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Flexispot Standing Desk Review

26 May 2021

My job description requires that I work on my computer every day. Quite often, this lasts for extended hours and sometimes right from mid-morning to early evening hours. The work from home mandate has translated into long hours at a desk. Prolonged sitting and hunching over the desk led to back pain and shoulder discomfort. My doctor recommended that I avoid a sedentary lifestyle. That was easier said than done as I need to earn a livelihood and that requires me to continue doing my job. My doctor suggested that I look for ergonomic work desks and chairs if I wanted to avoid permanent damage to my back and spine. Thus, I started to do some research on ergonomic furniture and that led me to consider buying a standing desk. I decided to try alternating between sitting and standing to vary my routine a little. That would at least keep me from being sedentary and help maintain productivity without too many changes to my daily routine.


My research threw up a mind-boggling variety of choices in desks with a variety of features and price tags ranging from the affordable to the exorbitant. So, I decided to look at desks that fulfilled my specific set of requirements. I came up with a list of features that my ideal desk should have – easy on the pocket, stylish design, electrical motor, simple to install, anti-collision mechanism, and space saving design. I wanted all these together with a well-built frame and roomy enough for me to work with all my stuff spread out! It took me a couple of days of comparing specs, analysing reviews, and brushing up on my knowledge of desktop and frame materials, to zero in on one. The Flexispot Height Adjustable Standing Desk fit the bill in all respects.


This sleek table made of industrial-grade alloy steel was a breeze to assemble and I simply followed the provided instructions. The installation design is quite easy to follow and you just need to focus on the task at hand to get it right the first time. You could mark the legs during the assembly to ensure that the height is just right. Also, put all the parts in place according to instructions, but tighten them all only after you have taken a look at the screws and brackets to make sure they are in position. I had opted for a black tabletop to go with it and received two boxes with all the materials professionally packed within. I felt like a child on Christmas Day, opening my eagerly awaited gift! I was so excited and eager to start working on my new desk that I just couldn’t stop myself from unpacking and setting it up moments after I received the package. Also, I spent about 15 minutes playing with the raising and lowering mechanism after assembling. Watching the table rise and lower to the desired heights was a delight and made me feel like a kid with a new toy.


I have been using my new desk for a while now and continue to enjoy it every day. I am thrilled to have made the right choice that has made a tangible difference to my workday. Every couple of hours I move it to the standing position that helps straighten my spine and enhance my posture. I like to move around while at my standing desk and this helps me burn a few calories without even realizing I’m doing it! My back pain has eased significantly ever since I made the switch to a standing desk. When I’m seated at my desk, there is plenty of space for me to stretch my legs out without any kind of protrusions hitting my knees. Given the fact that I’m considered a ‘tall’ person, this is one thing that was absolutely essential when shopping for a new desk. I like the noiseless transition of my desk because it is a blessing when I’m at work early in the morning or late at night. There are light sleepers in my family and I don’t have to worry about disturbing them at odd hours when even the slightest of noises tend to get amplified. The desktop is quite spacious and can accommodate up to two laptops or a laptop and a monitor. Currently, I work with one laptop and use the rest of the space to store my office supplies.


These days I look forward to the work week and feel energetic. I’d like to attribute this to the improved blood circulation that has resulted with my switch to a standing desk. This in turn helps me focus on work and has boosted my productivity noticeably. I no longer feel lethargic or depressed when faced with challenging projects at work.

While I’m largely happy with my purchase and feel that this is definitely value for my money. However, there’s one small thing that the manufacturer could improve upon. The desktop comes with sharp edges and it can be quite painful if you’re not careful when positioning your arms. Smoothing the edges out or opting for a beveled design is one solution I’d recommend to the company. Otherwise, it serves the purpose I bought it for and much more. I’ve also come up with some ways of deriving maximum benefits from the table. This involves figuring out the right heights for me when sitting as well as standing to avoid straining my back in any way. Keeping the computer screen at eye level and aligning my body with the desk when standing, are some things that work for me. Also, I try to keep my spine, back, and neck straight when standing at the desk. I’ve also made a small investment in the right kind of footwear when I am at work. This assumes greater importance for me given the fact that I have flat feet that require specially designed footwear. So far, I’m quite happy with the changes that this desk has brought about in my physical and mental well-being.