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Embracing an Outdoor Office Design

05 April 2024

The latest rising trend in office design that most modern companies are leveraging is bringing the outdoors inside. This is done by incorporating natural materials, such as plants, wood, and natural light into the office design.

As a result, employees would feel much more relaxed, comfortable, and productive. In fact, incorporating greenery is a proven way of retaining employees and improving their well-being and efficiency. This is why every office needs to redesign its office design to one that includes an outdoor space.

Now, employees don't need to be confined to their tiny cubicles. They should have open spaces that connect them with the outdoors. In this guide, we will dive deeper into the reasons why such a design is popular and how you can create an outdoor office design whether you are working in the office or from home.

Reasons Why an Outdoor Office Design Is Needed

There are a number of benefits an outdoor office provides to employees and business owners, which is why it is so popular in modern offices. In fact, experts state that in the future, most offices will be set up in outdoor spaces. Here are the reasons why:

Nature Takes the Stress Away

Employees are bound to experience stress depending on the type of job they have. However, nature has a way of making individuals feel calmer and more relaxed, which is why employees are always encouraged to spend time outdoors.

With an outdoor office design, workplace stress can be better managed and even alleviated in the long term. This way, they can go out and relax and spend time in the fresh air so that their stress is reduced before it becomes a serious issue.

Increases Happiness and Mood

We, as humans, have a natural connection with outdoor spaces and nature itself. This is why spending more time in nature significantly improves our mood and makes us happier. When you incorporate elements of nature in your office space, you are giving the chance for employees to enjoy their time at work. Just by taking a walk outside, you would help employees alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Not only would such a space boost moods, but it will also help enhance productivity, which is a win-win for business owners and employees.

Enhances Memory

It is believed that even looking at a picture of nature can help enhance memory retention. Imagine having an office with large windows that open up to outdoor and green spaces. This can significantly enhance employees' memories and help them perform better. Just including bits of greenery can help do this as well.

Protects the Environment

One of the most significant reasons why companies are embracing an outdoor office design is because it provides a multitude of environmental benefits. Companies that incorporate greenery through green walls and plants, as well as those that offer eco-friendly and sustainable options, would significantly reduce their carbon footprint.

Not only will this be helping the companies, but also the environment. Employees would work guilt-free as well knowing that they are doing their part in helping the environment.

Provides More Energy

If employees have deadlines to meet and challenging tasks to complete, they can easily feel overwhelmed. However, just taking a walk outside or enjoying the fresh breeze and sunlight can help them considerably increase their energy levels and allow them to focus. An environment that incorporates nature is more likely to provide greater energy to employees than a mundane corporate environment.

Greater Employee Retention

These days, young and talented employees are attracted to workplaces that are productive and relaxing at the same time. When you create an outdoor office design, you will not only be attracting great talent to your company but also keep your current employees happy and satisfied. Hence, such a design can be a major advantage that you can use to enhance your company portfolio and meet greater targets.

Increased Productivity

It goes without saying that a better and more relaxing office space leads to increased productivity. This is due to a variety of reasons. Firstly, being in nature improves cognitive abilities and enhances concentration. Hence, employees would be better able to complete tasks excellently.

The natural energy you get from the fresh air and sunlight is more invigorating and motivating than coffee. Even generally, people work better when they are in an enjoyable environment.

Improves Employee Health

Being in nature and the outdoors can provide a plethora of physical and mental benefits. It helps individuals feel better when they connect with nature. Taking a break from work and walking or sitting outside in nature will help them feel refreshed, mentally and emotionally.

Not to mention, it will prevent aches that you would otherwise get when you are sitting all day in front of a computer screen. Moreover, nature provides physical benefits and enhances health. For example, sunlight provides vitamin D, which is essential for humans since it combats various illnesses and health concerns.

All in all, with an outdoor office design, companies would be enhancing their employee's mental and physical health.

Leads to Better Cooperation

The typical office design includes workstations within cubicles. These are not ideal because they don't allow employees to effectively communicate and collaborate. But now, companies are moving towards an open space design while incorporating bits of nature. One of the reasons is because of better communication and cooperation opportunities.

Additionally, employees would be more likely to work together effectively when they are in a good mood. Besides this, an outdoor space can be a great place to host brainstorming sessions and meetings.

Provides an Excellent Space to Take Breaks

If designing the overall office space outdoors and taking the office outside seems burdensome, then companies should provide a space where employees can simply go to take breaks from work. Even a short walk in the outdoors can be mentally stimulating, take the stress off, and help them relax and perform better.

Most employees will find that taking such a break in outdoor spaces will help them unwind and take some time away from work.

How to Design an Outdoor Office Space

You can't bring out your office and live in between a jungle to create an outdoor office space. You simply need to incorporate bits and elements of nature to design a space that would remind employees of nature by invigorating the senses. You can do this through the following:

Draw in the Natural Light

The most essential way of bringing the outside inside the office is through natural light from windows. Your office should have large windows and skylights that let as much natural light in as possible. This will help employees feel fresher and more relaxed while working.

Create a Color Scheme of Earthy and Neutral Tones

Emulate the design of the earth through a color scheme that comprises earthy and neutral tones, such as cream, brown, green, blue, and any other colors that mimic the earth. These will help employees feel more productive and enhance their well-being.

Provide a Scenic View

Workers should have a view of the outdoors and nature because it will help them feel more relaxed. This can be easily done by placing their workstations in front of windows. If your office does not have such windows that provide a view of nature, then you can consider getting paintings and pictures that show aspects of nature, such as the sea, forest, or sun.

Incorporate Plants and Flowers

It is essential to incorporate plants and flowers if you want to design an outdoor office space. Indoor plants and flowers not only give an aesthetic touch to the office but also help make the air cleaner. Additionally, they have a natural ability to help employees feel calmer, relaxed, and energized.

Add Textures

Besides adding objects to the office, another way to mimic nature and bring the outside in is through textures that remind you of nature. This can be done by introducing textures from marble and wooden tops or having a light-wood ceiling.

Choose the Right Type of Furniture

You need furniture in the office that will help employees experience the outdoors and nature while working. For example, the mobile file cabinet from FlexiSpot is an excellent choice since it can be easily taken outdoors while still keeping your files secure through its efficient locking mechanism. Even the black color of the drawer helps it to blend in with the natural design of the office.

Final Words

Designing your office into an outdoor one by incorporating elements of nature can significantly improve productivity because it makes employees less stressed and more relaxed and happier. This way, employees would enjoy coming to the office and there would be greater employee retention rates.

Consider following the aforementioned tips and also getting the mobile file cabinet from FlexiSpot to enjoy all the benefits of nature while being functional and practical.