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Flexispot Review: Budget-friendly Sit-stand desk.

20 May 2021

An unhealthy remote workstation is like a ticking time bomb. it affects your health gradually until incessant back pain becomes a norm.

Experts claim that sitting for long hours has detrimental effects on your health. And a stand-centric workstation might just be the best way to remedy this.

Or so I thought when I bought Flexispot electric height adjustable standing desk- well, I was right.

I am 6’2; so, I dread standing desks with rigid height adjustability. I was quite relieved when I realized the Flexispot standing desk is customizable and tends to my needs easily.

Sincerely, I’d recommend it anytime. However, it sure comes with a bit of a disadvantage. Keep reading to find out.

Why I needed a Standing Desk

In the wake of the Corona outbreak, working from home became trendy. It didn’t come as a surprise when my boss suggested it after few weeks.

I didn’t mind; to be sincere, I was glad! But there was a catch-- my home office wasn’t conducive. After sitting hunched over my computer for two weeks, I realized my workspace needed emergency intervention.

By the third week, I developed pesky, back pain which affected my work a great deal. So, I instinctively bought an ergonomic chair (I figured I needed one of those) and gladly kissed the back pain goodbye—Or so I thought.

The pain subsided for months before it flared up again. By this time, it was almost unbearable. Even a professional back massage couldn’t hold it off anymore. I think I abused the use of aspirin a little.

Eventually, I told a friend (a doctor) about my ordeal, and she recommended that I stop sitting for long hours. So she suggested a standing desk.

Well, the search for the right standing desk began. Since I had read a couple of well-being posts on Flexispot website, it didn’t take long before I explored their standing desks on Amazon.

The affordability of their standing desks caught my attention, then the numerous positive reviews got me interested. However, I was torn between Flexispot and Upliftdesk until I had the privilege to work with Flexispot’s desk bike at a colleague’s house. The experience was sublime; thanks to the comfy desk.

Well, I ordered my Flexispot standing desk the next day and it arrived earlier than scheduled. Setting it up was a little stressful (full details below) so it took me about 1 hour and few minutes.

I have used my Flexispot for about 6 months without any complaints. Presently, my only regret is not getting it sooner. Oh, and by the way, my back pain is history.


Why Choose Flexispot’s workstations

Flexispot offers a wide range of sit-stand workstations. And most of their workstations are customizable making them suitable for multiple users regardless of their tastes.

Besides being easily adaptable to any home office needs, it’s often budget-friendly in comparison to similar brands.

One of the peculiar qualities of Flexispot is the ability to diversify one product. Imagine a desk bike that doubles as a standing desk? Well, that’s the kind of diversity they offer.

Flexispot’s workstations come in a variety of sizes and shapes so measure your home office to avoid getting the wrong size.

It’s fair to say that they deal in flexibility and comfort. That’s why it’s one of the few brands I trust.

Flexispot standing desk Setup

I received my standing desk in two boxes; one for the surface while the other box held the machinery/support structure. It was well packaged, and I must confess, it was impressive.

The setup looked daunting at first glance, or maybe it’s because I’m not much of a DIY person. That doesn’t explain why I found it difficult to lift the frames.

I understand that the frames must be rock solid, but do they have to be so weighty? Fixing the frames to the desktop and flipping it to an upright position gave me one heck of a hassle.

If you don’t have strong upper-body strength, you’ll need a stroke of good luck or a helping hand.

The pre-drilled holes didn’t match the setup manual. So, I had to drill new holes to match the setup. Although this allows for flexibility, the fact that I had to drill the pilot holes wasn’t pleasant.

But I guess it was my anti-DIY nature at work. Although, I doubt if I’m the only one that is displeased with having to drill the holes.

All the hardware required for the setup was in one of the boxes (except the power drill and screwdriver).

The center crossbar doesn’t have a clear marking; hence it was difficult to figure out the right way to align it. I had to adjust it continuously to get it in the perfect position.

The instruction also failed to point out how far apart the legs must be. With the slight difficulties I encountered, the setup took me an hour and a couple of minutes.

I believe the installation guide can be more illustrative. Besides this, the setup was a breeze.

Special Features and Design

For such an affordable price, Flexispot EC1B beats the workstations within its price range. it’s spacious and isn't clumsy at all. Even with my two monitors and laptop on it.

Although I sure experience a little wobbling sometimes (Possibly because I failed to screw it well.), it’s sturdy and serves its purpose.

Even at full extension, the legs are firm enough (asides from the occasional wobble which is probably my fault). You can adjust the length of the desk between 28 inches to 47.6 inches, so yes, it has an incredible height range.

My standing desk has three height pre-set buttons. Makes it easy to set two desk height for sitting on two different chairs and another desk height for standing. There is also an up and down button which allows you to adjust the height to suit your needs.

One admirable feature of this standing desk is the whisper-silent mechanism which barely makes a hum each time you use the motor. Moreover, the motor works effortlessly without any strain.

There is also a sit-stand reminder that counts down and indicates when you need to stretch your limbs. I’d say the features are remarkably flexible and comfortable.

Oh, and finally, the power cord is lengthy! I was elated to find out I wouldn’t have to deal with a short power cord.

Post Standing Desk Experience

Weeks after I got the standing desk- I realized It would be so horrible to keep this goody to myself. Quite frankly, I have had to deal with mild back pains in the past.

As a freelancer, I have to sit for long hours and rely on short breaks in between work to help relax my back. This wasn't good enough.

Since I got the Flexispot standing desk, I have gone weeks without back pain. Besides, once sitting gets boring, I just switch to standing with ease.

This has also heightened my productivity level. I don’t zone out when I get tired of a position, I simply change to another comfortable position.

The height flexibility still amuses me, and it makes it seamless to adapt to any work environment or condition.

I certainly don’t regret getting this standing desk. The only issue I have had with it so far is how smudges and dust stick out on the blacktop like a sore thumb. It conceals nothing! That’s minor though, I might as well develop zeal or love for cleaning.

Besides my frequent cleaning sessions, it’s been problem-free and highly effective. I guess I can boldly claim that my workstation is ergonomically equipped.

Pros and Cons

I’ll hastily run you through some of the features I found phenomenal and the minuscule turn-offs I have had with Flexispot standing desk.


  • Well packed in two big, organized boxes
  • Sturdy quality materials
  • Extensive weight capacity (154 pounds)
  • Excellent height range


  • The setup comes with some hassle

My Verdict

You either love working remotely, or you hate it. Most times, your preference is hinged on the comfortability of your home office.

To be candid, an uncomfortable workstation doesn’t only affect your health, it saps your energy.

I enjoy working for hours now. It’s strange to attach my recent eagerness to a standing desk but it’s the undeniable truth.

If you want a healthy and comfortable workspace, I’d recommend a Flexispot standing desk without thinking twice. Plus, it's affordable. But just as always, the choice is yours.