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5 Ways to Motivate Employees at Home

28 July 2021

Working at home will be a mainstay in contemporary corporate settings. However, the COVID-19 crisis elevated it to the point of focus. The most effective strategy to ensure that everyone feels most comfortable is through virtual work. What virtually working means for businesses is to implement various employee-focused initiatives.

Consequently, businesses could have every single or a fraction of the entire personnel work at home. While working from home may fit various professionals, many still struggle to lead a healthy lifestyle while performing their workplace tasks away from the office. 

Health and innovation, it appears, are inextricably linked. If employees are physically and psychologically fit, they are motivated to accomplish given obligations. Thus, any organization can generate efficiency by motivating employees to keep active and compassionate of their other colleagues and supervisors.

Consider the following viable methods for motivating staff to be efficient and productive wherever they are working:

Conduct practical online group sessions

Inside the industry, distant employment imposes one-person solitary environments. It means that most employees are spending a significant amount of time solo, withdrawn from public engagements with co-workers.

While some employees enjoy working independently, a sizable proportion desire a professional setting at their residence.

To address this socialization deficit, the organization could incorporate online group projects into the faraway workers.

Furthermore, group chats enable staff to establish contact no matter where they are. Additionally, you can organize online brain teasers by grouping the players. Ultimately, maintain engagement among all virtual employees to increase efficiency.

Foster selfless acts as a daily habit

Telecommuters with family members frequently divert their time off from their tasks through chatting with family. However, what transpires in the homes of isolated adults? How would individuals deal with their seclusion? As per assessments, virtual personnel exhibit a sharper decline in ingenuity, particularly while entirely secluded.

This decline in productivity is a result of the individual's virtual isolation from the community. Considering this, the corporation or your small-but-growing business must embrace a more receptive attitude toward reviews and negative comments.

On a weekly basis, fully commit all staff to convey their gratitude and exchange heartfelt encouragements. Moreover, you may implement a nonprofit endeavor to get your staff involved during a specific action plan. This way, you can reintroduce camaraderie to the distant worker.

Cultivate interpersonal relationships among your employees

While conventional office spaces promote direct and continuous interactions, conversations are frequently limited to different divisions. The majority of staff in big enterprises are estranged from their workmates in other departments. This reduces the interaction inside the institution.

On the other hand, virtual employee engagement has enabled more employees to bond on a friendly level. For instance, digital platforms alleviate the social phobia that is frequently connected with in-person conversations.

Likewise, such platforms facilitate collaboration all across the spectrum. With a healthy partnership in mind, companies must promote frequent spontaneous chats and casual engagements to maintain a positive workplace environment.

Establish an ongoing dialogue

Interaction amongst workers remotely at home might prove to be tricky. Consequently, a business must implement a standardized timetable to guarantee that each person is available whenever required. By implementing this approach, the corporation's interactions are standardized.

While services such as Skype and Discord can handle individual and inter-organizational exchanges, they frequently lack a genuine touch. The business can overcome this by incorporating alternative networking sites to develop camaraderie. But here is an enjoyable suggestion: the organization can host online networking events to highlight workplace narratives or multimedia material created by the virtual staff.

Motivate remote employees to work out at home

Wellness across all levels is critical for productivity and creativity improvements.

Anyone can keep their physical and mental health optimal for peak efficiency by participating in any fitness endeavor. As a result, each organization must motivate its employees to engage in digital fitness training and maintain a healthy lifestyle in their households.

Supercharge the workforce by incorporating socialization and health opportunities. For instance, decision-makers could provide complimentary Pilates memberships to any employee who could perform the most lunges in a specific amount of time.

It's a terrific approach to perk up an employee's WFH atmosphere as a whole. Similarly, you should arrange several sessions throughout the week for corporate exercises and provide incentives to attendees. 

If corporate workout sessions are not doable, consider gifting your hardworking virtual employees with an ergonomic standing desk and office chair from FlexiSpot. The Kana Bamboo Standing Desk is what every remote worker needs. Your employees will liven up their working spaces with its sleek and welcoming bamboo desk. On the other hand, the Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair doubles as their own personal fitness equipment while they accomplish each of their tasks at home. Its airy mesh backrest guarantees a relaxed working atmosphere whilst providing fitness and security.


Telecommuting will continue to be the norm while there is still the threat of the virus.

In conclusion, businesses are advised to create innovative opportunities to engage their employees and to inspire workers to start exercising while working from home. No matter the reputation of a company, one must prioritize interpersonal communication, including its personnel.

This method enables them to experience a sense of togetherness. Additionally, it would be ideal if you encouraged them to participate in their environment via intrinsic motivation. Incorporate psychological wellness and overall conditioning into your message to highlight the necessity of increasing efficiency. Concentrate on group projects that will drive coworkers together. Additionally, utilize network connections to ensure that every idea is communicated well.

Supervisors must also congratulate exceptional distant achievers. Utilize incentives and benefits packages to motivate the employees to increase overall efficiency. Finally, make sure to take the time to talk to your team and coworkers to see how they're adjusting to virtual working.