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Feng Shui in the Home Office Setting

26 July 2021

Feng Sui has long been regarded as one of the five major arts of Chinese metaphysics collectively known as Wu Shu.

It makes use of principles that represent the five elements: water, fire, wood, earth, and metal. San or mountain arts are those that have something to do with humans and mother nature. Examples of endeavors that are categorized under San are meditation and martial arts like Qi Gong or Tai Chi. Religion like the Taoist belief and cultivation are also categorized under this art.

Yi on the other hand is medicinal arts. Examples of this traditional Chinese medicine are reflexology, acupuncture, and herbalism. The core belief of traditional Chinese medicine is that the human body is at its peak when there’s a healthy balance among the five major organs that represent the five elements. 

The third one is Pok which is the study of divination, prediction, or forecasting. These forecasts are based on many things including complex calculations, dates, star alignments, and other numerical analysis. The most notable references for this are Sun Tzu’s Art of War and Yi Jing or the Book of Change. Examples in this category would be Da Liu Ren or calendar astrology, Tai Yi or divination of macroscopic events like war, plum blossom divination, and oracle readings.

The fourth is life or destiny science or Chinese astrology. It is similar to western astrology as every zodiac sign that represents the year of one’s birth is an animal. There are three examples of this which are, the four pillars of destiny, purple star astrology, and 7 stars 4 auxiliaries heavenly star astrology.

The last one is where feng shui is categorized which is Chinese physiognomy. This is the study of appearances which analyzes the forms. This includes the human face and the environment. Face reading, name reading, palmistry, and feng shui are all related as they are all categorized as Xiang or physiognomy.

Feng Shui is not really considered a science but an oriental art.

While it may not be proven scientifically, it still has a lot of followers and believers. Many of the followers believe that prosperity, good relations, and luck can be attributed to certain placements. 

Whether you are a believer or just someone who wants to try it out since there’s not really much to lose, you too can apply it to your home office or office setting. First, we define what Qi pronounced as Chi is. According to traditional Chinese philosophy, it is the vital life force that has bound or still binds things or people together.

That said, one must have a good Qi where one dwells or work according to Feng Shui beliefs.

The first thing that one needs to address is the door to your office or any entryway leading to the inside. The entryway or door is believed as the way energy, prosperity and opportunities come into your space. That is why it is known as the “mouth of qi.” With that said, the entryway needs to be clean and clear. It should be working and not broken.

 This will welcome positive opportunities for you and the company. Good feng shui is also noted when it is easy for people to find you. If people can easily find you, so will new opportunities and good luck. These are all also applicable to reception areas to your office.

The next two things that you need to focus on are activating the relationship and wealth corner in the office. To find the area that is connected to one’s wealth and prosperity, imagine the entire space as a 3x3 grid. The far left corner is the wealth corner. 

Usually, for accuracy, feng shui masters use a Bagua to assess and find the energy in a particular space. A Bagua is eight symbols used in Taoist cosmology which represent a range of eight interrelated concepts as fundamental principles of reality. One of the eight is wealth and abundance. This is an essential area for a company.

It is related to affluence, prosperity, and all kinds of abundance including self-worth. To activate your wealth corner, you need to set an intention of what kind of abundance you would like to attract to this area or your company. After that, add a wood element, a living green plant on this part of your space.

The relationship corner can be found in the same way as the wealth corner, only this time it is on the far right corner of your space. The same applies to your desk. When we think of a relationship, we immediately think of romantic connections. But this also includes other types of interpersonal relationships, for example, friendships, business partnerships, clients, colleagues, and others. 

The relationship corner of your space is related to the color pink and earth elements. That said, if you need to activate this area, you need to place something in that area with that color and a thing that represents the aforementioned element. Examples of this are crystals, Himalayan salt lamps, stone sculptures. You can place it on the relationship corner of your desk if you would like to.

Your desk chair is the commanding position of your office and it represents your whole career and job growth. The wider it is, the wider the window of opportunity that will be available to you. In the placement of your desk to your office, it should be where you can fully see the entryway or door to your office without being directly in front of it.

For CEOs or similar, the commanding position should either be in the wealth or relationship corner. This would allow for a holistic view of opportunities for growth and development. Plants are also a great addition to the office as it is a wood element. It represents new beginnings, vitality, and growth. However, when placing plants it should be a real one and not the plastic one.

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