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Essential Elements for a Modern Office Meeting Space

16 December 2022

Maximizing collaborative efficiency in the workplace is often connected to a functional and productivity-friendly meeting space. Even when you're brainstorming on some crucial ideas, you'll need an ambient conference room.

Now, what makes a meeting space healthy for use is that it promotes privacy, comfort, luxury, and freedom from anything capable of distracting you. Most importantly, it should have a sophisticated layout that boosts creativity.

If all these factors can be considered properly, we assure you that your workplace will foster highly beneficial collaboration among co-workers. However, you should note that this project is not achievable without bringing in some designs and decors into the modern office meeting space.

That shouldn't make you feel depressed because we have compiled some amazing ideas that'll help you and other employers build the perfect office meeting space. All you have to do is pay rapt attention as we discuss the outdoor and indoor conference space tips.

What to Consider Before You Picture or Build an Ideal Office Meeting Space?

Soundproof Effects and Privacy

It's understandable that you want to be free from getting exposed to unwanted distractions or interruptions such as some unhealthy background noise anytime you're in the meeting space to bring up some ideas. As such, going for a sound-insulated meeting room might be your best bet.

With this tip, you can be assured that it's very difficult, if not impossible, to lose concentration while a meeting is going on. A conference room with soundproof effects will also enhance the aura of your meetings.

In a nutshell, you need to heavily invest in impressive acoustics in the meeting space so that everyone can be easily heard and audible while engaging in the topic at hand.

For instance, mobile office pods are an excellent way of acquiring a sound-proofed meeting space. This is because they are designed by expert engineers and optimized for proper sound insulation and mind-blowing acoustics.

Full Meeting Space Equipment

A conference room is not worthy of being called a standard conference room when it lacks the necessary facilities that promote a productive meeting. So what are the necessities you need to be on the lookout for?

A standard conference room should have an ergonomic office and spacious desks, ergonomic office chairs, lots of shelves to declutter the room and arrange paperwork, and comfy lighting that doesn't mess up the eyes.

Other necessities that'll give you a robust and comfortable meeting session are technological innovations like a reliable and stable internet connection, portable and fixed microphones on each seat, a laptop, a printer, and any other essentials that you'll need.

As trivial as it seems, you'll also need a diary, logbook, or any loose paper that'll help you keep an accurate record of the meeting as everyone makes their contributions and offers their ideas.

Proper Lighting

If you are very familiar with conference room setups, it's a known fact that the two most popular scenarios associated with office lighting are that the lights are too bright or they are too dull. This means that you need to strike a balance and ensure that your meeting space is properly lit.

When good lighting is achieved, you will also see certain changes in the employee efficiency and satisfaction of your workers. Not only that, but they'll also enjoy a clearer and sharper view of the work.

Even beyond office life, you should always strive for good lighting because it lightens the mood and improves the behavioral health of anyone in the room. However, it is way better to go for natural lighting if you can. That's the best lighting!

Smart Conference Tables and Chairs Arrangements

Giving the meeting space or conference room at your workplace some nice touches goes beyond mere aesthetics. It's not just food for the eyes.

Therefore, we will implore you to go for space with comfy designs so that your productivity level will be positively impacted. And this tip comes in handy when you make space for where to do some collaborative or brainstorming projects.

Now, some of the most reliable seating arrangements you can give a trial for your meeting rooms include a boardroom, U-shape, and theater designs.

Open and Closed Working Spaces

You should bear in mind that open working spaces like meeting rooms offer collective working efforts where workers can not only work together but also link up socially and have some fun.

An open space also does some magic on the efficiency of the employees because everyone gets a chance to easily interact with their colleagues and maintain the momentum for work at the same time.

But as fun and amazing open spaces are, teamwork doesn't apply to some works. So there's a time you'll need some privacy. Therefore, you need to get cubicles or private offices for your employee for them to conveniently concentrate on their individual workloads.

In the same manner, a combo of open and closed working spaces is also advised.

Online Meeting Space

Since COVID-19 came to disrupt almost all sectors of the economy, workers have been caught within the web of going for remote working and other online avenues for collective working.

But even if you are adopting an online meeting, you need to ensure that your online meeting space is properly detailed just like the physical meeting option. This then follows that your spaces for Zoom meetings and conference video calls must be well-optimized in a manner that will stimulate you to think deeply and work efficiently.

For example, you should get a reliable webcam, a high-end monitor, a high-quality recorder and computer microphone, comfy office accessories, and any other necessities that you can't do without.

Do you remember what we earlier said about a sound-insulated conference room? Great! You can also replicate the idea here by considering a personal pod or Zoom Room so that you'll be free of any form of distractions and your work experience will be sufficiently optimized.

Outdoor Meeting Space

Are you claustrophobic? Or you don't like being cramped up in a tight indoor room all through the day? We have a long-lasting solution for you - an outdoor meeting space.

Meanwhile, investing in an outdoor office can be done using an outdoor studio shed which encourages a private and sound-proofed space for work. It also allows you to work on collaborative tasks while you also get to enjoy the beauty, warmth, and grace of nature along the line.

Four Varieties of Backyard or Garden Office Setups You Can Invest In


You can consider checking out a pod. It is another versatile and spacious means through which your dream of an outdoor private meeting spot can come to fruition. And the good news is that you can use it as a conference room and a private workstation.

Most times, pods are fully wired from the factory, so you can place them anywhere in the garden without getting worried about how the electrical connections will be sorted. Within a twinkle of an eye, your pod is ready for both physical meetings and efficient virtual meetings.

Studio Pods

Here is another classic and classy mobile office you can have at the center of your garden. We assure you that you'll enjoy a perfect and 100% working experience from your home with this backyard office.

Within a day, the studio pod can be successfully assembled and you don't have to worry about construction permits. It is also healthy for online meetings, an avenue to rub minds together and brainstorm some ideas, and private work sessions.

Even if you are an employer or business manager, getting a studio pod is a guarantee that you'll experience versatility and spaciousness in a new dimension like never before. As an addendum, there's also a distraction-free work session.

Compact Office Pods

Another incredible offer you have to turn around your work life is the Compact Office Pod. This classic option also works for both the meeting room and personal office. And it has a wonderful outdoor decor that lasts longer than you can envisage.

This masterpiece also comes with an in-built air conditioner alongside 35 db to 40 db sound insulation for an optimal workstation. Finally, the pod is delivered unfurnished, so you get a chance to style its interior design in a way that appeals to you most.

Work Pods

Would you like to experience comfort, class, and functionality in one piece? These are the perks you can also derive from sound-proofed work pods. Especially if you are claustrophobic and you want to escape the airless indoor spaces, work pods are there to help you all through the way.

Apart from getting revived and active as you appreciate the beauty of nature, you'll also experience a work session free of distractions such as background noise or other petty interruptions.

An Office Meeting Space Helps You to Make Best Use of Collaboration with Other Workers

With all the various types of privacy pods and office sheds we have outlined for you, alongside other ones you can see online, you are assured that you have all the necessities needed to perfect conference space within your reach.

Now, you don't have to wait why further. This is your take to take some steps in the right direction as you invest in the dream of owning a modern meeting space for your employees and the company at large.

If not for any reason, you should hop onto this rare opportunity to improve your and your coworkers' efficiency so that your work output can also reach for the moon.