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FlexiSpot Brand Day is Coming

17 May 2021

FlexiSpot’s brand day is vastly approaching. We want to thank all of our amazing customers for their contribution to FlexiSpot and show our vision to more people. We hope to continue to spread the word on the great things ergonomic office items can do for us all.


For those that are newer to FlexiSpot, we started our company in 2015. We started this company because we believe there is a healthier way to work. We’re passionate about changing the conventional workspace into a much more active environment that will support wellness and productivity.


FlexiSpot’s commitment is to overall wellness at your work and the drive of designing every sit-stand workstations, height adjustable desks, exercise bikes and every ergonomic monitor mount we make to be perfect for you.


Every day at FlexiSpot, we are imagining, designing and bring to life the best ergonomic solutions that help lead people to a healthier and more productive lifestyle while they work. Our creative and innovative research and development team are made of forward-thinking engineers who are using the latest technology to turn their ideas into something you can use today. Their designs are already helping us make viable products that are making productivity healthier in the office and home offices of our customers.


At FlexiSpot, our well thought out designed workspace products keep you active, energized, and productive so you feel best while you work. Our ergonomic products are proven to help you do your best on the job.

Because we design, manufacture, and sell directly to our amazing customers just like you, we're able to offer high-quality, affordable ergonomic standing desk equipment and accessories that can be customized to fit the configuration of your office or even make your home office more efficient.

As we've done for numerous businesses, from small startups with a handful of employees to Fortune 100 companies with thousands of workers, we provide the best of products fore everyone. We would love to help you reimagine your workstations so they support you with better health and much more vitality of both your employees and your businesses. FlexiSpot feels great work starts with a great workstation. Let FlexiSpot be your partner in building yours today.

Because of the many great years we have had because of customers like all of you, we are able to continue to bring amazing deals. This is one of the biggest reasons why we are rolling out our brand day!

This year our brand day has been chalked up with such amazing deals and activities to help you enjoy FlexiSpot’s appreciation for our fantastic customers. FlexiSpot brand day activities will start on May 24th – May 30th. Our brand day deals and activities include:

Site Wide Discount Deals:

  • 15% off——Save 15% off on selected items. Discounts apply to the purchase price (excluding taxes)
  • Clearance—— To spear the warehouse space, clearance items are all at the largest discounts and while supplies last.
  • New on sale —— New arrival items are rarely at a discount. Now some of them are on sale only for a limited time. Up to 10% off.
  • These discounts are valid from 00:00 AM PST May 24 until 23.59 PM PST May 30.

The Lucky-Charm Package:

  • Win a huge FlexiSpot prize on Social Media. Be sure to follow our page on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
  • Be on the look out for our FlexiSpot brand day post and make sure to like the post.
  • After that, you will want to make sure you tag up to 3 friends in comments of that post.
  • By doing so, you will get a chance to win our mystery huge prize. We are very excited to provide this to our current and future customers.
  • There will be one First Prize winner, two Second Prizes winners, and a total of six Third Prize winners. The prizes are worth $200 to $2000! Be sure not to miss out on this contest. We look forward to all the fun of our FlexiSpot contest.

StandForLove Photo Gallery:

  • Share your daily life or work shot with us while combining a bit of fun in your photos.
  • Once your shot is approved by FlexiSpot, they will be displayed on our photo wall online.
  • We will then choose some interesting and fun photos that everyone has provided to us and the grand prize winner will receive one of our newest standing desks for free. So exciting!!


There are also many more exciting activities coming to our FlexiSpot customers soon. We are very much looking forward to all the fun you will have celebrating with us.

This year, our brand day slogan is #StandForLove. We have created this as our FlexiSpot slogan for this year as a way to show that using ergonomic office items and standing instead of sitting will provide you many years to spend with your family. We want to help our customers take the first step towards being healthier and happier. By helping our customers be healthier both mentally and physically with the benefits of ergonomics, we are giving our customers the opportunity to love your friends, family as well as help provide support to the important people in your lives.

The biggest thing about ergonomics and why we want to provide it to our FlexiSpot customers is the amazing benefits ergonomics have provided to people over the years. Our design team has built these products to be beneficial as soon as you use them. We have found that people who have used our ergonomic products start to see benefits right away. We have found that our customers who use our ergonomic standing desks or even our ergonomic desk bikes are so happy with the benefits to their physical and mental health that they are living much happier lives and telling everyone why they need to give FlexiSpot a chance. As our customers stand for love of our products, we stand for love of our customers being so dedicated to us.

We have had so much great feedback from our FlexiSpot customers over the years all over the world. We have had great global reviews from so many amazing people over the years proving that we are more than just an ergonomic stand desks. Reviews have been provided to us online and YouTube from customers from the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Japan, and the United States. Because of our fantastic FlexiSpot customers, we have sold over 1 million standing desks in 2020 as we continue to impress our customers with over 95% of positive reviews.

All of these amazing things have greatly warmed our hearts and motivate us to keep working towards a fully ergonomic workplace of tomorrow, today. We will continue to provide the best in ergonomics and continue to improve on our well designed products to always make sure that we are ahead of the game for ergonomic office products.

Our goal is to put ergonomic office desks, ergonomic standing desks, ergonomic office chairs, ergonomic desk bikes, and any ergonomic office item into your business’s office workspace or at home office workspace everywhere. We hope that ergonomic office items will become the new norm and that you will continue to let us be a part of your lives to provide a healthier happier tomorrow.

We appreciate you continue to stand with us and look forward to helping you continue to stand up with all of our amazing customers from the span of time. We appreciate you all standing with love with our products and are excited to keep doing what we do best for you. Be sure to check out our website at www.FlexiSpot.com and don’t forget to show us how you are standing for love with our ergonomic products on Instagram and other social media spaces using the hashtag #StandWithLove.