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Explore the Ultimate Flexilife With FlexiSpot Spring Sales

11 April 2022

Top Products on Sale

With a new year comes new beginnings, a seemingly fresh start, and talk of Spring Sales. But there is no such thing as an amazing spring sale if it isn't the annual Flexispot Spring Sales.

Flexispot, without a doubt, makes the best ergonomic furniture in the industry. You'll find various office, gaming, and workout equipment to choose from on the website. These products aren't just ergonomic. They are also stylish, durable, and easy to put together.

Luckily, these premium products will be up for sale at discount prices during the Flexispot Spring Sales. Take a look at the full details of these premium discounted products in subsequent paragraphs.

Pro Standing Desk E3/E5

Pro Standing Desk E3/E5

This stylish Flexispot desk has three different stylish desktop options. The desktop covers could be bamboo, solid wood, or a top-notch laminated coating. You are guaranteed a durable tabletop cover for whatever desktop covers option toys settle for.

The tabletop has a loading capacity of 220 lbs. And this tabletop sits on a powerful dual-motor lifting system. Unlike regular standing desks from other brands, the Pro Standing Desk E3/E5 has an advanced lifting system that ensures maximum stability even when lifting at the highest weight capacity.

In addition, this dual-motor lifting system is not just steady, but it's also quick and quiet. At a 50dBs noise level and a lifting speed of 1.38"/s, you can barely hear the sound of the motor while in use. It's silent, with the anti-collision function working optimally.

Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk

Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk

Comhar All-in-one Standing Desk is the ideal desk for every family. It has a wide adjustment rate of 28.3"-47.6". This makes it a perfect fit for every family member as it accommodates even the height of children.

Embedded at the side of the tabletop is an easy pullout drawer. This drawer provides storage space for you to put away personal belongings. It is 1.57" tall, 26.2" wide, and 12.4" long. Consequently, you can put away a handful of personal belongings without cluttering the tabletop.

Securing floor space for this desk is not something you ever have to worry about. The Comhar standing desk takes up very little floor space while offering a spacious tabletop. You can thus fit this desk easily in the corner of the room.

This desk has four-height memory presets, up/down movement control, and a LED display. The memory presets allow you to register height adjustments settings for family members. And if you're worried about your kids messing with the control panel, you can make use of the safety lock. This safety lock button locks the control panel function preventing your kids or pets from tampering with the saved settings.

You also get to enjoy the easy charging feature with this standing desk. It has three charging ports; 2 Type-A USB charging ports and 1 Type C USB charging port.

At a mind-blowing discount, you can get the Comhar desk either with the tempered glass tabletop or a wooden one. Both tabletop covers are durable, beautiful, and easy to install.

Standard Standing Desk

Standard Standing Desk

The E2/E1 Standard Standing Desk is another amazing product for sale at the Flexispot Spring Sales. This desk is eco-friendly as the tabletop is sourced from environmental-friendly bamboo. The bamboo top is 0.7" thick and comes in various solid wood grain color options. There's Maple, Bamboo, White, Black, Mahogany, Graphite, White Wood Grain, Marble Grey, and Grey Wood Grain. You'll also find the Special Walnut tabletop color variant quite interesting.

The tabletop rests on sturdy three-frame legs. These legs transition smoothly between the height ranges due to the presence of a powerful motor.

With the keypad, you can save three of your favorite desk heights. It could be a preferred sitting desk height, standing height, an under-desk cycling height, or even an under-desk foldable treadmill height. You could also use the advanced keypad to set activity reminders that'll send an alert when a position change is due.

The E2/E1 desk has a whisper-quiet lifting operation, unlike regular desk frames. The motor noise level is under 50 dBs. It consequently makes it almost impossible to hear a sound even when the tabletop is fitted at a full 154 lbs carrying capacity.

This Flexispot standing desk model effectively combines advanced functions and controls with a pocket-friendly bonus.

Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair

Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair

If you miss out on anything in the Flexispot Spring Sales, it shouldn't be the Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair. Just like Hadid on a runway, this chair stands out in the world of office chairs.

The backrest has a bionic-engineered curve that carefully shapes badly postured bodies. This backrest has a 3D lumbar support attached to the base. It features three (3) height adjustment levels that promote an elegant back curve. All three parts (headrest, backrest, and lumbar support) work hand-in-hand to protect neck and spine health.

The armrest reeks of class, flexibility, and comfort. Unlike the standard armrest, the Flexispot Soutien armrest has four (4) dimension flexibility. You can tilt it forwards, sideways, horizontally, and vertically. And it's all in a bid to ensure maximum arm and elbow comfort.

Speaking about flexibility, you should try out the reclining feature on this chair. The backrest tilts as far back as, 45°allowing you to alternate between sleep, rest, and upright sitting positions.

In addition to the indelible flexibility of this Flexispot model, you will also find that the chair has versatile usage. The seat depth is customizable, making it a perfect fit for persons with big body frames and others with average frames.

Ergonomic Office Chair OC3B

Ergonomic Office Chair OC3B

The Ergonomic Office Chair OC3B offers reliable lumbar support. With passive lumbar support, your body releases tension and is at ease at home and in the office.

This chair is also designed with several flexibility options, making easy posture adjustments. First off, there is an adjustable lifting armrest. You can adjust the armrest in three dimensions to fit your body perfectly.

The headrest, too, is adjustable. You can lift the headrest with ease to perfect position your neck and head. As a plus, there is a cloth hanger attached to the headrest base. This cloth hanger helps you take care of your clothes without the risk of them sweeping the floor.

We consider the OC3B chair ideal for both tall persons and persons of average height. This is due to the lifting mechanism at the base of the chair. It allows you to raise the chair to a height suitable for tall persons. At the same time, the average person can lower the chair to a preferred height.

Additionally, there's a two (2) position tilt lock-in. This lock-in mechanism gives room to recline the chair or place it upright.

Ergonomic Office Chair OC7

Ergonomic Office Chair OC7

With the Flexispot Ergonomic Office Chair OC7, you can kiss back-related aches goodbye. This is mainly a result of the S-shaped seat.

The S-shaped seat is designed to encourage proper sitting posture. That is, back straight, shoulders back, body weight evenly distributed between both hips, knees bent at an angle of 90° with both feet flat on the floor. This shape seems to eliminate the need for a lumbar support frame or foam. Consequently giving room for more comfort while working long, however.

Another ergonomic feature is the flexible design of the chair. The chair seat provides optimum comfort and stability. It has lush cushions that support your lower body and reduces hip pain. This will no doubt help you stay energized and improve your mood.

Ergonomics aside, you can count on the sturdy structure of this chair. This multipurpose chair can be used as a gaming chair and an office chair. The absence of extreme reclining angles makes this chair fall short of being the ideal gamer's chair.

The base of the Flexispot OC7 at its lowest is 16.9". There is a 3.1" lifting height adjustment range that allows you to lift the base to as high as 20". This base seats on firm wheels that move smoothly and can rotate up to 360°.

Final Words

You cannot contest the quality of Flexispot products. They are top-of-the-shelf products that provide the best ergonomic relief you can get from any furniture. These world-class products are now available at budget-friendly discounts.

Do not miss out on this chance to own luxury ergonomic furniture. Rush now to the Flexispot online store, pick any ergonomic furniture of your choice and relish the relief it gives.