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FlexiSpot E7 vs. FlexiSpot E7 Pro: Which Standing Desk Is Right for You?

25 June 2023

According to a recent study by the World Health Organization, low back pain is the world’s most common cause of disability. If you suffer from back pain or just want to stay more active, upgrading to a standing desk is a great idea.

Recently, FlexiSpot released its latest and most advanced standing desk, the E7 Pro. It follows in the footsteps of its popular predecessor, the E7 with top-of-the-line features like a programmable keypad, a noiseless dual-motor, and improved cable management and loading capacity.

In this guide, we’ll explore how the E7 Pro compares to the E7, including the performance improvements it comes with. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

Comparing Features: A Quick Breakdown

FlexiSpot E7 Adjustable Height Desk


Regarding the design of E7, here are a few things worth highlighting:

Cable Tray

FlexiSpot has integrated a removable cable tray that efficiently organizes and conceals your cables, keeping your workspace tidy and clutter-free.


To cater to different user preferences, we offer two frame options: the T-Frame and  C-Frame. All frames boast 3-stage legs, equipped with dual motors for smooth and precise height adjustments.

Height Adjustment

The E7 Pro Plus provides an impressive range, with a maximum height of 48.4 inches and a minimum height of 22.8 inches. This versatility ensures that individuals of varying heights can find their ideal ergonomic position.

Operation and Stability

The E7 works pretty smoothly thanks to the following features:

Adjustment Speed

It has an impressive adjustment speed of 1.5 inches per second. This enables you to quickly find the perfect height without interrupting your workflow.

Quiet Motors

With whisper-quiet dual motors, our desk operates at less than 50dB of sound, creating a peaceful environment for you and anyone else in the room.

Loading Capacity

Concerned about weight capacity or stability? Our desk's robust construction allows it to handle up to 355 lbs – more than enough even if you have multiple monitors and equipment to load on it.

Features and options

Two of E7’s most notable features are its keypad and the fact that you can customize your setup in many ways as we’ll find out shortly:


The E7 comes with a premium-looking keypad with seven responsive buttons, an LED display and a USB port to charge your devices while you work. A highlight here are the programmable memory presets that enable you to set custom heights - super handy especially if you plan on sharing the desk with someone else.


You can choose from a wide variety of stand up desk options based on your preference on aspects such as material, dimensions, shapes, and even color. For starters, the desktop comes in a range of materials, including chipboard, solid wood, fiberboard,  and eco-friendly bamboo. Within these material choices, you can select from different shapes including the standard rectangular or curved. Moreover, the color options are diverse, ranging from classic black and white to a variety of natural finishes.


Assembling the E7 standing desk from FlexiSpot is a fairly smooth process, although due to its weight, we highly recommend having someone to assist you.

The first step is to attach the standing desk frame to the desk surface – a pretty straightforward task that you can do alone. No power tools are needed here; a single screwdriver is sufficient to secure the screws. After completing assembly, flip the standing desk legs upright and plug it into a wall outlet.

Delivery and warranty

FlexiSpot offers free shipping to 48 states in the US for most products and you can expect to receive your adjustable height desk within 3-6 days after placing your order.

In addition, we proudly offer a 15-year warranty on all metal and mechanical parts, including motors and other electrical components.

FlexiSpot E7 Pro – Best Standing Desk 2023

We’ll now introduce the E7 Pro – FlexiSpot's latest standing desk that seeks to build upon the success of its predecessor, the E7. This upgraded version maintains a similar structural appearance but comes with several practical improvements as we’ll find out shortly.

Some of its standout features include a higher weight capacity to accommodate heavier equipment, improved cable management for a clutter-free workspace, an extended height adjustment range, and a reinforced frame for increased stability.

In the following sections, we'll take a closer look at these notable upgrades that make the E7 Pro an even better addition to your workspace.

Height Adjustment and Ergonomics

The first difference you will notice about the E7 Pro sit stand desk is that it's slightly taller than the E7. This is because it comes with an extended height adjustment range of up to 50.6". This feature is particularly good news for really tall users, as the original E7 was only designed to comfortably accommodate users as tall as 6 '4".


As we mentioned, the design of the E7 Pro remains largely unchanged from the E7, although a keen eye can spot a few subtle upgrades. Perhaps the most notable of them is the reinforced steel frame, which significantly enhances the stability and durability of the desk.

Additionally, the E7 Pro standing desk features a thoughtfully designed C-frame, with the desk legs structured backward to the frame to create bigger under-desk space for storage or legroom.

Operation and stability

Two of the E7 Pro's biggest improvements are on the operation and stability fronts.

Faster Adjustment Speed

For starters, the desk's adjustment speed is now at an impressive 1.57 inches per second. This upgrade, albeit marginal compared to the E7 model's 1.50 inches per second, results in a smoother and more efficient transition between sitting and standing positions.

Improved Loading Capacity

Moreover, the E7 Pro sit-stand desk exhibits remarkable stability, with the capability to support weights of up to 440 lbs. To put it into perspective, two adults can comfortably sit on the desk and it will function flawlessly, with some weight to spare.

Features and options

The E7 Pro retains all the handy features of the E7’s keypad, including the conveniently placed buttons, a well-lit LED display, and a handy charging port. What FlexiSpot improved upon is the storage capabilities.

Cable Management

Along with increasing the size of the cable tray, FlexiSpot also introduced a clever magnetic cover cloth that holds your cables more tightly for an even tidier workspace.

In addition, E7pro offers Free Self Gripping Tape and Cable Clips. With the inclusion of complimentary gifts and the addition of cable management trays and boards, staying organized will be easier for you.

Delivery and warranty

There are no surprises here as FlexiSpot maintains the same delivery and warranty terms of its higher-end products. Enjoy free delivery across the country and a 15-year warranty guarantee on all key components.

Final Verdict: FlexiSpot E7 vs. FlexiSpot E7 Pro – Which One Should You Buy?

Well, whichever sit and stand desk you pick here will make an excellent addition to your workspace. But if pressed to choose between the two, then the E7 Pro is the clear winner.

FlexiSpot has truly listened to customer feedback and made some impressive improvements to their latest tabletop standing desk model.

One of E7 Pro’s standout features is its enhanced weight capacity and sturdier construction. The thicker steel plate on its frame means you can confidently place multiple monitors, a desktop computer, and all your necessary accessories without worrying about exceeding its limits.

In addition, this standing desk for sale features an impressive in-built cable management system–a thoughtful addition that allows for seamless organization and ensures a clean and tidy environment for enhanced productivity.

While the E7 Pro does come at a slightly higher price point compared to the E7, the added value it brings to your workspace justifies the investment.

You can give your workspace the much-needed makeover today. Own your E70HD by placing an order right now – we’ll deliver it to you anywhere in the US within five days and at no extra cost.

Alternatively, feel free to explore the wide range of standing desks in our shop to find the perfect fit for your unique requirements.