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Mesh Office Chairs are Perfect for the Summer Season

17 August 2021

Summer is still here, and the air-conditioning units are still pumping. The temperature is still hot and sweaty!

While a cool room is a blessing in this sweltering heat, why not bump it up a notch and invest in a mesh office chair? Even better if it is ergonomically designed to ensure that as you stay fresh and cool, your posture remains proper and healthy. You deserve to treat yourself this summer after all!

If you are dreaming about the perfect mesh office chair, look no further because FlexiSpot is here to cool you down!

Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair

The Soutien provides the perfect sitting comfort at your office with its own 3D spinal support system, 135° lounging tilt, and 4D customizable armrests. The gracefully bent back, with three adjustable height settings and a mild recovery mechanism, naturally fits the back and neck for optimal head and lower back support. The deluxe mesh, manufactured with exquisite Florentine chenille and K+R heat fabric, provides optimal breathability.

“The chair's cushion is comfortable but firm, and the backrest frame is quite robust. When I lean back on the back of the chair, I experience a sense of security and stability. This is the nicest ergonomic office chair I've ever purchased! Extremely strong and comfy due to the numerous smart and handy modification features. This was a significant release for my painful back. FlexiSpot provides replacement fasteners in the event that we misplace some, which is quite nice. Additionally, the handbook is straightforward, and assembly is straightforward. Only when I attach the wheel to the chair foundation, which I believe requires some exertion. However, it is generally satisfactory and of excellent caliber.” - Joaquin T.

“This is not an affordable item. It is beautifully constructed and seems to be quite tough. You will have your money's worth, which is a positive thing in this instance. Extremely soothing for my arthritic back. Excellent spine support that maintains a healthy, natural, and pleasant ergonomic positioning that is beneficial to your body. The chair seat adjusts from 16.9 to 19.7 inches in height, which really is ideal for me and my younger brother. He is 5'4" tall, whereas I am 5'8". Additionally, I believe that taller individuals are acceptable. The components package is full, including additional bolts in case you lose one while cleaning your central heating ducts. I definitely suggest this well-thought-out item.” Ollie A.

“I suffer from back discomfort as a result of years of sitting on a standard chair. I conducted research and determined that I require an adjustable backrest chair. I'm glad I discovered this FlexiSpot office chair, as it enables me to rest my back as I work. And this contributes significantly to my work productivity. I've had it for at least a couple of months and have been using it daily to work from home. So far, I'm pleased with it, especially given its pricing. I've grown rather hefty in recent years, and the seat has stood up admirably. It remains firm and does not feel "unstable" after two hours of intense use. There are no creaking noises or rattles. Additionally, the caster wheels are in good condition.

Only a piece of caution: due to my diminutive stature - around 5 feet 3 inches - I really have to ease the tension first to facilitate readjustment. A taller individual, on the other hand, would need to increase the pressure to obtain additional support and make the most out of every modification.” - Kristy B.

“Improved posture is made possible via this chair's 3D back support! It can be changed in three phases to meet your specific requirements. When I learned about this, I purchased one immediately. Additionally, depending on my mood on weekdays, I always modify the armrest to ensure my comfort. Additionally, it's nice because I own a chair with four-dimensional armrests! The lumbar support of his ergonomic chair prevents my lower spine from becoming more tense than it already is. This is something without which I would not want to work. A backrest that breathes! This, I believe, is because the product is covered in the mesh? I arrived at this conclusion because when my air conditioning system broke, I noticed that I was sweating less.” Sarah P. 

Ergonomic Office Mesh Chair 1388

A hard day's labor will result in headaches. The ergonomically built tall back office seat features an adjustable backrest. The multi-dimensional dynamic movable headrest positions your neck and head in perhaps the most favorable position possible. This ergonomic office chair features an excellent functioning lumbar support system to ensure the best possible assistance for all kinds of users. It may constantly embrace your lower back, significantly reducing spine fatigue. Similarly, the lumbar cushion will relax your body and alleviate any back pain, while also increasing the natural curve of your spine while you sit for extended periods of time. Armrest with multiple functions that is one of a kind. This armrest may be adjusted down and up, left and right, and back and forth. The armrest supports the arms comfortably in a variety of sitting positions. Optimizes the fulfillment of multiple needs and gives the most pleasant seating position for sedentary individuals.

“I adore this chair; it was exactly what I needed, as I suffer from scoliosis and a few other lumbar concerns. Every component of the seat that you'd want to modify is customizable on this one, including the parts that never appear to be adjustable on some other chairs. A fantastic purchase; I'm quite pleased with it. A comfy chair that is easy to install. I enjoy the adjustable reclining feature, albeit I believe it extends a little too far backward. I was teaching a month-long course from home, yet this chair kept my neck and shoulders free of pain. Additionally, I value the adjustable armrests. Excellent value for money. It's also fantastic since I work remotely and am therefore compelled to spend hours in a chair.” Rochel Q.

“I'm extremely pleased. The seat's structural flexibility makes it really pleasant, but my favorite aspect is the small piece between both the backrest; this feature really adds to the ease and alignment of reclining in this chair the whole day when one has lower back issues. When you choose this seat, you are making an excellent bargain. The chair's components arrived in fine condition, and assembly was a breeze when following the owner's manual directions. Everything about the chair is excellent except for the cushioning; the mesh material is durable enough to last a long time, but due to its sturdiness, folding the leg and sitting, as most people eventually do, would cause the leg to pain due to the harshness of the surface.” - Renz F.

“This chair is a favorite of my husband's. I wasn't sure I would due to the backrest and form, but as I sat in it, I changed my mind. I'd recently purchased a $350 ergonomic chair from Office Max - now I wish I'd waited. A good value for money chair that is extremely comfy for long hours in front of the computers.” McKayla G.

These ergonomic mesh office chairs are hot items in FlexiSpot but rest assured, you will remain cool as you work your way to the top of the company ladder!