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Ergonomic Hazards: Avoid Them with Flexispot

17 August 2021

Hidden Dangers in the Workstation

In most cases, people think that the worst hazards in the office are entangled wires on the floor, floor tiles that crack, or other office tools that are not properly placed in cabinets. However, research shows that hazard claims made in companies are the ergonomic problems individual experiences in workstations.

You might have experienced these ergonomic hazards in the past before. These are small things that most people ignore and do not pay much attention to because they think these are just common body pain and could be relieved by pain killers. Commonly, these kinds of body pain are caused by ergonomic hazards in the office such as:

  • Ergonomically worn-out equipment like chairs

These are pieces of equipment that are deformed, chairs with loose screws, armrests wobbly and would seem to break apart from the chair, or backrest that does not support the entire back at all. These factors seem minor for some but little they know that these mitigate the ergonomic problems of an office worker.

  • Poor posture because of improper device placement

Improper placement of the monitor, keyboard that is directly under the monitor, and improper distance of the body from the device. These are the things that lead you to have improper posture. As a result, you are not able to follow the 90-degree angle rule. This happens when you stay very close to the monitor and face almost hitting the screen. If you take a closer look at it, you would notice that your back is already making a curve. The proper device placement is: The monitor is at the 90-degree angle distance; this is the right configure of the device. The keyboard should be on a keyboard tray if you are using a desktop. If you are using a laptop, the distance of your body should still be at a 90-degree angle. This is to protect your eyes, shoulder, and back from possible ergonomic injury.

  • Prolonged sitting

This is the worst practice done in the workstation. What's worse is you might ignore these things because at first the pain that you might feel is not severe yet; slight tingling sensation running to your nerves, numbness around the spine or shoulders, then throbbing pain that lasts for hours or a day. Usually, this starts when you sit for more than 7 hours in your work area. So, the best practice for that is to have a transition now and then. Practice the sit-stand mode. Change positions as often as possible. This is proven to accelerate your blood circulation and create improvement in your condition. 

Despite these ergonomic hazards that you might experience at work, there is hope for everyone because there is ergonomically designed equipment for workers like you. These are the pieces of equipment that could mitigate proper posture and accelerate blood circulation. These pieces of equipment could improve your condition and help you work in a sit-stand mode. These pieces of equipment are all from Flexispot-the most sought-after brand in the market. So, before we enumerate the best features of these pieces of equipment there are key takeaways that we must bear in mind when we choose the best ergonomic products.

The 3 Key Supports Ergonomic Equipment Must Have:

When buying your dream ergo product, the piece of equipment that you are going to look for should have the following features: 

  • sufficient back support:

Notice if the chair could fully cover your back. You must also look at the curves of the backseat. If these two are not present, then you are about to purchase the wrong piece of equipment. This is because the right ergo chair has a wide backrest and follows the contour of your body. 

  • a well-padded cushion:

The cushion is the one that supports the lower spine. The lower spine serves as your foundation. With a severed lower spine, you would not be able to stretch and sit properly. Thus, you need to find a piece of equipment that has this kind of cushion. You must be aware that there are brands in the market that have a cushion that would easily get deformed after a few months of using so you need to be careful with it. 

  • a good armrest:

This is another key support on an ergonomic chair. A correct ergo chair has a sturdy and non-wobbly armrest. It should also widen your arms at approximately 90 degrees with his arms on your lap. With this, you may ensure that the chair could cajole the blood circulation in your arms and shoulders and would prevent you from having serious conditions such as frozen shoulders. 

These key supports are the ones that you must consider when buying the pieces of equipment. But, hold your horses, because all these key supports are what the Flexispot ergonomic equipment has. All these features are present in the Flexispot ergo chairs. Thus, as we continue, we will discuss how Flexispot maintains these features. 

The Ergo Wonders of Flexispot

At Flexispot, all the key supports that you must find are present in the ergonomic chairs. Most pieces of equipment from Flexispot have the design and shapes that follow the contours of your spine and they fully cover your shoulders. 

The chairs from Flexispot have well-padded cushions too that could give you the utmost comfort even for long hours. In addition, these chairs have an armrest that could make you widen your arms and rest them for a long time with your hands on the lap. 

Moreover, the ergonomic chairs from Flexispot could allow you to do the sit-stand mode while working. This is one of the most fascinating things about the ergo chairs from Flexispot, they could make your movement in the office active and free from sedentary activities. 

Final Thoughts:

So, you might be pondering your next purchase. Now that you have the idea of the key supports that your ergo chair must have, you may be able to choose the perfect piece of equipment that could protect you from ergonomic problems when working. With Flexispot, you could have the best ergonomic experience at work.