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FlexiSpot E5 vs. IKEA Standing Desk, a Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Perfect Affordable and Small White Desk.

04 April 2023

Standing desks are becoming popular in the work environment, home, or formal office. There are several standing desks on the market today. Most of them have similar features that offer comfort to their users, but others come with additional features that make them stand out. In this article, we will compare the Flexispot E5 and IKEA BEKANT so you can settle for the one with better features that suits your needs.

For the past years, Flexispot has been taking the world by storm with its products. One solid entry is the Flexispot E5 desk, with notable features like a digital handset that lets users fix height settings. If you want to upgrade your workspace, this white desk is what you need. On the other hand, IKEA has gone from strength to strength in the past decade, and one of its best-known desks is IKEA BEKANT. This standing white desk offers a combination of attractive styling and ergonomic usability.


Here is what you get when you choose the Flexispot brand:


Customer satisfaction is what we value. For this reason, the E5 desk comes with a ten-year warranty covering quality and material defects in your new standing desk. The product also has the following certifications; BIFMA, FCC, and UL.


The E5 height adjustable desk has a 4.8 rating with up to 3,704 reviews on the website. One most recent five-star review from a satisfied buyer says;

"I absolutely adore my new desk. I've been trying to make do without one for years. I tried the standing desk converter but found although I could stand, I sacrificed desk space. I'm so glad I waited, though, and got a Flexidesk…"


Flexispot ships this cheap white desk to the 48 lower states in the United States for free through FedEx. Shipping usually takes 2 to 4 days, and the desk arrives in two big boxes. One box will contain electrical components and the desk frame, while the other will have the desktop. Due to its size and weight, we recommend two people to move the boxes.

So, what's the difference between the two white standing desks?

Loading capacity, speed, and operation.

If you have heavy equipment for your workstation, consider the weight capacity of your desk. Flexispot E5 can hold up to 287 lbs, allowing you to hold all your desktop equipment. This is not bad considering its price. The IKEA Bekant, on the other hand, can only hold a weight capacity of up to 154 lbs which won't be good if you have heavier equipment but might be better for smaller workstations.

As for the speed, while adjusting your desk, the Flexispot E5 is quicker and moves up and down effortlessly with a button press. Its speed adjustment comes in at about 1.38 inches per second. On the other hand, the IKEA white desk has a speed adjustment of 1.25 inches per second.

The E5 also has a smooth operation. It is quiet while moving, so you don't have to worry about disturbing your co-workers with noise. Its sound output when lowering and raising your desk is about 50 decibels.


Pricing is a significant deciding factor for so many of you. This Flexispot desk costs $349.99, while its frame costs $279.99. The IKEA white desk is available for $629.00, while its frame is $490.00. Here is the best part: the delivery cost is free when you get the E5 desk, but IKEA Bekant’s delivery cost starts from $29 and increases depending on your distance.


E5 desktop size measures 42" to 80" long and 24" to 31" wide. It is also height adjustable from 24.4" to 50". In short, this desk frame can handle large desktops if you want to upgrade your workspace. The IKEA desktop size measures 63" by 31 ½". Its height adjustment goes from 25 5/8" to 49 ¼". These fairly generous dimensions can hold your electronic equipment comfortably.


E5 has different desktop materials such as chipboard, solid wood, fireboard, bamboo, and solid wood texture. It also has ten different color options: black, white, mahogany, maple, marble grey, ebony, custom graphite, brown wood gray, and oak. It gives you the option of finding the best match for your workspace. When you order this white desk from the website, you get additional options of adding seat cushions, an anti-fatigue mat that is good for your legs and standing, CPU holders, and keyboard trays to make working extra comfortable. As for this IKEA white desk, its desktop material is particleboard. This material makes it look fancy, and its cardboard is thin and compressed.

The cheap white desk from Flexispot also has a frame in three colors; black, gray, and white, while IKEA's is black and white. The focus of this article, however, is the standing white desk and its features.


Many standing desks have adopted safety features that can protect your family and work from harm. It has been achieved by installing anti-collision features that stop your desk from moving once it hits an object. With anti-collision, you can be guaranteed that your children, desk, and property will be safe from destruction. E5 desk has utilized this feature. It stops moving once it encounters obstacles, keeping your property safe.

IKEA's small white desk doesn't contain this feature, but it has a cable management feature which is very useful in keeping your workstation clutter-free. One important thing to note is that keeping your cables organized is necessary if you want a functional and safe work environment.

Additional features of standing desk E5

Programmable height presets (M)

It has 3 height presets to help you reach your desired height easily. This feature makes it simple to shift your positions from standing, leaning, and seating, and it’s easy to program these three settings. You should first get the desk to your preferred height, press the "M" button, and press the button labeled 1. You should repeat the same process if you want different heights for your second and third programmable positions.

Sit-stand reminder

This feature allows you to set a time reminder from 0 to 99 minutes to switch your working postures. It is straightforward to use. You should press the button labeled "A" to activate the function. Next, press the up and down arrows to decrease or increase the number of minutes until you hear the alarm sound. The display will show you the countdown to tell you how much time you have spent in the same position. When your alarm goes off, any button can turn it off and then reactivate the countdown.

Overall, standing desk E5 is a suitable desk. The setup is straightforward, and the desktop is of solid construction and heavy-duty. Also, it shines regarding the height adjustment features, and the sit-stand reminder is perfect for people devoted to more movement.


With different features from Flexispot E5 and the IKEA Bekant small white desk, you can shift your standing and sitting positions and improve your health. You can see from this article that different standing desks have various benefits, but some have features that make them stand out from others. IKEA is a popular name, and its products offer equitable value, while Flexispot provides total value for your money with its irresistible features that give you maximum comfort. Check both websites for further reviews on these two products.

Now that all the factors have been checked, you should decide which height-adjustable desk better suits your need. Ensure you get one that gives you a sounder mind and body. If you have further questions about Flexispot products, reach out through the website and get the satisfaction you need.