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FlexiSpot launches smart bike trainer stand

06 November 2020

FlexiSpot launches the Smart Bike Trainer Stand BT01 to continue its commitment to making workstations healthier and more efficient.

Fitness and biking enthusiasts and athletes use a bike trainer stand for offseason and interval training. The mechanics are simple: Place your bike on the stand, and then clamp it securely before you pedal away.

Using a bike trainer stand will help you to continue scoring fitness gains even if you are stuck at home. Pedaling with a bike trainer stand is a better setup now that the number of COVID-19 cases is rising.

Benefits of training at home

As per CNN, the nationwide seven-day average of new daily cases is now about 86,363 -- more than double what it was on September 4, data from Johns Hopkins University show.

The rising numbers affirm experts' warnings that another surge is underway and will only get worse.

It is best to stay at home in the meantime. Besides the pandemic issue, here are more benefits of buying a bike trainer stand:

  • Since it is almost winter, it might be trickier to go around your usual route.
  • If you are also concerned about biking during traffic, rush-hour jams, or in low-light conditions, getting a bike stand is your best bet.

As such, training indoors is your ticket to staying active in a safe and controlled environment. Investing in a bike trainer stand is the way to go if you are thinking of doing heavy indoor training permanently.

Bike stand trainer features

What makes FlexiSpot’s bike stand features stand out? Here is a rundown of the features that make this bike stand a must-have:

  1. It has dual magnetic flywheels -- The bike stand has double magnetic wheels to provide a smooth and quiet riding experience anywhere. It can also give you a road-like experience. You won’t miss out on your outdoor adventures. Lastly, you can pedal to your heart’s content without worrying if you are making noises that annoy your housemates.
  2. It has a reinforced buckle -- Safety will always be a priority -- even if you train inside the house! This bike stand trainer comes with a reinforced buckle to secure your bike. The buckle provides safe and stable training, no matter how intense your cycling session is.
  3. It is portable and foldable -- Tired of working out in your home office? No problem! Just fold the stand and bring it to other parts of your home. If you have a garden, you might as well take advantage of the scenery while pedaling away.
  4. It is easy to set up -- The FlexiSpot smart bike trainer stand comes all assembled. All you have to do to complete the setup is to attach your bike. A minute or so is all it takes to finish this step. You will be impressed with how you can do so much in such a little time.
  5. It has top-notch design -- FlexiSpot prides itself on its research and design team. The brand puts in the effort to manufacture products with the best materials and features.

It is not surprising that this smart bike trainer stand has superior craftsmanship. FlexiSpot's smart bike trainer stand, which comes in black, is compatible with a bike with 24- to 29-inch wheels. It can support up to 330 lbs of weight.

A healthy spin to your home office

Reports say that incorporating movement throughout the day will help to reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure.

If you want to make your workstation healthier, you can add workout equipment or ergonomic furniture in your home office. For example, a height adjustable desk gives you the option to sit and stand the whole day.

And if you are still sitting on the fence about buying a desk bike, consider placing your bike stand trainer in your home office. It is a convenient way to add physical activities to your day.

Instead of doing the usual desk stretches, you can do cycle sessions to keep your body active. Another idea is to schedule online spinning classes after work so you can stay connected with your training buddies.

Take your pick

With a stationary bike stand, you have an opportunity to train whenever you want to. The FlexiSpot smart bike trainer stand will suit your training needs in all seasons.

It looks sleek, has a durable frame, and provides you with the right resistance so you can work on those muscles. Judge it for yourself. You will know the difference. The choice is yours to make! The important thing is that you get the physical activity that you need.