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Ergonomic Furniture for Work

20 April 2021

Ergonomic Furniture: Save Yourself from Unnecessary Pain and Discomfort

Do you stay in one place for very long periods everyday? Sitting for hours on end in front of your computer or working on your projects using any available surface accessible to you? If you are, then surely you’re familiar and probably have experienced and – if not all – of the following:

  • Back pain

  • Neck stiffness

  • Shoulder stiffness or soreness

  • Eye strain

  • Leg pain

  • Unexplained Fatigue

  • Foot/feet pain

  • Calf pain

  • Irritability

  • Declining interest and focus after several hours

  • Low productivity

Did these tick your boxes? The problem is not necessarily because you’ve been too busy at work and you’re striving to hit your goals for the day. The problems are the table and chair you use to get things done. Now, doesn’t that sound silly? Blaming your aches and pains on furniture. But the truth is, when we do a task, we make ourselves feel comfortable with what we have, but it’s not really what our body needs. Case in point: it feels oh so good to slouch because keeping a straight back feels like a lot of work. But hunching over can cause more harm than good—especially in the long run. 

So what can help you get through each day and save yourself from pain or injury? Consider replacing your beloved table and chair with ergonomic ones. The images in your head are probably overwhelming right now. All these fancy chairs sound like they’re from the future. 

Before we discuss chairs and tables any further, let’s first understand what ergonomic means. In a nutshell, it simply means something that is especially created to maximize efficiency and provide the utmost comfort. It encourages the body to be positioned in such a way that it will still be able to access everything required without unnecessary movement or compromising overall wellness.

Ergonomic Computer Chairs

These chairs are especially designed to keep your midsection comfortably confined within the space while giving you the support and comfort it needs to last long hours without suffering from fatigue. The backrest is designed to conform to the natural curves of your body to take the weight off your lower back when you sit. This allows for great blood circulation without encouraging pain to develop. Many computer chairs including ergonomic gaming chairs come in a variety of colors and designs that it won’t even feel like a special type of chair. One look at it and you’ll love it immediately. 

Ergonomic Tables

Much like chairs, ergonomic desks are especially designed to keep the rest of your body in the ideal position to prevent pain and fatigue from developing. It encourages good blood flow throughout your body that will even allow you to lift your mood and productivity. There are several types of ergonomic tables that include: 

  • Fixed height tables – desks that seem like any other table you’ve had with a fixed height, but are curved to provide better comfort and flexibility.

  • Standing desks – this encourages you to get off your chair every once in a while to further increase blood circulation and even burn calories through micromovements. These can be any of the following: 

    • Fixed standing desks – set at specific height.

    • Adjustable standing desks – where you can adjust it according to your height needs (though some models can only go up or down to a specific setting).

    • Sit and stand desks – a table that can easily be adjusted to shift from a sitting position or one that is used for a standing workspace. 

    • Electric standing desks – this is probably the most high tech of all. It gives you the flexibility to do any of the aforementioned features with just a push of a button (a remote control for others) for it to automatically lift or drop to the height of your choosing. 

Now that you know what kinds of furniture are available, let’s wrap this up but briefly discussing how these can actually help you both in the short and long terms. 

What Can You Expect to Gain When You Shift to Ergonomic Furniture?

  • Good Posture – this is probably the topmost benefit that you’ll gain for both the short and long term. With the help of ergonomic furniture, your body will be subconsciously trained to maintain the proper posture without compromising or limiting your movements. And when your body gets accustomed to standing and sitting a certain way, you’ll still do it when you’re using regular kinds of tables and chairs. Your body will benefit from this and you won’t run the risk of developing a permanent hunch as you grow older.

  • Reduces Neck and Shoulder Stiffness – say goodbye to your almost daily routine of rubbing your neck and shoulder in between working. And this soreness should not be dismissed, because this can later develop to something more serious. With ergonomic furniture, you’ll feel more comfortable and you neck and shoulders will be kept at a comfortable position at all times. 

  • Have Better Work Efficiency – ergonomic furniture are designed to adjust to your body’s natural curves and movements. You won’t need to worry about restricted movements, in fact, you’ll find yourself having better control over your workspace that you’ll work more efficiently and find that everything seems easier to do.

  • Experience Better Blood Flow – constantly having your legs bent will lead to muscle fatigue and degeneration. The same goes for your lower back. But ergonomic furniture (both chair and table) will allow your body to “breathe” better without limitations in circulation. This will give you better blood flow that your body will thank you for later. When you have good blood flow, you won’t find yourself feeling tired even before you’re done for the day.

And you’re still not fully convinced, maybe this added plus will seal the deal. You’ll reap the benefit of boosting both your mood and productivity. When you’re working in a comfortable space, you do more, and you feel great about yourself. And the more you use ergonomic tables and ergonomic chairs for your daily work, you’ll find yourself in a better mood always and perhaps even have better focus.