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Flexispot Tables for Specific Needs

09 October 2021

With 20 years of experience in the ergonomic space, it’s safe to say that Flexispot already knows what its market wants and needs. But even with this experience and confidence in the industry, Flexispot continues to innovate and amp up its research and development efforts. This department currently has over 600 team members onboard, all of whom have worked on more than a thousand active patents for the brand. And this hard work has paid off because Flexispot products consistently get 4.8 ratings and real client reviews on how the items have significantly changed their lives for the better. 

Listening to positive and constructive feedback, Flexispot has managed to solidify even more its foothold in the market, adding products that cater to a general use as well as those with specific needs. You can find a table or desk for anything you have to do, be it drawing, gaming, working, writing, or even sewing. 

Here are four products from Flexispot that cater to a specific industry, and you may not be able to find elsewhere: 

Height Adjustable Drafting Table

Height Adjustable Drafting Table

For all architects, draftsmen, engineers, and whatnot, Flexispot has created the perfect electric adjustable drafting table for your drafting and painting projects. Because the company is well-aware that prolonged sitting can suck one’s creative juices, it has invented this drafting table to help artists stay inspired, motivated and energized. With this table, it’s easy to switch in between standing and sitting positions with just one press of a button. It has a height programmable control panel that is equipped with not only up and down buttons but also four memory customizable presets. 

The tabletop can be tilted within 0° to 40° to cater to different tasks---whether you’re working, writing, reading and drawing. As with most of Flexispot’s desk products, this table comes with a safety ledge stopper that prevents devices and other desk items to slide off its surface. Moreover, this drafting table has an expandable desktop that provides an extra 9.8” space. If not needed, it can easily be folded, especially in a small area that there is not ample space to begin with. The table has a built-in, spacious pull-out drawer for storage that keeps one’s belongings out of sight and makes sure the desk is clutter-free. 

Height Adjustable Whiteboard Standing Desk

Height Adjustable Whiteboard Standing Desk

For those who have a million ideas going on in their heads, this standing desk is perfect for you. It can capture your ideas and would allow you to get back to it at any time. It mainly features a flip tabletop that can also serve as a dry-erase board. The whiteboard desktop is spacious with 48” in width and 24” in height. The board is 0.7 thick and is made of PET high-gloss film that makes the surface even smoother and more durable. As mentioned, it won’t be a hassle to write down notes anytime with a dry-erase marker and to wipe it away with a dry cloth or eraser. 

The desk can be flipped at five available angles: 0°, 60°, 70°, 80°, and 90°. The desired angle can be locked into place to quickly ease in one’s activity for the day, may it be dedicated for writing, reading, or drawing. It can also be moved around the room of any floor surface because of its four easy-rolling caster wheels. It can be locked into place once a place has been chosen to be the work station of the day. 

Height Adjustable Sewing Table

Height Adjustable Sewing Table

Flexispot had fashion designers, fashion school students, and sewing enthusiasts in mind when it created the ES9W sewing standing desk. It has a height programmable control panel that is easy peasy to adjust the height of the table in alignment with the height of a child, a middle-aged adult, and a senior. The height can be set according to what’s comfortable to each seamstress (or an aspiring one) in the family. It will be much easier to teach children how to sew when the table is at a lower height that they could reach. The design of the sewing table will definitely capture their attention and make them want to learn how to sew. 

Another great feature of the ES9W is that its sewing platform can be adjusted separately. It comes with a knob allowing the user to lower or raise its workbench above or below five steps. Its weight capacity reaches up to 26 pounds and is enough to carry the weight of an average electric sewing machine. 

The workspace is also very spacious because aside from the sewing machine platform, a detachable side table that measures 9” * 24” can be added to the already 43”*24” table where the sewing platform is attached. 

There is also no need to worry about scratching or staining the desk frame because it is made of high-grade steel. It is guaranteed to be stable even at the highest adjustment point and because of its two-state legs, smooth and fluid-like transitions are not surprising throughout the day. 

Ergonomic Gaming Desk with Mouse Pad - 63" W

Ergonomic Gaming Desk with Mouse Pad - 63" W

Partner an ergonomic gaming chair with Flexispot’s Gaming Desk GD01 and voila! It’s the best setup that will fulfill every gamer’s dream. This handsome table comes with a fully-covered mouse pad made from durable 3mm thick silicone material in microfiber. It is waterproof and has a non-skid feature that allows the gamer to move the mouse smoothly without it sliding off from the table. The desktop has a flexible height adjustment with three options: 28", 30", and 32.” While in mid-game, there won’t be any more searching for other gear or drinks because the table has a built-in headphone hook, cup holder, and a cable management system. 

Final Thoughts 

Understanding the cutthroat competition, Flexispot has never become complacent with its offers to the public. Aside from promos and sales here and there, it continues to upgrade old products as well as provide new ergonomic innovations for every industry possible. Currently, Flexispot has desks for those into fashion, drawing, gaming, and office work. Not to mention, these desks are also versatile and can be used for dining, display, hosting board games and more you can think of. 

Because of Flexispot’s commitment to improving lives, it has proven reliable to addressing different needs in the market.