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Extroverts During the Pandemic

23 April 2021


An extrovert is someone who loves working in a dynamic, fast-paced workplace. Unlike introverts, extroverts thrive in places where people are abundant. They are magnetized by new ideas, new experiences, and new people to hangout with. Extroverts are always hungry for new things to discover and learn from. They are great communicators, and their impeccable rapport makes them approachable and easy to talk to. These natural qualities take extroverts to great heights.

Their energy feeds from the people around them, the attention they give, the new ideas they can impart. Extroverts loves pushing themselves outside their comfort zones. Unlike introverts who have the normal tendency to stay inside their safe zones, extroverts love the thrill of trying something new.

They thrive in a traditional workplace. The energy emitted by people in the office drives extroverts to perform and be productive. With the right amount of motivation, extroverts can exceed expectations and perform extremely well.

When the global pandemic arrived, extroverts were hit hard. Unlike introverts, who were thrilled at the idea of working at home, extroverts were cut off from their life source. The idea of working alone at home is an extrovert’s worst nightmare.

Lockdowns were imposed around the world in efforts to contain and isolate the virus. In doing so, extroverts around the world are forced to give up the dynamic workplace.

Alex Humfrey

“It was like a nightmare! Apart from the fear of being infected with the virus, the idea of working at home made me really worried. I live alone, so the image of me staying inside my apartment made me nervous. I can get the work done, yes, but I know myself, I can’t just stay home for a long time.

“When the news of the lockdown was announced, I was driving home with my friends after a late-night party. I can still remember the look on the faces of my friends. It makes me laugh just by imagining it in my head. We are all worried. Then one of my friends suggested we stay together in one place.

“We had two days to prepare for the lockdown. We acted fast and gathered our things. We moved to a rented four-bedroom house complete with a pool and a basketball court. By Monday, when our supervisor called, he was surprised to find out that we were all together.

“My friends and I are extroverts. We can’t function well alone. We need each other, push each other, make each one perform well. We need the constant thought of we are not alone in the fight. We perform this way, who can blame us? Work hard together, then party harder together.

“Our supervisor was thrilled because he didn’t have to send our office equipments in several different places. He ended up sending us our office computers and desk drawers where our important files were. He also sent us the Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series and the Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair from a company called Flexispot.

“The ground floor area we converted to our office away from the office. We set our standing desks against the huge windows so we could have the best view of the ocean while working.

“It was the perfect setup. The standing desk was amazing. We could work on it while seated down, and when it was time to work standing up, with just a press of a button, the table converts to a standing desk. The ergonomic chair was amazing as well. We never once experienced the usual lower back pains after working for hours. It was like a miracle.

“The lockdowns lasted for 4 months. But, since we had each other, we survived.”

Edward Smith

“I was on a business trip to Spain when the lockdowns at home were anounced. I got a call from the office saying I had to come home quick or else be stuck in Europe. I booked the next flight, and I flew home. I went straight to the office where office furniture and equipments were being shipped to employees. It was like in the movies. I tried my best not to panic but the scene in the office that afternoon made me want to throw up. It was like a war had been declared and we were all evacuating to safety.

panic,“The tepanic,am collecting my things were busy in my corner office. I told them to take everything in my car and that they didn’t need to send it to me. They packed everything, from computers to desk filers. I have two houses, one in the city and one up North in the mountains. I decided to drive to the mountains to be away from people. It was a difficult decision since I love being around people. I love busy environments. I love the noise of different activities around me. I get my fuel from people. And the notion of being alone in the mountain made me feel sick.

“The first night was difficult. I couldn’t sleep. The fact that I was alone made me want to scream. So, I decided to start working and finished nearly morning. My back ached so much that I had to crawl to bed. I called my assistant, and she said she won’t be able to come, but she will send me something in the afternoon.

“I nearly forgot about it, but late afternoon, her package arrived. It was the Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair. I called her and asked her why in the world did she send me a chair. She said to use it and I’ll see. I did that night and it changed my working life forever. It was the most comfortable chair I’ve ever used. No more lower back pains. No more stiffness on the shoulders. It was the best thing that had happened to me.

“When the lockdowns were lifted, I ordered almost 500 Soutien Ergonomic Office Chairs for all our employees. I also ordered the Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series for everyone. The benefits of ergonomic office furniture and equipments far outweighs the cost and the usual physical pain that comes from working hard.”