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FlexiSpot Recommendations for Working at Home

26 July 2021

The pandemic may be near its demise but there are still some companies who want to keep their employees safe and work remotely. And these employees get the best computer set-ups to give them a better working experience even while at home without the I.T. Department on call. However, when it comes to desks, it is up to the employee to use whatever they may have at home. 

A dining table may do you good in the first few days but you need to elevate your game and get one of these ergonomic standing desks by FlexiSpot. Not only would you give your spouse and kids a clutter-free dining table, but you are also saving your health with the help of a desk that has your back,

The Forever Elegant Kana Bamboo Standing Desk

FlexiSpot gets inspired by nature as its concept with the Kana. This ergonomic standing desk provides exceptional resilience and lets the workstation to hit the maximum elevation. The height-adjustable surface is crafted with enhanced and sustainably sourced bamboo. What do we mean by sustainably sourced? We only harvest mature bamboo and let the younger sprouts grow more. With mature bamboo, you get double the reliability and resilience of our Kana Standing Desk. When combined with a standard tabletop, the automatic height-adjustable desk enables smooth and stable movements.

"The Kana desk has contributed throughout my career. I experimented with different low-cost standing workstations and concluded that nothing compares with FlexiSpot. This table was sufficient for most of what I wanted for my office. I adore the top, although it would be best if the procedures have been more easy since there was a stage where I struggled to set up the workstation. The entire table is stunning! To sit, either pull it completely down or engage it and activate it while standing. The innovative method promotes employees to care about finding solutions for their health issues and physical pains caused by sitting too much. This was strongly recommended due to my back problems. You owe it to yourself after all your sheer determination at work!" - Lucy F.

"It's incredibly simple to manage this workstation! I acquired a study area that involves mechanically elevating the table, which was really hard for all of us, especially me who has arm injuries from an accident. Fortunately, the Kana standing desk successfully fixed this issue for all of us. Furthermore, it is quite dependable at all ranges. It has incredible resilience and gives a great touch of nature in what could be the most stressful space in my home. This masterpiece will last better than all of my former standing desks due to the use of dependable technology! This is a smashing victory for your own overall happiness." - Shaniqua K.

Only Serious Business with the Pro-Series Adjustable Ergonomic Standing Desk

The rustic yet modern and sophisticated technology that the Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series combines substance and consistency which you should look for in every desk for your work or studies. FlexiSpot delivers in the strength department as well with the help of a powder-coated steel tubing frame. Notwithstanding the 280-pound weight capacity, the higher loading capacity motors provide a speed of 1.4"/s (EC4). Getting to your favorite standing desk height may be accomplished immediately by pressing one of its controls. FlexiSpot's energy-efficient LED display provides a pre-programmed stand/sitting reminder feature. Clients can shift positions quickly once the table alerts them to stand.

"Since I work primarily at home, my back always feels painful, although I tend to move once in a while if necessary. However, I found out that I should be moving constantly even if just through standing. This desk has truly helped me remain active to avoid any more pain. In addition to lessening bodily pains, this standing desk helps me finish my tasks even if the deadlines are stressing me out. The adjustable standing desk gives me a positive and dynamic working environment. It's advantageous for your health and work performance. While standing up straight and executing my job, I found the optimum balance of sitting and standing for me to perform effectively and beat my deadlines. Today, thanks to FlexiSpot's ergonomic innovation, I can work productively." - Joseph B.

"I will be frank with you, get this desk. It significantly enhances overall physique and my general method of accomplishing tasks during a hectic plan! It would be really useful for all desk staff. Alerts help me function better on the job. Because my desired height has been set, I won't have to spend time calibrating it to my specified position. Additionally, this is a necessity for reliability in your daily working life. I have a stacks of paper at my workstation, yet despite my many position changes, my papers remain in place. There are no delays due to the power and precision of the motor! It satisfies all of my workstation needs. This was a smartly crafted desk that I utilized in conjunction with my Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair! I work better now thanks to FlexiSpot. I barely experience pains now with my desk duo! I'm overjoyed with my stand-up workstation!" - Ursula H.

"It really was a cinch to put together. I was relieved that this ergonomic desk is so compact and lightweight since I tend to change my working location at home whenever I get tired of my sights. This completely configurable desk is extremely effective at all settings. My stuff is always safeguarded. The desk makes it especially easier to work uninterrupted, which is one of the things I wanted in a workstation. This serves as a reminder for me to prioritize my well-being in order to fully appreciate my career. It's truly extraordinary! This should quickly be in your office." - Trina M.

Final Thoughts

Working should be safe and fun despite the many deadlines you have to beat and emails you need to answer. With these ergonomic standing desks from FlexiSpot, you will never feel like you are an employee out of the office!