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Ergonomic and Budget Office Furniture For The New Employee

24 May 2021

Graduating after college may seem full of promises. However, those who have now achieved their goal would tell you that being an adult is not a walk in the park.

There would be days when you are on top of the world with all the great opportunities presented to you - and it can make you feel like the world is your oyster.

However, you would be pinching your savings most often than not because the cost of living and price inflation makes it only enough to buy what you only need. That is the reason why every new graduate or novice of the industry must invest in quality products for their home office amid a pandemic. The price must not compromise their budget yet still provide an ergonomic solution for better productivity and a healthier lifestyle.

And FlexiSpot is here to your rescue with a variety of ergonomic standing desks and converters that are perfect additions to any home office. 

You might be thinking that you are only paying for the name but worry not because you can have a great office addition while staying under a 250-dollar budget that would never skimp on quality!

1. Crank Standing Desk H1

Your healthy working style would never halt for a power outage with the Crank Standing Desk H1.

With the durable hand crank, transitioning from a sitting to standing position is convenient and more manageable. In addition, this desk's height ranges from 29" to 48.6" that makes it a perfect companion for those who want a wide range of motion and working heights that can provide maximum comfort.

You also would never have the problem of running out of tabletop space since you would have plenty of room for your monitors and computer setup.

Any ongoing projects and extra accessories would also be in their rightful places with the large tabletop surface that you can match with your office's personality. 

There are two desktop choices for you. The first one is the 1" thick chipboard constructed with the environment in mind. Getting a chipboard desktop is excellent if you want durability, patterns, and a wide color selection for a fraction of the price of run-of-the-mill desks.

The chipboard choice also provides 14 colorways to fit in on your home office perfectly.

For the creatives who have many fleeting ideas, jot it all down on the whiteboard desktop made with PET high-gloss film for a smooth surface that is excellent for capturing your thoughts and breakthroughs throughout the day.

Your safety is also a priority. Both desktop choices passed the product safety testing and certification by the Underwriters Laboratories, which found no harmful chemicals and materials on the desks and even the table legs.

Style, safety, and a small price to pay? The Crank Standing Desk H1 has got it all for you.

Customer Reviews: 

"This product has made working from home enjoyable instead of a pain. I had been long overdue for a desk upgrade, only intensified by the pandemic. I went with the Flexispot desk on a whim and have been so glad I did. From the start, the process was smooth; the desk itself shipped very quickly (maybe two days) after purchase. The top and legs ship separately but for me arrived within a couple of hours of each other!

Assembly was much easier than anticipated. When I opened the box containing all the small screws and parts, I almost cried. Every type of screw and the small tool was separated by type, labeled with a letter, and the assembly manual told you what 'letter' screw you needed for that step. This made it easy to break up the assembly process into a few chunks without losing anything. The instructions were clear and easy to follow. The only thing that didn't get mentioned is that there is a small screw inside the turn crank that needs to be loosened so you can pull the crank out and push it back in to hide it under the desk. After assembling the desk, this wasn't too hard to figure out, but I can see how someone might get stuck there.

The hand crank to move the desktop up and down feels good and folds away as advertised. The tabletop raises and lowers very quietly. It has been such an improvement I'm a little mad I didn't upgrade sooner. Overall pleased with this product." - Erin P.

"Nice, sturdy desk. It was a little challenging to put together. I wish there were a step-by-step Youtube video to follow(for our particular design). The crank works well, and we feel that it is better for long-term use than the electric adjustable desks. Color is just as pictured online. Speedy delivery. (only two days) every part and tool needed was included in the two boxes we received." - Christine I.

2. AlcoveRiser Standing Desk Converters M7MB - 35"

For those who want a standing desk but cannot seem to let go of their regular table, a desk converter is for you!

The AlcoveRiser Standing Desk Converters M7MB - 35" can accommodate an extra-large desktop that has enough room for your computer monitor, current projects, and office paraphernalia. The laptop cutout also has a wide keyboard tray that can suit any working setup as you please.

There is also no need for complicated mechanisms as you can easily adjust the desk with a single hand, thanks to the versatile step-less height adjustment. You also have fewer problems on your mind as the AlcoveRiser Standing Desk Converters M7MB - 35" rises and lowers vertically to save valuable space while having better stability, unlike comparable products.

Taller users would also have no problem using this ingenious desk converter as the AlcoveRiser Standing Desk Converters M7MB - 35" offers a broader height range for a price that the competition cannot beat.

Customer Reviews:

"This is the best desk for my home office because it's very spacious. I don't have to worry about where to place my things. I can say that I work efficiently now." - Empress K.

"The unit is sturdy and easy to raise and lower. The simulated wood finish is attractive and blends nicely with my desk. I'm not sure how much I'll use the standing desk feature, but it's nice to have that option, and I like having my laptop and external monitor raised from my keyboard and side-by-side. Everything: mouse, keyboard, laptop, and monitor is contained in one area and feels like a console." - Paula S.

A stylish and, most importantly, the functional home office can be achieved even when you are on a budget! Just head on to FlexiSpot's website, and you will find a wide variety of ergonomic solutions to fit any budget and style!