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Ergonomic Chairs: Presents for our Loving Grandparents

08 June 2021

The Love for our Grandparents:

They are the people who love us most after our parents. Some of us have grown up being with them. We may outgrow them but we would remain their youngest. Our grandparents treat us like their youngest children. Hence, it is rightful to bring back the love for them. As most of us get busy in our everyday activities, we tend to forget them. Some even end up being in nursing homes; we may not always know what they are going through there. Hence, it's still wise to include them in our plans. They would love being involved in our lives, they still love being busy and creating a new life at old age that's why there are grandparents who do not stop working and building their empires. With this, it is right to give them presents even during ordinary days so they would always feel special. 

The Struggles Grandparents Experience:

Our grandparents struggle a lot during old age. Most of them are experiencing depression because of the feeling of isolation and loss the youthfulness. Old people who stay in the nursing homes are the ones prone to this hence our grandparents choose to continue working. 

The Best Solution:

Letting them know that they are valued and they could continue a happy and active life would be the best solution with the help of a strong support group. We may also try giving them presents that could help them continue an active lifestyle even at the comforts of the nursing home or in their offices if they are continuing with a busy corporate life. In that case, a flex spot could be a great help. 

Why Choose Flexispot:

With the sedentary lifestyle is being experienced by our grandparents (both the working ones and the ones in the nursing home), we should help them continue an active lifestyle. Illnesses and poor ergonomics are what they experience in old age hence letting them use pieces of equipment that could help them sustain good blood circulation and good body posture is recommendable. Hence, Flexispot ergonomic products such as the chairs would be very good because these ergo products provide: 

  • Ergonomic solutions that could help our grandparents sustain good blood circulation parts that have sufficient lumbar support. 
  • Parts that could enhance their range of motions.
  • Support for their neck, spine, and shoulders
  • Support for their hips (the body part that is sensitive) 
  • These ergonomic products from Flexispot could be used as effective equipment in making our grandparents sustain an active lifestyle despite old age. These are created to support our range of motion and strengthen our muscles and bones. The height adjustability of these products also supports our movements and helps us avoid slouching and the possibility of putting pressure on the neck. Hence, our grandparents could feel safe with these ergonomic products. 

Now, the next part of our discussion would be more about the ergonomic products that you could choose from. These are all from Flexispot. These are some of the most sought-after products from the market that are made on cutting-edge technology and are made with precision. The following products that we are going to discuss are:

So, let us start now with the first ergonomic chair from Flexispot that is recommendable for our grandparents. This is the:

Ergonomic Task Chair 1011:

  • One of the most significant things about this ergo chair is its breathable mesh that offers durability. What is good about the mesh chair is the air will flow simultaneously hence the lesser accumulation of body there would be. We know that our grandparents have a weaker respiratory system so they are more sensitive to the body sweat or fluid that might build up in their bodies because of the heat. Hence, it's wiser to make them use this kind of chair.
  • This ergo chair has a maximum load capacity of 250lbs. Hence, it's ideal if they would use this because it's safe and durable. 
  • This ergo chair has a seating dimension of 18.9" W x 17.7" D. With this seating dimension the product could provide an above-and-beyond sitting experience because space is enough for our dear grandparents. 
  • Most of all, this ergo chair could provide excellent lumbar support for our grandparents. Hence, we don't need to get worried about their safety even most of them lose a good sense of balance. This ergo chair could support them fully. 

This mesh chair from Flexispot is known for its durability and could provide absolute comfort and protection for our dear grandparents. Now, after talking about the mesh chair, we're going to discuss the second sought-after ergo chair in the market. This is what we call the:

High Back Office Chair 2191E

  • This is an ergonomic chair known to be fully adjustable because of its adjustor and rocking function. It would be ideal for our grandparents because there are times that they need to simply lean their backs on the backrest and relax. The adjustor of this ergo chair could help them adjust to the height that they desire with ease. With this, the spine-related injury would be prevented using this ergo chair. 
  • 2191E offers a seating area dimension that is 20.1" W x 18.7" D so it offers a wider space for sitting.
  • This ergo chair has smooth-rolling casters that make the motion of it smoother and easier so it would not put the safety of our grandparents at risk

Now, moving on with the third kind of ergo chair from Flexispot. We are going to talk about an ergo chair that has a wide headrest and backrest. This is considered a bit and tall ergo chair too. This is the: 

Ergonomic Office Chair 9127:

  • This ergo chair has a maximum weight capacity of 300lbs. 
  • It has a toughly rocking function so among the three products we discussed this one is the sturdiest ergo chair.
  • It has a retractable built-in footrest that would help our grandparents take a rest without losing balance. 
  • Lastly, this large ergo chair could help our grandparents take a rest well with its wide headrest and backrest. 
  • All these for just $189.99. Indeed, you may save more with this ergo chair. 

Final Thoughts:

Even on ordinary days, we could make our grandparents smile and feel important especially with these ergonomic chairs from Flexispot. They would remain healthy and safe once they use these products because they would be able to protect their spine, neck, and shoulders.