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Feng Shui Bedrooms with Desks: Complete Guide

24 May 2022

Though some offices strive to develop a layout for their employees, that idea doesn't fly with many workers. Why's that? They want something more personal. Something built from scratch all by themselves, and that's where the idea of a feng shui bedroom with a nice desk pops up. You'll no longer have to leave your bedroom before you can work.

Have you ever thought of having a feng shui bedroom with a comfy desk of your choice? You might even be worried about how to go about setting it up. It's no rocket science. All you need to do is to lay your hands on a well-detailed and interactive guide that'll aid you through the process of how, when, and where to build it in the bedroom.

Easy peasy. When you're done reading this piece, we bet you can build a feng shui bedroom with a desk for yourself even with your eyes closed. You don't have to close them, though. However, never forget that building a feng shui bedroom with a desk demands a certain level of serious planning. Apart from determining where to locate it in the room, it would help make sure the decor you use was in sync with the entire bedroom. The decor should send a loud and clear message. Just imagine having a green-colored desk in an all-white bedroom. That's a drab setup. Meanwhile, you should note that it doesn't matter whether you fully work from home or yours is more of a part-time session. It doesn't mean. All that matters most is that there's a cozy and relieving corner in your bedroom that you've dedicated to working. Flowing from above, we've compiled some guides that'll help you scale through the process of building a feng shui bedroom with a groovy desk.

Let's enjoy the read together.

Feng Shui

What is Feng Shui?

This is probably your first time hearing the phrase "feng shui." Well, it's an ancient technique of arranging objects in a way that gives you a warm feeling and is originally pronounced as "fung shway." If you're guessing the idea must have come from China because of the name, you're very on point.

Feng shui adherents believe there's a way how you arrange all the physical possessions in your domain affects your inner life. It determines the positivity of your energy. Interpreted as "wind and water," which stands for the "flow," feng shui says that your physical environment needs to be balanced for you to be a beneficiary of peace and warmth.

This is getting more interesting. Just like when you're called to solve a puzzle, feng shui adherents said every living thing and object out there has particular energy called "chi." And that "chi" breathes its grace and splendor on us depending on how organized or otherwise the objects are arranged.

This might sound awkward, but many modern kinds of research have confirmed the integrity of this idea. Take, for instance; you can experience a deeper quality of sleep if you arrange the objects in your room in line with the feng shui principles. So you can be assured that lifting the idea of feng shui into your bedroom office desk has a load of goodies in stock. Not difficult to set up; you only need to be strategic with your planning.

What You Need to Know About Feng Shui Desk in Bedrooms

What You Need to Know About Feng Shui Desk in Bedrooms

Depending on how spacious your bedroom is, there are some options you should explore. For instance, experts have recommended that you position your desk in a glaring and commanding position of the room - right behind the door. Anytime you enter the room, it not only strikes your mind but also calls unto you.

It'll give you a nice view of the room and allow your thoughts to articulate and flow healthily. Also, it is advised not to place the desk right against the wall. Is that necessary? Yeah, it sure is because it might negatively affect your focus and ingenuity.

Other key factors you should consider when building a feng shui desk include

Placing the desk behind your window might sap out your energy.
Positioning the desk in a way that you'll have to back the door when you sit might easily distract you.
If there's enough space and the desk is right beside the bed, it's advised you put up a distinction between them. That way, your mind, and body will be programmed to distinguish between time to work and relax.

Should Your Desk Be in Your Bedroom?

Should Your Desk Be in Your Bedroom?

There's no big deal positioning your desk in any room if you don't have enough space in the bedroom. But if yours is spacious enough, we recommend you opt for different office-in-bedroom styles or gaming spots in the bedroom styles.

But most importantly, you need to consider your outline for the feng shui bedroom based on the following yardsticks:

Position the desk beside the window and right behind your door - not opposite them.
If that doesn't work well for you, you can place the desk by facing the door and backing the window when you sit.

These guides align with the feng shui principles for a nice bedroom. Give it a try and see the positive energy it draws.

Interesting Layout to Put Your Desk in Your Bedroom

Interesting Layout to Put Your Desk in Your Bedroom

Remember we said there are many options you can explore while building your feng shui desk? Yes, there are also different outlines and charts for a typical feng shui bedroom with a desk which you can try out. Don't forget; the idea is for you to know which of the layouts works best for you. Going further, you don't have to be concerned because of the space in your bedroom or how big the desk you plan to use is. Whether a small, medium-sized, large, or custom-made desk, you should always remember that the desk should be positioned in front of the door and not in front of the window. The reason is not farfetched. Accessing what goes on outside on the next street through the window might distract you.

So backing the window is like backing every form of distraction that wants to creep in. Not just that, your feng shui desk demands a certain amount of organizational skills like the following:


Don't think of the feng shui desk as a mere working table. Rather, it's your home workstation, and you need to give it the nice touches it deserves. For a nice decor and to make it more appealing to the eyes, we understand that the desk should not be clumsy.

Remember, only the important items you need to do your daily tasks should be on the desk, but that doesn't mean the whole space should look bland. We recommend you put up a pot of plants on the desk, some nice frames and artworks on the wall, and any other kinds of stuff that'll give you a lively mood as you walk. Your productivity will peak up that way.


As earlier stated, you should declutter all those unnecessary items on the desk. Free up the desk. Take, for instance; there's barely any reason why you should have heaps of paperwork and stationery on the desk when you majorly use the computer and its components for your tasks. Though we earlier suggested hanging nice frames and pictures on the wall, you don't have to put up pictures of friends or loved ones you've broken up with or lost. Rather, display artworks and pictures that give you joy. Your family group pictures might be a perfect fit here. Feng shui recommends that you should, by all means, avoid triggers of bad experiences. Be happy and expectant of beautiful relationships you can have and not hooked up with the past.

Office Desks for Bedroom

While looking forward to your feng shui bedroom with a desk, never settle for less, and don't be in a hurry to get just any desk.

It would help if you went for a high-quality and durable desk. To make it way easier for you, we have worked on the desks that'll give you the best work experience from home. They include but are not limited to:

Pro Standing Desk

Pro Standing Desk

Specially built to carry much weight, our Pro Standing Desk is designed with a lifting system you can manually set to accommodate more or lesser weights. It is built with a handful of configurations, styles, and features to give your home office the best work-life energy.

So you can choose to explore these mouth-watering offers that come with the desk. The desk is very strong and durable, with a better level of performance when compared to those traditional standing desks with a single motor. Getting yourself a Pro Standing Desk allows you to set reminders at intervals on whether to stand or sit while working.

The desk also works perfectly irrespective of how tall you are. How's that possible? All you need to do is use the specially-built keypad to set the height option. Not only that. Once the desk becomes immobile, there's a LED feature that'll automatically switch to sleep mode. This feature helps you save power, and you get to use it longer. Highly recommended!

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Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk

Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk

Anytime you think of a standing desk with features like charging ports, preset options, and embedded drawers, our Comhar All-in-one Standing Desk should come to your mind. Very sleek and functional. The desk is built to serve multipurpose functions as it comes with a robust motor that allows a clean-cut and perfect movement from 28.3" to 47.6" at least. And it works perfectly for kids. With this desk, you don't have to set your height setting every time to want to use it. The programmed height preset options will do that for you. You don't have to be worried your bedroom is not spacious enough for the desk but guess what? The Comhar only takes a little space. Like a round peg in a round hole, the desk can fit into any corner or space.

The standing desk is built with steel-coated tubing, which prevents the desk frame from getting scratched or stained. It doesn't even matter if one of the desk legs is uneven from the other three legs; you can use the glides placed at the base of the desk to level it up. Isn't that amazing?

If you want to explore the option of different bedroom gaming ideas, Comhar All-in-one Standing Desk suits you best with the anti-collision feature preventing the surface from being crushed.


Check out our catalog at Flexispot to find out other stylish products you can use to uplift your home workstation. You can have that feng shui bedroom with a comfortable desk you've always wanted with our products.