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Flexilab Testing Program: Sign up for free products!

31 March 2021

Flexispot is a global brand known for its high-quality products that are used in domestic and commercial spaces. The technology and ingenuity that goes into crafting the products cannot be found anywhere else. This has contributed to the growing reputation of the brand into a favorite of clients who have had the opportunity to use these products.

To better enhance the experience, Flexispot has started a program called Flexilab Testing Program for their clients. We are going to explore what this program entails, how it works, the benefits it brings to Flexispot as a company as well as the benefits that clients get from taking part in it. If you have been a loyal Flexispot customer, then this is for you.

What is the Flexilab Testing Program?

Testing products is at the core of every company, it is what helps determine how efficient a product will be. Flexilab Testing Program involves clients participating in testing some of the flagship products from Flexispot before their rollout. These product samples are sent to the willing participants for free, and they take their time testing them in a number of ways. They are then encouraged to share their feedback online through their blogs, social media pages, and any other platform that they have access to.

This could come in the form of writing, a podcast, a video, or any other media that the participant is most comfortable with, the one which gives them the largest reach. The feedback that stands out is then incorporated into the design of the product to enhance functionality and other important aspects of it.

How It Works

The Flexilab Testing Program starts through a series of invitations that are sent out to potential participants. Anyone who are interested in our products can be our participants. The slots are limited which means not just anyone who applies as a participant gets in.

Who Qualifies for the Program?

The program, being a form of advertisement for the company too, requires participants to have some of the following qualities.

  • Be able to express themselves clearly in a way that will help others understand how the product in question works.
  • Should have a platform through which they can post the feedback once they are ready. This could be a blog, a social media account, or anything that can be broadcast to other people.
  • A sizable following to increase the reach of the review to inspire more people to also want to try out the product themselves.
  • A good understanding of how Flexispot products work and how they are different from other models. This can only be possible if they have ever used other products before.
  • They should have the time and the resources that allow them to properly use the product fully to be able to give genuine feedback—people with jobs that require prolonged sitting are best suited for this.
  • People who have had back problems due to using the wrong types of chairs and desks for their work.
  • Applicants who have participated in previous testing programs and have a better idea of what they need to do and how to go about the entire process.

Participants who check off some of these requirements are then invited to send in their applications. To increase their chances of being selected, participants are encouraged to state all the requirements that they have fulfilled to give a better idea of how well they fit into the program.

The Delivery and Service.

Once the right participants are selected, an email is sent to each of them with an exclusive full-price voucher of the sample product attached. This voucher comes with a code that eliminates the charges for the product on checkout, making the item free. Once all that is done, arrangements are made for the item to be delivered straight to the participant's address based on the information provided.

Flexispot then assigns a VIP service assistant for each participant. This VIP service assistant handles all the questions and concerns that the participant may have during the entire period that they will be testing out the product. Some of the problems that are likely to be raised include product failures, advice, registering complaints, or simply to satisfy their curiosity about another issue. Emails describing the product are sent out, and the engineers go over it and provide a solution or advice within three working days.

The Review

The most important part of this whole exercise is the review. There are rules that each elected participant is given. They are given 14 days from the day of receiving the product to test and provide a detailed review using any of their preferred medium. Flexispot provides the link that they can use to upload the material they make. Each review has to be accompanied by the hashtag #flexilabtesting on every social media post to increase the reach and create a buzz.

Participants are then made aware that Flexispot reserves the right to edit and post the review. No modifications will be done on any of the sentences, and every post will have the participant’s name as the byline.

Participants are cautioned against late submissions. Getting a slot over others is a big deal, and anyone who fails to submit their review within the stipulated timeline risks being permanently banned from taking part in any future testing programs. However, no other part of their interactions with Flexispot, like their purchases from the website, will be affected.

Why Flexispot Launched This Program

Flexispot products are not created at random to satisfy a whim; they are made with a purpose, which is why the brand has been able to stay at the top of its game for many years now. The purpose of the Flexilab Testing Program is wide-ranging. The reasons behind it include the following.

  • Create a Buzz: Launching a product is a big affair, and it should be done in the right way to ensure that it hits the road running once introduced into the market. This program is the fastest way to create a sustained buzz for a product in the mind of the consumers, making them look forward to its launch.
  • To Educate: The program gives people an insight into how a particular product is operated—seeing it live on a video or a detailed description of it on a blog provides a consumer with a good idea of what to expect. This eliminates the complications that people experience when dealing with a flagship product that has never been seen before.
  • To Spread the Word: The program helps Flexispot spread the word about the product to a wider audience that includes people who may have never heard of the company. Social media reach is huge, and one person can be responsible for introducing a brand to thousands. This way, the company spends less on advertising.
  • To Reward Loyal Customers: Most of the people that get selected for the program are usually consumers who have multiple purchases before. By giving them a free product to try for 14 days, they get exclusive rights to use a flagship product before anyone else, and this is a reward that anyone would be happy to have.
  • To Gauge the Market: The best way to know how a product would perform is to do a test run, and that’s exactly what the Flexilab Testing Program is for. Depending on the feedback from the participants and engagements that the reviews will generate, Flexispot is able to get a good idea of how the product will perform once it launches.
  • To Make Improvements: Nothing beats a good and honest review of a product from someone who understands a product well. The feedback from the participants is valuable data. Engineers are able to take note of the mistakes and defects they may have missed and any other surprise that may have popped up. This ensures that a better product is launched when the time finally comes.

Benefits to the Consumer

The program is not without some good benefits to the consumer. Aside from the lucky ones that get the chance to use high-quality products for free, there are some advantages that the Flexilab Testing Program brings to the table; they include the following.

  • Product Knowledge: The customers are able to get exclusive insight into how the product works with all the full details and an honest review. This helps them decide whether going for the product is worth their time and dime.
  • Honest Review: By allowing people to test a product and giving their honest reviews, the customer gets an honest description of the product without any embellishments or exaggerations. This patient has a clear picture of what they will be getting, and this level of honesty is good for customer relations.
  • Helps them Plan: A product review doesn’t just describe the strengths and the weakness of a product, but it gives an insight into the day of the launch besides providing other important information. This can help the customer plan their finances around the launch day to be able to get the product before they run out.

The Ongoing Flexilab Testing Program

Flexispot is gearing up to invite participants to take part in the next testing program involving the Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair. So far, there are about 65 applications that have been sent. This will be whittled down to 10, and the chair will be sent afterward.

Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair

Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair

Source: Flexispot

To better understand what you will be signing up for, It is important that we have a quick look at the product that will be used for the next testing program. This is a unique chair that combines the convenience of having a working chair and a fitness chair in one. You could be working in your home office or the common office space and get the chance to sneak in a quick workout during your short breaks.

It comes with high-tech pedals that are just within reach of the legs, acting as support for the feet when you are working. The Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair is redefining how people view work and exercise; combining these two brings some fun and excitement that is usually lacking where work and exercise are concerned. The chair has the following features that make it stand out from any other brand in the market.

It is comfortable: This is a proper chair that you can use for your everyday work around the home office. It is comfortable, with soft padding and a backrest that hugs the spine snugly. It is the perfect alternative for your regular office chair.

Breathable mesh: You don’t have to worry about standing up with a sweaty back. The breathable mesh allows the free flow of air that keeps the body cool at all times, stopping the accumulation of sweat down your back.

Height adjustable seat: The seat is adjustable to any height you want, meaning it can be used by anyone, no matter how tall or short they may be. The adjustments can be made quickly through a simple one-touch lever.

Quiet operation: If you do choose to switch to training in bike mode, you don’t have to worry about creating distractions with pedaling noise. The chair is as silent as the grave; you can pedal away however you like, and no one will even look your way.

Movable: The seat comes with wheels for easy movements. You can transfer it to another location anytime you want without breaking your back; you simply push it like a trolley, and you are set.


Getting selected for the Flexible Testing Program will provide you an unforgettable experience. It is not every day that someone hands you a $250 high-tech chair for free. For those interested in taking part in this, you can send in your application from the Flexispot website. The competition for the slots may be high, but that should not dampen your spirits if you have what it takes; there's very little that will stand in your way.