Standing Converters Typically Feature Built-in Dual Ergonomics

Electric standing converters allow you to place your screen and other computer accessories directly on the converter, which allows you the ability to adjust the height and depth of your screen and the placement of your computer accessories as per your convenience. As a result, you can enjoy a convenient working position and appropriate viewing angle that doesn't strain your eyes and other body parts, including your neck.

Moreover, most electric standing converters have a single or dual platform along with a monitor mount that allows you to place computer accessories such as a keyboard. With a built-in platform that serves as a keyboard tray, you can ensure that your hands, forearms, and wrists stay in the appropriate position as you type on the keyboard.

Electric Standing Converts Facilitate in Maintaining a Healthy Weight

If you have a desk job that requires you to sit for prolonged hours, it will eventually slow down your metabolism. As a result, your body will burn fewer calories, and you will end up gaining unhealthy weight. However, with an electric standing converter, you can maintain a healthy weight as it allows you to alternate between sitting and standing at your convenience. When you seamlessly change your position to standing while doing your usual desk job, your body ends up burning more calories which in turn facilitates the maintenance of a healthy weight.

Electric Standing Converts Enhance Your Focus and Productivity

Being in the same position for a long time can lead to aches and pains that affect your concentration and productivity. But you can enhance your focus and productivity by investing in an electric standing converter as it gives you the flexibility to switch between standing and sitting and vice versa at your convenience. So for instance when you feel tired and lethargic due to prolonged sitting and are losing focus, you can change your position to standing. When you completely change your posture, it can help you regain your focus and attention so you can get back on your task more productively.

Similarly, if you experience discomfort due to prolonged standing, you can get back into your convenient sitting position simply by readjusting your electric standing converter's height.

Final Words

Electric standing converters make a great office furniture solution for almost everyone who enjoys the flexibility of alternating working positions between sitting and standing. And perhaps the most interesting aspect of electric standing converters is that they provide you the flexibility of changing your position without giving up on your existing desk.

Electric standing converters are affordable, convenient, portable, and easy to assemble. Moreover, they are available in multiple designs and styles, so you can choose the one that best serves your needs. Furthermore, with the use of electric standing converters, you can maintain a healthy weight and enhance your focus and productivity while you are at work.

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