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FlexiSpot vs the standard desk: The battle for ergonomics

19 May 2021

Why standing more will change the way you work

Some people tend to dread Monday mornings. We just had a relaxing and comfortable weekend and now it is off to work. While some people feel this way because they hate their job, or just hate the office stress, many people get a “case of the Mondays” because of their desks. 

The typical desk can sometimes feel cramped or uncomfortable. Sometimes even closed off with the never-ending cubical walls towering over us like a micromanaging boss. Our workspace is almost like a second home to us. We want it to be cozy, fun and be a place we feel comfortable being in. An uncomfortable workspace or even workplace for that matter tends to cause us to be less productive and want to be successful in our current roles. 

A standard work desk can sometimes feel like a prison sentence if it isn’t a good quality one. There are times many people are stuck with a work desk that is just a cookie-cutter of everyone else’s, which doesn’t leave any room for improvement.

We all have had the typical work desks like this or worse, but what can you do? One of the best things to come from modern technology these days is ergonomic office furniture. These ergonomic desks and chairs have changed the way people feel while they work. They are more comfortable, make you want to focus more, and have features that benefit you.

One of the biggest reasons we see people wanting ergonomic desks instead of the standard is the proven health benefit it provides. The standard desk can over time cause issues such as:

● Poor blood pressure

● Obesity due to sitting too long

● Joint and back pain

● Loss of focus or motivation

● Poor posture

● Effecting your mental health/mood

It’s hard to believe that all this can be caused just by where you're sitting during your workday. If you think about it, we are spending 8 hours a day sitting at our work desk grinding away at work. We get the minimal breaks sure, but sitting there that much prevents us from being more active and healthy. 

Many office workers sitting at standard desks tend to have unhealthy snacks at their desks readily available and to save them time from having to further disrupt their work. While this may seem convenient, it is supporting poor habits. 

It’s good to get up and walk around, even if it is for a few minutes. Taking some time to stand and stretch every couple of hours will be helpful. Sitting there all day, snacking, and not feeling like you have had that much time away from your desk can put you towards a downward spiral of being unhealthy. 

The worst thing about sitting at a desk all day is that slight feeling of being trapped. If you sit at your standard work desk all day long with no escape can affect you physically, but most of all mentally. It’s hard to want to work if you feel bored or honestly exhausted because it feels like you have constantly worked all day. 

Many studies have supported this and why many companies are switching to ergonomic desks and office chairs. The biggest reason why many companies are doing this is to provide their employees a healthier work environment. The healthier and better an employee feels, the harder they will work. Employers want to prolong their employee's life as much as possible. They want employees to feel like they are happy while being there.

So where does this stand with ergonomics? What are people doing to get pointed in the right direction and what company can you trust? This is exactly why FlexiSpot is working so hard to provide ergonomic office desks and office chairs to as many average workers out there. 

FlexiSpot started their company to not only provide people with proper ergonomic office desks and chairs but also show why the switch to ergonomics is the way to go. They spend countless hours protecting their designs, fine-tuning their products, and advertising on a large market. They feel that a better and healthier life starts with tackling the way your work environment makes you feel. 

With all the proven ways having a standard office desk in your work or home office has caused potential health issues, FlexiSpot wants to be there to provide a better solution. FlexiSpot has felt that the standard desk is something they potentially want to eliminate by replacing them with ergonomic desks becoming the new norm. 

FlexiSpot provides its customers with several different alternatives at affordable prices. You can start slow and get their standing desk converter, or even fully invest in a new workspace by getting one of their height-adjustable standing desks. 

Standard office desks are the thing of the past in FlexiSpot’s eyes. They feel that if all it takes is changing the way you work to be healthier, then they want to be there to help. FlexiSpot has spent countless hours with their engineers to perfect their ergonomic standing desks. 

FlexiSpot wants to make your work experience easier by adding convenient features to their ergonomic standing desks such as:

● A dual motor self-leveling system

● Capacity to hold 220lbs of weight to support your daily work life

● Easy to convert so you can go from standing to sitting in no time

● An advanced all-in-one keyboard with programmable presets

● A high quality, environmentally friendly desktop made from bamboo

FlexiSpot not only wants you to have the best in ergonomic desks but give you options to make it give you the personal flair to your work environment. Working should overall be a time where you’re not regretting being there. It should be a place where you can work hard but feel comfortable and healthy at the same time. FlexiSpot embodies this view on work-life with every product they make. 

They truly feel that a healthier tomorrow can start today with you taking advantage of the amazing products they have to offer. FlexiSpot takes pride in its products and has an extremely helpful customer service staff that will guide you every step of the way. 

Their customer service gets to know what your current desk situation is and what your goals are with an ergonomic desk. They will even suggest some great ergonomic items to go with your desk such as an ergonomic office chair in many varieties, as well as an all-in-one desk bike for those wanting to go the extra mile while they work. 

Everyday FlexiSpot is looking for the best ways to provide ergonomic solutions to the people in the workforce. They offer their customers fast and free shipping, no-hassle returns, and overall they offer their dedication to any customer they have. FlexiSpot has partnered with a lot of great companies in the fight to replace the standard office desk. They have partnered with such companies as:

● Amazon

● NewEgg

● Walmart

● The Home Depot

● eBay

● Houzz

● Jet 

● Wayfair

● Overstock

All these established and helpful companies are some that we use every day. To think that if these titans of the shopping world see the passion and true mission of FlexiSpot, why don’t most people? When it comes to ergonomics it can still be a new or unknown concept to people. Ergonomic office items have become more popular lately but the reason why they are important can still fall short on people who aren’t familiar with what they can do.

FlexiSpot is confident in the way their products can change the way you feel and have your health be on a better path. They have proven to their customers time and time again that ergonomic desks will always triumph over the standard desks. The best thing about FlexiSpot’s mission to replace the standard desk is how much they care. They truly want people to have a healthier life. They know that working all day can be stressful for anyone, but why add more to it by not living your healthiest life while you're there? 

Many companies out there have a mission but may fall flat on proving it. FlexiSpot doesn’t only just prove it, they improve on it. They are always looking for ways to continue to revolutionize the way people work. Thinking of what ways they can make people like you healthier, just by where you sit and how you work is why they are changing the game.

They are making it where standard desks are slowly becoming a thing of the past, but their ultimate goal is to set everyone on a path to feeling healthier both mentally and physically at work. 

Even with a lot of us working from home these days due to COVID-19, having a healthy option for our makeshift work environment is even more important. With the world being a slightly more stressful place, it shouldn’t have to affect how you feel while working. FlexiSpot will help to provide you the healthier alternative you need for a work-from-home environment to help you focus on taking your career to new heights. 

The next time you’re at one of those standard office desks (you could be while you are reading this now) remember that there is always a better way to work. Remember that you have a choice to enjoy work and be healthier at the same time. You also can be assured that you have a company like FlexiSpot out there who is going to help you towards that goal every step of the way. For more information on all of FlexiSpot’s ergonomic office furniture visit here