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Effective Ways to Unwind while You are on Break at Work

30 June 2021

You can use your regular lunch break to ease the stress from your job, even if you have a healthy office environment. Minor adjustments to your mental health can assist you in dealing with difficult situations. 

Finding the correct relaxation techniques, on the other hand, is crucial in dealing with stress. Here are some suggestions for improving your lunchtime routine.


As a stress-relieving approach, mindfulness is gaining popularity. You become more aware of your environment, subconscious thoughts, and sensations while meditating. 

This allows you to make better decisions, and the more mindfulness you practice, the better you will be at dealing with difficult situations. 

To meditate and redirect your attention, choose a quiet spot, and employ one of the many mindfulness techniques available online.

Take a Prolonged Nap

As a busy professional, you have a lot of things going on and you get to only have a few hours of sleep, and napping on your break might do wonders for you. 

Good thing, napping at work is no longer frowned upon. It has been shown in studies to improve attentiveness and performance.

However, you should make it a habit to snooze for only 20 or 30 minutes during your break, as sleeping longer lowers the benefits. This may be easier if you work from home, but you may develop this practice even if you work in an office. 

These suggestions can help you make the most of the art of the power nap for lowering work stress:

  • If you have to go to work, take a nap in your car. It is simpler to nod off when you have a distinct location from your office or work setting to take a power nap.
  • Activate the silent mode on your phone.
  • If you do not have the luxury of a private office or a car to flee to, you can turn to white noise. This will help you block out the rest of the world, making it simpler to catch some valuable nap minutes.

Music is a Mood-Enhancing Energy Booster

Listening to your favorite tunes can influence a better work attitude. It is also a great way to improve your mood and relieve tension. On your lunch break, listen to your favorite music to energize your body while de-stressing your mind. 

Music is a low-key approach to include stress alleviation into your workday.

Music has a way of swaying us to feel one way or another. Fast-paced music might help you feel energized and motivated. 

While listening to slow music can help you relax and prepare for the second part of the workday, it can also help you settle down.

According to studies, some tunes help listeners relax more effectively. So, make a playlist of relaxing and calming music and use your lunch break to concentrate your mind and relieve stress with music.

Reinvigorate Your Mind Through Reading

On your break, try to pick up a good book and read it. Fiction books provide a fantastic world into which you may escape for an hour or so, but nonfiction is also an excellent option. 

The most important thing is that you are cool, composed, and intent on unwinding during your "me time."

You do not have to read the entire book to feel emotionally recharged; perhaps 20 minutes of the novel would suffice. 

During your lunch break, reading a book keeps you emotionally and cognitively occupied with something that has no bearing on your life. This lifts your spirits and re-energizes you for the rest of the day.

Go for a Walk

Going for a walk is a fantastic way to unwind. If your business has a garden or a park nearby, that would be an ideal location for a stroll. You might perhaps go for a stroll instead of driving to a restaurant for lunch. 

A 25-minute stroll can help you feel better, burn calories, and stay healthy. Plan your route to determine how far you will be walking and how long it will take you to go back to work and bring some comfy shoes if possible.

Get the Blood Flowing and Pumping

One thing you can do is by fitting some exercise into your schedule. You can still relieve tension by exercising at your desk, even if you cannot do a full yoga routine during your lunch hour. 

You can even complete a workout using only your desk and chair. Stretching helps to relieve neck and shoulder stiffness, reduce tension, and enhance blood circulation, all of which are beneficial to your mental and physical health.

Build a Personal Connection with Your Coworkers

You interact with your coworkers daily, and you spend more time with them than with your friends and family. However, this should not limit your style. By getting to know your coworkers better, you can change this "forced" connection into a genuine one.

Learning more about your coworkers' personal lives can help you unwind at lunch. 

Finding out what your coworkers are interested in, what concerts they have gone to, or where they went trekking last weekend can inspire interesting conversations and provide a mental break throughout the workday. This will lift your spirits and re-energize you for the rest of the afternoon.


Other than getting comfortable at the office and knowing how to properly utilize your lunch break sessions, you should get yourself a few ergonomic equipment and accessories to further amplify and enhance your work experience. You can start browsing for ergonomic products on flexispot.com.

You must strike the perfect balance during your workday after creating an ergonomic and healthful work environment. 

Using your lunch break to alleviate stress might help you become healthier, more productive, and satisfied with your career. 

You may create healthy, soothing habits that will help you reduce your stress levels in the shortest amount of time by following what we have shared with you in this article.