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Finding Ways to Succeed

05 July 2021

Every one of us wants to be successful in a way or many other ways. Although the term “successful” could be relative, everyone wants to be on the summit of success. No one wants to be left behind. For some people, success implies not only monetary or financial success. It may also come from achieving happiness in life sans money. Yes, I think anyone could be called successful if your family is intact and with you all the time more moral support and otherwise.

Successful people in different industries have told their experiences and ups and down to enable them to reach the pinnacle of success. Most of them were successful financially and therefore have financial freedom. 

For some, achieving happiness is also a kind of success.

Happiness is also relative for we are happy in small or big things depending on how we define happiness. For example, happiness and success may mean having a good husband, wife, or partner who is always with you through thick and thin. 

You are happy when someone loves you and being together for a long time could also be called a success in life. Being alone and sick in bed could result in unhappiness. If you’re sick and someone is taking care of you, not necessarily one of your family members, though, it could foster happiness and could eventually end a successful relationship.

Success may also mean holding the highest position in an organization.

Although they say “it’s lonely at the top," being in a high position implies financial freedom, power, and authority. There are people who want to always be the “boss” and to be controlling the “reins.” When they are, it means success for them.

Parenting could also be a success for those whose children are disciplined, with good behavior and character, especially when they are performing well at school.

For some parents, it is a success when their children grow up to be good individuals no matter what their careers might be.

There are other ways that we can achieve success by taking note of some things such as those I will share with you. I wrote them as I was watching a TV show where If I remember right was discussed on that TV show. Below are some of them that could be food for thought for success however you may define it:

  • Don’t sweat the small stuff (don’t worry about little things) - some people are great worriers including me. I worry about many things, even small things such as worries about the taste of the dish I will cook. I worry that my family would not like it or I worry about not being able to finish my work on time, etc. Worrying is the most awful thing that you could do in your life. It may also cause stress and anxiety that could affect you physically and mentally.
  • Learn to live in the present moment - some of us still think about the past. Come on. Move on. You’re just wasting your time thinking about your past experiences and guilt. Be mindful of the present because what you do in the present could impact your life in the future. Think of the NOW. and not of the PAST.
  • Become more patient - When you’re in a long queue, do not fret or be impatient. Time will come for your turn. You just have to wait and everything will be all right. Traffic jams are unavoidable, so do not be upset when you’re almost late for your appointment. You should have anticipated it and should have gone earlier to avoid those problems in commuting.
  • Be happy where you are. Some people think that they are not in the right place. Everything has a purpose and you will know it in due time. When you always complain about your life or where you are, that would only affect your emotion and maybe your mental health. Try to think of ways to change the things around you by having that resolve to make a better life and a better place for you.
  • Stop blaming others. Where you are and whatever your situation is, is the product of your own thinking and actions. You cannot blame others if you cannot find the right job for yourself. There must be something that you can do with your skill or your personality to be able to achieve your dream job. Your parents or those close to you should not be blamed for what they have done so far. It is only you that could alter or change your situation.
  • Become an early riser - some of us cannot wake up early because we engaged ourselves in some activities that made us sleep late. Try to change your biological clock so you could be an early riser. In the morning, you can feel refreshed seeing the sun rising early and you could do some exercises outdoors and have more time in the afternoon for other tasks and activities. You have to catch the blessings that God showers on us in the early morning.
  • Realize the power of your thoughts - This is what you call “mind over matter.” When you have thought of some positive plans for the future, go for them. Plan ahead and make it into a reality for the better you.

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