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Employee Birthday Ideas: WFH Style

20 July 2021

Many individuals are still working remotely or on hybrid arrangements at this time. This means that the style you used to celebrate birthdays at work may no longer be an option. Employers are re-evaluating every aspect of the company culture as many organizations continue to rely on remote labor. Keeping employee morale positive is a concern that many people actually care about. Despite all of the upheaval and unpredictability, it is vital to retain a sense of normalcy and celebrate modest victories and employee achievements along the way. Employee birthdays are a significant event to commemorate. And just because you're apart doesn't mean you and your team can't do something extra to make your coworker's day.

It is crucial to celebrate birthdays with remote teammates because it shows appreciation and boosts team morale. Still, it also fosters a feeling of togetherness among the workers, making it simpler for them to work collaboratively, which can benefit overall productivity. Before everything else, when considering teammate birthday ideas, consider the type of person the celebrator is and what they may find entertaining and enjoyable.

The challenging part about recognizing remote workers is that all festivities will occur online, which can be limited. The best thing is that because the events are limited, it is relatively quick and straightforward to throw a fantastic virtual party. While in-office birthday parties are certainly easier to plan, you may still be creative to have a just-as-meaningful virtual affair. Here are some interesting ideas for celebrating distant birthdays at your business and honoring your workforce online on their happy day.

Weekend Trip via Airbnb

On their birthday, some people despise being the focus of attention. Acknowledging this and planning a birthday celebration for your employee that is convenient for them demonstrates that you are paying close attention and care about your workforce. A long weekend in nature can be the ideal gift for anyone who enjoys spending quality time outside or whose notion of a good time does not include massive colleague gatherings.

Birthday Card in Digital Format

Another great workplace birthday option is to send them a unique digital birthday card autographed by everyone on your team. Ensure that everyone puts positive, meaningful, and sincere words on the card to make the birthday person feel appreciated, acknowledged, and respected by their employees.

Virtual Happy Hour and Wine Tasting

Pick from various wine tasting businesses, or contact a local farm and winery to have tasting-sized wines sent to your workers' homes. For fun, unique spin on online happy hour, gather virtually, sip wine, and honor your colleague.

Cocktail Mixer

A cocktail shakeup is a great way to start your colleague's birthday cyber celebrations. First, send a cocktail kit to all of your coworkers, or at least those who are willing to participate in this event. Then, decide on a time and day for the party, and send out invite links. You will be able to share beverages with your colleagues on the day of their birthday and maybe play music and virtual party games to make the gathering even more memorable.

Send a Telegram Song

Employ a singing telegram to send a birthday song to your worker's home office. Singing telegrams can be an entertaining, cost-effective, and heartfelt way to show your coworker that you're thinking of them on their important day.

Send Gifts of Care

Another excellent workplace celebration suggestion is to send a gift basket or any package representing a birthday present to the individual whose birthday it is. This can be foodstuff or more personalized and sentimental things that you can order online and have shipped straight to them.

Having a basket of at-home relaxation goods mailed can be an excellent way to recognize birthday workers for all their efforts. This present reminds your colleague that you appreciate their work and motivates them to take some much-needed time off to unwind. Try including a face roller, candle, a soothing song, or a video meditation or yoga video session to assist your employee in decompressing and refreshing. Consider sending a pre-made spa gift package to your worker's house to save time and effort.

Allowance for Personal Development

A personal development stipend is an attractive corporate birthday proposal. This implies that each employee receives a set amount of money on their birthday to help them advance their education or expertise in a field of their choice. This helps them and their career, and it's a fantastic present to offer to anyone trying to expand their skills and experience.

The Gift of Ergonomics

If you would like the celebrator to feel extra special, showing that you are concerned not just for their overall health but also for their comfort and mental wellness in the workplace will surely warm their hearts. Depending on your budget, you may get your birthday employee an ergonomic office product intended to make working pain-free while working. You may get them the more affordable options if a standing desk is too pricey, such as a monitor mountmonitor arm, an ergonomic keyboard or mouse, or a standing desk converter. Either generously having the ergonomic present delivered to their doorstep or at least getting them coupons for their ergonomic purchase, giving them something actually beneficial for their health may make them remember you as the best manager ever! Tip: Find more ergonomic options at FlexiSpot.

Plan a Picnic

A picnic is a pleasant way to spend time outside while enjoying a special occasion. On their birthday, send your team member a bottle of wine, a picnic blanket, and some crackers and cheese, and encourage them to get out of the office and enjoy the sunshine.

Social Media Shoutout

Another idea to celebrate your coworker's birthday online is to give them a shoutout or mention them on your social media channels. You could include what their position is and what they have achieved for the company in the message. Go on and applaud them for all of their hard work, and tell them that you appreciate them both in and out of the office.

Handwritten Birthday Card

The most basic birthday custom may be the most effective strategy to increase employee recognition at your company. To make your employee feel noticed on their birthday, write a thoughtful and genuine birthday card with solid reasons why you value and respect them. Because the most unforgettable acknowledgment comes from a high-level leader, have managers and senior leaders compose a meaningful note. Delivering a personalized birthday card to your worker may be the most effective and cost-effective approach to promote employee confidence and make your team members feel honored on their special day.

Recognizing someone digitally can be done in various ways. Whatever you choose, make sure they understand that you are doing it because you appreciate them as employees and that their personal fulfillment is as important to you as their professional success.