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Employee Appreciation Ideas: Remote Employees

16 July 2021

Many businesses are having trouble keeping up with fresh employee appreciation initiatives for remote workers who are feeling disconnected and alienated in their work-from-home situations. Experts concur that the transition is here to stay for the foreseeable future, even with the mystery of the virus's destiny. While many remote workers like the work-life balance and adaptability that this work arrangement provides, others are still dealing with the loneliness, diversions, and challenges that remote work entails. As a consequence, businesses must make every effort to make their employees feel appreciated. Remote employee recognition is one such method.

Recognizing and appreciating your remote team is very vital for small job performance and teamwork. What is the best way to wish an employee a happy birthday? Commend them on their relationship engagement or the arrival of a new dog member to the family? Working remotely has altered these dynamics, making it more difficult to celebrate with them or recognize them for their efforts. It is vital to come up with new ideas.

The concept of remote employee appreciation is broad, allowing companies to return the favor to their employees in various ways. So, whatever your budget, here are some ideas for celebrating the dynamic, talented people who keep small organizations running smoothly.

Gift Cards

If you manage a huge team, you might not have had the time to get to know each individual. As a result, purchasing a thoughtful or customized present can be tricky. But it's precise because of this that gift cards are such an excellent option for remote employee recognition.

Provide WFH Equipment

Providing suitable office equipment is one of the top employee appreciation ideas for remote workers. Remote workers are known for experiencing poor posture, back and neck pain, and carpal tunnel syndrome due to their at-home working conditions, which gradually undermine an employee's health over time. Your organization can counteract these projected health difficulties by offering a selection of ergonomic workplace equipment that relieves tensions.

Gift of Time

It's possible that your employees haven't taken enough PTO. They are anxious about the travel costs, whether or not it is safe, and whether or not they will have a job when they return. Discuss with your employees why you want them to prioritize their well-being and maximize their vacation time, even if it means taking a staycation. Managers should set a good example by taking time off to relax and rejuvenate. Data show that managers have found it tough to detach – 59 percent of them report working extra hours during the pandemic. 

Don't Ignore Their Furry Housemates

This employee appreciation proposal will completely surprise your staff - a pet present is both unforeseen and enjoyable! Send the team a box with toys and goodies for their pets. Think about adding toys that let you play fetch for hours or a sturdy and nontoxic frisbee for hours of safe outdoor fun if your employees enjoy taking their dogs for a stroll. If they prefer cuddling with their cats on the bed or engaging in indoor fun, get them a handcrafted catnip blanket, a motion-controlled automatic cat toy, or some lovely catnip sushi toys.

Go Traditional With Flowers

Send flowers to your employees to let them know you're thinking of them from afar. This employee appreciation suggestion is especially appropriate if your remote employee is commemorating a work anniversary or birthday. Reaching these milestones alone at home might be disheartening, but a modest token of thanks from the employer can go a long way toward alleviating feelings of isolation. You can even earn savings on flower delivery if you use a company rewards platform.

Long Weekend

There's nothing like a pleasant surprise at the end of the workweek. The routine of working from home can quickly weigh down remote employees, so consider allowing them to take the occasional Friday out. This is an excellent opportunity to thank them for their efforts while also providing them with more time to spend with loved ones, unwind, and de-stress before the upcoming work week. Giving staff a long weekend is an uncomplicated yet practical employee appreciation idea that will help them decompress. A long weekend is especially beneficial for remote employees juggling housework, kids, or feeling swamped by the relentless tension of the news cycle.

Small Allowance for WFH Purposes

Workers who are forced to work from home may struggle to find an area for a home office. Based on one source, home office choices include everything from the couch to the dining room to a closet. As a result, remote employee appreciation demands that you present a small token to brighten up the old home office. Not only will your employees appreciate the gesture, but you will also have a more great workforce.

Plan Online Game Nights and Happy Hours

Setting up after-hours digital happy hours with employees is a quick and easy approach to show employee appreciation. Your employees may relax with their favorite drink — whether it's a glass of champagne or a cup of water — catch up on what's going on outside of work, and even play online games or watch a movie together.

Coffee, Tea, and Snacks

Every remote employee requires a coffee boost to get their day underway or power through the 2 pm slump. Because of this, a gift of tea or coffee is a gift that keeps on giving. Sending various teas, coffee (whole bean or ground), or items can express gratitude and compliments. Furthermore, you may find that your employees begin to break their dependency on sugary snacks, which is an added benefit for businesses that provide health insurance.

Candies and chocolates are two of the most popular snacks among remote workers. However, these frequently produce a brief sugar surge that might lead to a drop during the afternoon. You may send them a box of nutritious snacks for remote employee appreciation to promote a healthy lifestyle and foods that boost overall well-being. This list could include:

  • Trail mixes
  • Dark chocolate (60 percent cocoa and up)
  • Fruit in season
  • Protein and snack bars
  • Nuts

These snacks will not only promote healthy eating habits, but they will also give the antioxidants, energy, and other nutrients needed for focus and concentration.

Spa-Day Package

Employees are worried and bewildered by the continual news cycle. Sending colleagues an at-home spa care package with a fragrant candle, relaxing bath salts, herbal tea, and honey is a modest employee appreciation gesture. This inexpensive employee appreciation present will inspire your employees to practice self-care and de-stressing during their free time. Even if they are stranded at home, show your workforce that you care about their well-being.

Shout Out on Video or a Handwritten Note

With the implementation of COVID-19, the working world has become more reliant on technology than ever before, and the majority of communication between employees takes place digitally. An easy employee appreciation option is to handwrite a thank-you note and mail it to the home of an employee who you believe is doing exceptional work. As an added incentive, you can include a gift card to a place the employee enjoys visiting, such as a local restaurant that serves cuisine delicacies.

Is this really important?

Finding ways to express gratitude to your remote staff is not only good business; it is also a moral thing to do. As a result, make time as a firm to reflect on all that has been accomplished amid highly challenging circumstances. Getting your staff feels valued and appreciated is an essential component of management theory and a solid company model. This, however, cannot be an empty gesture. A bland email about a work anniversary does not have the same impact as a thoughtful gift or activity.

It all comes down to human psychology. Nobody likes to do a thankless job or feel underappreciated. This can result in animosity, a high turnover rate, apathy, and fatigue. Seeking ways to express gratitude to your remote workers is not only good business; it is also a moral thing to do. As a result, make time to reflect on everything that has been completed amid highly challenging circumstances.