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Flexispot Standing Desks that You Can Use for Office Exercises

14 July 2021

Not every desk is created equal

Some desks are only meant for aesthetics while others are too plain that their function is the only thing that it has going on. However, with FlexiSpot’s standing desk, you have the beauty, durability, as well as the opportunity to use our desks for exercises!

FlexiSpot guarantees our beloved customers with sturdy desks that you can use for your work, study, and surprisingly exercise. How does it happen though? Through rigorous laboratory testing done by FlexiSpot’s ergonomic engineers, we were able to create beautiful work desks that can take whatever your life throws at it. Curious about these sturdy desks? Then read on to find out more and get the best bang for your buck.

Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series

The Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series's upgraded construction and innovative raising system increase weight strength and assure optimal steadiness. Our desk frame is made of powder-coated steel tubing and is resistant to scratches and stains. Two powerful motors offer a maximum lifting speed of 1.4"/s even when fully loaded with 275 lbs (EC4). All of this is accomplished with the simple push of a button. Our innovative panel features a battery-saving LED display, three memory height presets, and a programmed sit/stand alert function. You may easily switch postures and receive reminders when it's time to stand up while working.

“Superior materials! You may believe that the price is excessive for such a comment, but I assure you that this stuff is incredible! This adjustable workstation will be a dream come true for remote office employees like myself. Because I spend most of my time at home, my joints are more strained, but this allows me to move more. Even when I'm rushing for particular deadlines, I know that with the assistance of this height-adjustable desk, I can maintain a healthy and effective work environment. Budget-friendly and efficient. I've found the ideal balance of standing and sitting. I can honestly state that I favor standing to sit when working. I am now able to work in a healthy manner as a result of FlexiSpot ergonomic solutions.” - Kelly D.

“If you work at a desk, this standing desk must be in your workplace. It will significantly improve your health and how you conduct yourself throughout the day! Practical. My life is made so much easier by the memory settings. I'm not required to re-enter my exact height as it's already recorded. This is the pinnacle of steadiness. I often have a drink nearby and it never spills a drop, despite the fact that I frequently transition. The motions are really fluid — there are no pauses at all! It truly meets my ergonomic requirements. I used this in conjunction with my underdesk bicycle, and it was a divine working experience with it! I am now unable to work without all of these. Now that I'm working healthy most of the time, I'm experiencing fewer physical aches! I don't grumble nearly as much as I used to. I'm overjoyed with my standing desk!” - Tyler M.

“Purchasing this workstation has been one of the best investments I've had in my office. I am experiencing fewer physical joint pain now that I am capable of standing and sitting the whole day. This was so simple to put yourself! I am relieved that this standing desk is so simple to assemble, as I am not a particularly techie/handy type. At any height, this height-adjustable desk is extremely reliable. It is capable of securely holding my stuff. I can also rely on it. What I enjoy about this desk is that it allows me to work without incident. It simply moves in lockstep with me! I appreciate that it is capable of remembering my favorite heights. That is just remarkable! This has to be amongst the greatest options available.” Betty S.

“It's critical to maintain a healthy lifestyle while earning money! That is, what are you going to do with your hard-earned cash if your body is unhealthy? This standing desk enables me to concentrate and hustle while yet maintaining a healthy body. It's nice because I can place it everywhere and it still looks great! This is such an enduring piece of furniture. The handbook that is included with the desk was really detailed! I was able to assemble everything in approximately 30 minutes. It's sufficient for my devices. It's actually quite robust, as it can still transition quickly despite having everything on its top. I'm not getting younger, and as a result, I'm starting to put my health first. The very first thing I did was purchase this workstation, which allows me to work in my optimal posture.” Mark J.

The Brand New Modish Standing Desk

Hardly anything comes close to having a piece of nature into an ergonomic workstation. It is dozens of times as durable as regular timber and coated with varnish to help resist scrapes, humidity, and pests. The legs' distinctive sleek shape adds an element of visual beauty to your workspace. The three-stage frame design allows for greater adjustability of the desired level.

  • Child Protection Lock

Ensure that the level setting is locked until you are ready to disable it.

  • Anti-bumps

Helps to prevent bumps and collisions by detecting and preventing them before they occur.

  • Smoothness is Guaranteed

Avoid possible accidents. Make your kid's and puppies' playgrounds safe and secure

  • Settings Menu

The deluxe pad features a display screen, four memory settings, and a clock that notifies you when it's ready to shift positions.

  • Wire Management

The groove conceals the cables beneath the desk, keeping the workstation tidy and secure.

  • Electrical Port

Our smart socket outlet and two USB ports (type A+C) provide convenient electricity for when you need it.

“I bought this to substitute my previous desk and am quite happy with my investment. When I started working remotely, I quickly discovered how much I needed my sit/stand desk at work. This was an excellent improvement. Installation was straightforward. And it has been a lifesaver for my back, allowing me to sit or stand according to my mood. Additionally, it is attractive and straightforward to use.” - Peter G.

“It's an excellent pick for working remotely because it looks fantastic, performs well, is quiet, sleek, and robust.” - Sherry P.

Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk Glass Top - 48" W

Elevate your office’s beauty while also having a sturdy desk that you can use for workplaces exercises! The Comhar is the perfect desk to have if you want to put some more physical work as you work your presentations.

“I'm in love with this electric height adjustable desk's functionality. I'm astounded that the pricing is less than $400. The best standing desk I've ever used. I chose this desk since I believe it will assist me in maintaining a healthy lifestyle while I work. It was truly effective! Working will never be more enjoyable without this! Additionally, it looks fantastic. Beautiful, simple to install, and so silent that when I change it from sitting to standing even when my cat is lounging on the desk, he remains asleep. A nice feature of this desk is that it remembers my preferred desk heights, so I don't have to adjust anything every time. It's fantastic that this includes recharging ports, as it eliminates the need for me to constantly search for chargers. I've been quite busy lately, so this was extremely beneficial.” - Allen D.

“I picked the all-black desk to update my office space. Apart from the appearance, I'm still amazed that I've been starting to wake up to a pain-free physique since I received this! Yes, to additional standing! The pull-out drawer expands my storage space! I adore the fact that my desk can remain neat for the majority of the week. I can adjust the height of the desk with a single button press. That I would not trade for anything. The fact that this is so stable continues to astound me. It's quite nicely crafted, and as a result, I'm giving this item a standing ovation! USB ports are a lifesaver! I no longer need to search for a plug since I already get my own charging point!" - Patrick M.

Final Thoughts

Exercising should not feel like a chore for you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Luckily, Flexispot is here to give you the best standing desks that can be used for office exercises.