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Flexispot Pro-Series Desks

09 June 2021

Being a professional takes years of hard work and dedication to achieve such a feat. While it may take a long while to become one, you can still work on a desk that exudes professionalism and confidence.

With Flexispot, you can choose from the Pro-Series designs to help you on your way to becoming a professional. Here are three of the designs that you can have and what makes them a quality choice for you.


By listening to you, our qualified office designers and architects developed the SEIFFEN LAMINATED STANDING DESK (ECO & PRO) standing desk! This standing desk not only combines modern functions with a reasonable price, but it is also recognized for its standard of excellence and the magnitude of its functionality. Then you can sit down and work (or stand and work) for as little as $247 and not have to stress about back problems. 

That is not all because you will also have a stable desk frame that boasts three advanced functions for you to choose from according to your heart’s desire.

Eco is designed to combat sedentary behavior. The Eco framework can meet the needs of the vast majority of consumers. You can be comfortable knowing that the tabletop will never collapse under the pressure of your computer and other devices. It's a low-cost alternative that gives you a lot of bang for your buck.

The Pro 2-stage dual-motor lifting system provides a higher weight capability, more stability, and increased lifting speed. It's the best option for setting up larger, wide PCs or heavier equipment. Hardcore gamers and customers seeking higher quality and performance are advised to utilize this product.

With the Pro 3-stage, it is created to provide the best standing desk experience possible. It has a large height range that can be adjusted and a faster lifting speed. It's ideal for folks who need greater adaptability for their physiques, such as athletes and children. Furthermore, the frame is well-suited to a variety of applications, including live streaming, learning, and artworks.

“It's so simple to put together and it works great! Suitable for people of all heights! I have one in my downtown office that is extremely identical, and I still had to set it on blocks to make it the proper height when I stand. (and paid almost a thousand dollars extra for it!) I'm 5' 10" And have trouble finding a decent fit for a desk, whether I'm standing or seated. And this desk is incredible! As for the price?!?! This offer is unbeatable! This makes me so happy! I'm informing my employees that I've moved to an in-home office! Instructions are written in straightforward English and are simple to follow. When I want to stand, I take a step forward. I sit when I want to sit. The edema has vanished! There is no better price anywhere. I was about to buy a desktop riser when I came across this for only a few dollars more. It was well worth it. Highly recommended for anyone with health problems or healthy people who work at a desk and want to keep their health. It arrived swiftly and in excellent condition. The instructions were simple to follow, and it was much easier to put together than I had anticipated. It's of good quality, is strong, and has a lovely appearance. I enjoy being able to work while standing, and it has helped me to reduce hip and back pain significantly. - Katy S.

It's been about a week since I put it all together, and I've got to say, I'm really happy with my new desk. It's fantastic, and it's a lot bigger than my previous desk. There is plenty of legroom. Many films on YouTube complained about the wobbling while expanded, but I have to admit it isn't that awful. It's not enough to warrant a return or a complaint, but it's worth noting. The only thing I've considered is going for a larger size. I want more now that I've quadrupled my surface area.

But, once again, a fantastic product at a fantastic price.

Thank you very much!” - Alfredo A.


The upgraded lifting system and enhanced structure increase loading capacity and assure structural comfort even at the highest setting. Even with the entire weight capacity of 275 lbs, the powerful dual motors allow for a maximum lifting pace of 1.4"/s (EC4). Our desk frame is made of powder-coated steel tubing that withstands scratches and dirt. Even at the highest possible level, the dual-motor lifting mechanism and strengthened structure could guarantee optimum stability. Our sophisticated touchpad comprises three memory height settings and a customizable sit/stand alert feature, all powered by an energy-efficient LED display. You may easily change positions and receive helpful alerts when it's time to stand. With an all-natural finish and twice the suppleness and durability of regular wood. The carbonized process coats the tabletop in a water-resistant 2H lacquer, making it moisture-proof, insect-resistant, and scratch-resistant.

“My Flexispot electric standup desk has made a huge difference in my life. I can now sit for an hour and then stand for a few minutes. With the added capability of memory presets at particular heights, the display and controls are simple to use. The all-black table looks great in my living room, and it's the right size for my twin monitors.” - Grey H.

Go big or go home with the Standing Desk Pro Series-Extra Large Desktop

With each leg powered by its own motor, our dual-motor technology dramatically increases total weight strength while optimizing steadiness, speed, smoothness, quietness, and strength.

With a range of colors and dimensions to choose from, you can be confident that you'll discover the perfect top to meet your needs while also choosing a sustainable alternative that's beneficial for your home and the environment.

Bamboo Desktop: Because bamboo is harder than wood, it will not buckle under the strain of your personal computer. To avoid mold and preserve its beauty, the all-natural material has gone through a meticulous design and curing process. While working with this environmentally friendly surface, you are guaranteed to take in a breath of fresh air.

Laminate Desktop: Available in up to ten color variations, such as black, white, maple, mahogany, custom graphite, marble grey, unique walnut, ebony, oak, and brown wood grain, making it simple to discover the perfect fit for your environment!

Desktop Material: Solid Wood This solid surface is free of toxic chemicals and is more durable than wood. The eco-friendly desktop has been designed for optimal endurance and will help you adopt a healthier lifestyle. It's one of the most cost-effective solid wood options.

Our desk structure is made of powder-coated steel tubing that withstands scrapes and stains while providing optimal stability even at its highest setting.

With the Pro-series line, you can be guaranteed a spot on the corporate ladder.