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Flexispot Top Selling Items This Black Friday (2021)

26 November 2021

It’s another Black Friday season, and as usual, stores are putting up loads of amazing offers. As the shopping festival gets heated, it's easy to get caught up in shopping sprees and miss out on the major deals. Particularly if Black Friday caught you without a plan and budget, that's not a good place to be because you might start having buyer's remorse. It would be best if you did not go through that.

We’ve put together this list of top deals for all Flexispot lovers looking to purchase ergonomic office furniture this Black Friday. It will help you plan and budget your purchases ahead of time to avoid missing out on the best deals. You'll also find out how to participate and make the most out of Flexispot Black Friday activities.

Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk (Eco & Pro)

Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk (Eco & Pro)

Sold for $209, the Seiffen Laminated standing desk (Eco and Pro) is designed to encourage healthy living and eliminate chances of spine health problems. The well-crafted desk is very sturdy and can hold PC and other accessories well. It can be easily adjusted to sit or stand position with the tap of a single button. The standard and advanced keypads allow you to save your favorite seated, under desk cycling, and standing heights using the energy-saving LED display. You can also set activity alerts that remind you when to switch between sitting and standing using the keypad.

The Seiffen laminated standing desk is available in three frame options: Eco (2-stage), Pro (“-stage), and Pro (3-stage). The Ecodesign is built with a single motor, while the Pro design has a dual motor for easy lifting. The three frames offer different height ranges and weight capacities to meet the needs of different users.

In addition to that, this standing desk also offers two desktop design options: a straight and curved desktop. They are made of 1” chipboards for durability and are available in various colors and wood grains. The edges on both designs are smooth and rounded for maximum wrist comfort. This desk is suitable for video conferences, office use, and gaming.

Kana Pro Bamboo Standing Desk

Kana Pro Bamboo Standing Desk

If you are passionate about eco-friendly living, this Bamboo standing desk has to be your go-to choice of a standing desk. Bamboo is one of the most eco-friendly materials in the world. It requires little, takes little,e and gives so much to the earth that it has become the face of earth-friendly developments. Bamboo brings a natural elegance into your home when incorporated into your home furniture.

The Kana bamboo pro standing desk is not just elegant; it is very strong and durable. Bamboo is known to be very strong, even stronger than steel. This advanced structure and a powerful dual-motor give it a high loading capacity and stability even at the highest height.

Kana bamboo desktop has two enhanced safety features: an anti-collision feature and a child lock feature. The child lock feature enables you to lock the height position in place until you disable it. It also has a cable management system for keeping cables away from the work area.

This desk also features an advanced keypad that enables smooth sit/stand transitions at the touch of a button. You can also save three programmable memory presets and set sit/stand friendly reminders with the keypad.

GoRiser Standing Desk Converter ML2

GoRiser Standing Desk Converter ML2

This super budget-friendly standing desk converter is built in an ultra-sleek design. It is designed with a very durable and sturdy steel frame structure. This standing desk converter is ideal for all desk sizes, including smaller desks; it is compact and lightweight to fit tables with limited surface area. It conserves space by rising and lowering straight up and down while still offering a 26” spacious desktop.

The GoRiser desktop can hold a laptop, mouse, and other accessories up to 26.4lbs. Its skid-resistant base keeps it from sliding or shifting during use. Height can be adjusted to any of the six settings by pushing the handle to the right. It is very simple to use and portable enough for easy stashing away when not in use.

Vici Duplex Standing Desk

Vici Duplex Standing Desk

The two-tier design of the Vici duplex standing desk makes it suitable for all kinds of home office work. It gives you the options of seating or standing to work. When in single-tier mode, the desktop working area is larger, useful for tasks requiring large surface areas, e.g., writing or drawing.

The desk gives a versatile dual desktop, one for your monitor and your other accessories. The upper tier can also be used as a mini-library to keep books, art supplies, photos e.t.c.

The height can be adjusted at the touch of a button and has four programmable heights preset for sitting and standing. It also features a LED display that shows the desk height at any given time. Plus, the desk has a pressure-sensitive height adjustment. It will automatically go down 1.5" when it senses a downward pressure.

Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series

Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series

The adjustable standing desk pro series is the desk for you if you’re looking for a desk that’s luxurious, comfortable, and durable. This series is available in three desktop options: bamboo, laminated and solid wood; and three frame options: Pro 2-stage, Inverted 2-stage, and Pro 3-stage. It has a high loading capacity of up to 275lbs and a very wide adjustable range. Its dual motors enable a fast lifting speed of 1.4”/s even when carrying full load equipment.

Enjoy smooth sit/stand transitions with adjustable pro series standing desk at the touch of a button. The advanced keypad has three memory height presets with an energy-efficient LED display. You can also set friendly sit/stand alerts with the keypad.

The stylish desktop options are all waterproof and scratch/stain resistant. This ensures that your desk retains its original look for a very long time. The dual motors work quietly and efficiently, allowing you to carry on work without distractions. Plus, this desk is surprisingly very easy to assemble. You can get your desk working less than twenty minutes after unboxing.

Soutein Ergonomic Office Chair

Soutein Ergonomic Office Chair

The Soutine ergonomic office chair is arguably your best choice of ergonomic chair this Black Friday. This chair provides lumbar support to the body, which reduces the pressure on the lower back, thus eliminating backaches. The highlight of this chair is that it is almost completely adjustable. The 3D lumbar support system, seat depth, and 4D cushioned armrest can all be easily adjusted to the needs of specific users. This means more than one user can comfortably use the chair.

Soutein ergonomic chair is built with flexible and durable premium breathable mesh material. The backrest allows for a 45o backward tilt and 135o lounge tilt. This means you can recline comfortably on your seat when taking a break. The chair is very easy to assemble and provides a comfortable seating experience.

Gaming Desk GD18 – 48” W

Gaming Desk GD18 – 48” W

This 29.5-inch gamer-oriented desk is designed to enable you to enjoy your game without space restriction. Its large and spacious surface provides sufficient space to hold all your gaming gear. The X-shaped desk can bear loads of up to 165lbs. It is constructed with a high-quality MDF board and sturdy metal frame legs for durability and stability.

Its highlight is the large 476 x 7.8-inch monitor stand. With the monitor installed on this stand, you have enough space on the main desk for other accessories. The desktop can comfortably carry two small monitors.

This desk is specifically designed for a premium gaming experience and has all the necessary features that make for a comfortable gaming session without distraction. The desk has a cup holder, controller stand, and a headphone hook embedded into the design. It is useful in setting up a comfortable gaming environment.

Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair

Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair

The Sit2Go 2-in-1 fitness chair is a great alternative to your regular office chair. The height-adjustable chair makes it easy for you to stay healthy and productive even while working long hours. It brings exercise right into your workspace, ensuring you stay fit and eliminating health issues related to a sedentary lifestyle. You no longer have to procrastinate on working out because of a busy schedule. You can now exercise while you work.

This chair is designed with a breathable mesh fabric backrest to provide comfort and stability. It has a firm, supportive cushion and a height-adjustable seat. The seat can be adjusted easily using the one-touch lever even when seated. It has a wide height adjustable range, making it suitable for family use because you can adjust it to everyone's height. It also means the chair will work perfectly with both a regular desk and a standing desk.

The bike speed also has an adjustable resistance level that lets you choose your cycling speed with the customizable calorie and cardio tracker. You can start with light cycling before moving up to more challenging resistance levels. The best part is that you will enjoy whisper-quiet cycling.

Its streamlined body fits and strong, smooth-rolling caster wheels make the chair easy to move around.

How to Participate in the Black Friday Sales

Flexispot offers attractive discounts on several premium products this Black Friday, but these discounts are only a part of our special Black Friday activities. There is a whole lot more.

In addition to discount sales, we have a tradition of engaging customers in rewarding activities during Black Friday. This year is no different. Keep scrolling to find out what we have for you this year.

Free Order

Free Order

A number of us played the fastest fingers game while growing up. We hope you've not forgotten how it's done because you'll be needing it now. The first customer to check out all orders at exactly 9 am and 2 pm on the 26th, and 29th of November 2021 will get all goods bought for free. It’s okay to say WOW here.

So how do you win this? The best way to position yourself for this win is to add all items to the cart before that day. Then, set a reminder and an alarm ahead of time. Log in at least a few minutes before the time and keep your hands ready to hit checkout once the clock ticks. You'll see a popup notification after you've made a payment.

Share your win on social media and tag Flexispot. You’ll receive an email containing refund instructions within 1-2 working days. We can’t wait to find our lucky winner.

Points & Rewards

Points & Rewards

Claim juicy rewards from Flexispot with your points. You will earn points for every purchase you make leading up to Black Friday. Earn 1 point for every dollar you spend.

$100 equals 100 points; 100 points equal $10.

Accumulated points will get doubled on Black Friday.

You can either use the points to get cash discounts on your total order or claim a gift. The points remain valid only for six months. Point usage also varies for different products. You can access details of your point at My Account – Points.

You can earn points by subscribing to our mailing lists, making purchases, and playing games on our site. It's time to start amassing those points ahead of Black Friday.


To make the most out of Black Friday, you have to plan and draw a budget. This will save you time and cost and help you snag the best deals. If you're looking to upgrade to ergonomic office furniture or get new office accessories, visit the Flexispot store to see our incredible offers. You might be the lucky one to win our free order.


Must I use up my points on Black Friday?

No, you mustn't; the points remain valid for six months. But you have to use them before six months; else, they will expire.

Do I have to create an account with Flexispot to participate in the Black Friday activities?

Yes, you have to. Visit the Flexispot official website, click the human icon and click on register to get started.

How long does it take for Flexispot to deliver?

3 – 8 days

How long does it take to put together a Flexispot Desk?

It depends on the user. Flexispot desks are quite easy to assembly following the simplified step-by-step guide given in the user manual. Generally, it takes less than 30 minutes to assemble a Flexispot desk.

How much weight can a Flexispot desk hold?

Flexispot produces a wide variety of desks, and their weight capacity differs. However, the weight capacity of Flexispot desks generally falls into a range of 154lbs to 275lbs.