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Fitness Equipment for Health Care Providers

12 August 2021

The Hurdles Along the Way

As the world continues to overcome the challenges caused by the global pandemic, our health care providers are facing many battles too in their everyday lives in the hospital. Our healthcare providers experience inundating stress and fatigue. 

As they try to save someone's life, it is devastating to lose their patients because of the virus. As the global pandemic continues to mutate in different variants and kill many people around the world, our healthcare providers start to face hurdles that could test them to the verge of throwing in the towel yet despite these things, they continue to fight and provide the utmost care every patient needs. Thus, they deserve to be protected against occupational hazards. 

Occupational Hazards Healthcare Providers Experience

If we watch most video clips from hospitals where there is a surge of Covid19 patients, we would see how the healthcare providers get exposed to the virus and how they experience a lot of hardships-from providing nursing care in dreadful situations such as the one seen in a Covid19 ward. They are exposed to a great threat. These things could also make them experience other occupational hazards such as ergonomic problems. These ergonomic problems are: 

  • body pain such as neck soreness, shoulder and arm pain, knee pain, and lumbar pain 
  • musculoskeletal problems 
  • spine-related injuries 

These ergonomic problems truly expose them to the threat of acquiring the virus. This is because if they continue experiencing these ergonomic problems, they would have a lower immune system and make them vulnerable. Once they become vulnerable, they have a higher chance of acquiring the virus. 

Nipping Things in the Bud

As our healthcare providers continue to battle against the threat of Covid19, they must be well-protected and they must also be given the utmost care that they need. Through the ergonomic interventions that hospital administrations could provide. These ergonomic interventions could help them surpass the ergonomic problems that they may encounter along the way. Interventions that could keep them away from the ergonomic injuries or pain that could weaken their immune system and could make them vulnerable against Covid19. So, the following things are the ergonomic interventions that may be done to protect the healthcare providers as they fulfill their duties. 

Healthcare providers should use pieces of ergonomic equipment such as the standing desk, ergonomic chair, and ergonomic office organizers. These could ensure that they would be able to avoid getting the usual strain caused by improper posture and motion. Although using these pieces of ergonomic equipment is recommendable because of the precision in the design and measurements, the best way to protect the healthcare providers is to let them have a fitness routine despite the pressure in schedule and stress that they experience during their duties in the hospital. Helping them have the chance to stay in pink and work out is healthy aside from letting them use the pieces of ergonomic equipment such as the stand-up desk, sit-stand desks, and ergonomic chairs. If they could keep a very active lifestyle despite the tight schedule, they would be able to maintain a strong immune system no matter how stressful it would get in the hospital. 

When we talk of keeping an active lifestyle, healthcare providers could try the ergonomic fitness equipment-all these are found at Flexispot. Flexispot has been known as the provider of the best ergonomic solutions in the market. It has been providing people with the best standing desks and ergonomic chairs. As a result, more clients trust the company in providing the market with cutting-edge products. The same goes with their fitness equipment like the Desk Bike V9U and Exercise Machine VB1. This fitness equipment could ensure that one could develop core strength, strengthen muscle power, lose weight, and boost immunity. 

A Closer Look at the Exercise Machine VB1 and Desk Bike V9U

Flexispot creates the top-of-notch pieces of ergo equipment that are unique and very beneficial hence it has created the Exercise Machine VB1 and the Desk Bike V9U. Once you try the Exercise Machine VB1, you may experience the whole body experience which is advisable if you would want an intense workout. Using this machine could help you strengthen your core and increase blood circulation. This could energize you more and could increase your metabolism. On the other hand, this machine may not be that recommendable if your blood sugar tends to shoot up during an intense workout. In that case, you don't need to worry at all because there's the Desk Bike V9U. A stationary bike could help you cycle at a steady and slow pace which is good if you have high blood sugar because it would not make it shoot up during the workout. Another amazing thing about the Desk Bike V9U is it has an 8-level resistance that helps you with moderate speed when cycling. Sitting on the desk bike is safe as well because the cushion can provide sturdiness and durability. It also has an incredible lifting mechanism that could help you adjust the height level of the seating area with ease. Lastly, Desk Bike V9U is easy to store because of the rolling casters and the size of this fitness equipment. Hence, keeping it at the station or office is not difficult because you can simply move it by rolling. 

So, whatever your choice between the two pieces of equipment mentioned above, they could be both very beneficial because as part of the product selection from Flexispot, these pieces of equipment could ensure that the ergonomic protection you deserve as a health care provider is ensured. From the design to the specs of these pieces, you can ensure that you could be able to boost your immune system and strengthen the core that you need as you continue providing the people the best healthcare for them. 

Final Thoughts

The global pandemic may continue affecting lives for a long while. Healthcare providers will continue fighting this pandemic to save others, and so they will face a greater risk than others. With the best ergonomic intervention, their health and safety could be ensured as they care for their patients and help them fight this battle against Covid-19.