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Employee Productivity and the Right Office Chair

07 July 2021

As ordinary workers, we spend almost all of our day working in the office.

Sometimes it is no longer eight hours that we work, It can be extended when overtime work is necessary to finish a certain project in time or to beat the deadline.

This was always the case when I was working in an insurance company many years ago. There were instances that we were deluged with salary loan applications especially during school opening and during calamities when insurance members applied for loans to buy construction materials needed to rebuild their homes. This happened during the wet season when strong typhoons came and houses were felled by heavy storms or washed away by heavy floods.

During those times that we had to process voluminous loan applications, we were required to extend our work hours or overtime work to process the applications and be able to finish them on time. Although extended work hours were really taxing and exhausting, we did not have any option but to comply with the supervisor’s instructions.

At this point, excessive sitting or sedentary experience not only made us so tired, but it also triggered some ailments such as musculoskeletal disorders such as back and neck pains that became common and chronic diseases among the employees including me. With so much paperwork to do, the only time we could stand up and walk a little bit was when we had to answer the call of nature. 

Aside from going to the restroom, there was no reason for us to stop working until we finished our paperwork. As such, most of us suffered some ailments that became more severe like kidney disorders and musculoskeletal disorders such as muscle strains, tendonitis, and severe joint pains.

Aside from the heavy workload, we complained about the office furnishings which were quite old and not ergonomically designed to suit our needs for a more comfortable sitting posture. We did not have the chance to use tables that were also tailored fit so that we could have the chance to change our posture from sitting to standing unlike today that it is already possible.

Today office tables and chairs are ergonomically designed to a worker’s needs for comfort and freer movements necessary for performing their tasks or jobs.

For example, you could continuously use the computer to perform your job while sitting or standing because the desks today usually are height adjustable. As I also observed, office tables are spacious enough to put all the things needed to do one’s job efficiently without doing awkward movements.

Aside from being height adjustable, office tables and chairs are also designed and curved to fit body movements causing fewer injuries in the workplace. The office desks and tables are also designed to accommodate computer cables and other peripherals avoiding tangled wires and cables that could also pose risks and hazards for the employee.  

There is a big change now when it comes to office tables and desks that companies make employees are assured of a comfortable and risk-free working environment in the office by providing ergonomic tables or desks and chairs to their employees.

After all, the workforce or the employees is the basic element in a company that generates income and revenue for the company.

Employee productivity is related to having these ergonomic office furniture in the workplace has been proved to be related to each other with some studies conducted about productivity and office layout and furniture.  

Allowing employees to use ergonomic office furniture or specifically the right chair for them provides several benefits as indicated in an online article ( such as:

  • Potential injuries in the workplace are reduced - As I have mentioned earlier and based on my experience, the right or appropriate office furniture eliminates accidents and injuries in the workplace such as fall, slips, and musculoskeletal disorders
  • The right furniture such as an ergonomic chair boosts employee productivity - with the right chair that is comfortable and ergonomic, an employee can work efficiently and productively
  • Improves employee morale - when the appropriate office furnishings are provided, employees are happier and satisfied with their work because these changes make them think the company cares for them and in return, they perform better in their jobs.
  • Establishes a professional atmosphere - the appropriate chair for an employee build a more appealing atmosphere that enhances job performance and improved quality of work
  • Size does matter - employees come with different sizes and shapes which should be considered in providing the right chair. The right chair for different sizes and shapes of employees will ensure more work productivity among them

There are manufacturing companies that offer the right office furniture in the market such as Flexispot. Consider checking on its website to find out the wide range of products for home office furniture to boost productivity. One that is highly recommendable is the  Ergonomic Office Chair OC3B.

Consider its wonderful features such as:

  • Made of breathable mesh back with passive lumbar support that releases your body pressure
  • Has an adjustable, three (3) position lifting armrest 
  • Also has an adjustable lifting headrest to support your neck
  • Features a lock-in tilt position - the 2-position tilt locking mechanism allows the sitter to tilt the chair when rest is needed

With these awesome features of an ergonomic chair, productivity is possibly achievable among employees. They would be comfortable and happy sitting even for long extended hours in the performance of their tasks and responsibilities.

Flexispot products are highly regarded because they are not only ergonomically designed but also they are creatively produced to suit every worker’s needs for physical wellness and mental health while doing their work happily and conscientiously.  

Aside from work productivity, giving the right ergonomic chair to the employee produces job satisfaction because an employee thinks that the company is after their safety and comfort while performing their job. Although salary is highly considered by an employee, they also think about the working environment and atmosphere where they will spend most of their time working.