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FlexiSpot's 4-Leg Standing Desks: E7 Plus vs. E7Q

25 March 2024

Office workers and remote workers alike will understand how important it is to work with an ergonomic and adjustable desk. Choosing the right height-adjustable standing desk encourages a better posture, protects your spine, and elevates your spirit while you work.

Typically, most height-adjustable standing desks have two legs, though these days, standing desks with four legs are gaining popularity for their improved stability and reduced wobbling. These 4-leg desks also tend to be larger and possess greater weight capacities, thus being able to support more objects.

FlexiSpot's range of height-adjustable standing desks includes two 4-leg desks, namely the E7 Plus and the E7Q. We shall take a closer look at these two products in this article.

FlexiSpot E7 Plus Standing Desk


The E7 Plus is one of the two 4-leg standing desks offered by FlexiSpot. Hailed as the best standing desk of 2024, what sets the E7 Plus apart from other desks is its rock-solid stability, thanks to four sturdy columns instead of two. In fact, if you place a glass of water on the E7 Plus' surface and raise the desk, the water in the glass will remain perfectly still. Moreover, this means that the standing desk does not topple over easily when pushed, and you can type on your keyboard freely without worrying about wobbling. Plus, the E7 Plus remains stable even when you jump off the desk.


The E7 Plus has a simple and modern design that gives it a sleek appearance despite its bulkiness. Available in white and black, the frame features a "holeless" leg design that enhances the stability of the desk and gives it an aesthetically pleasing look. Furthermore, the frame is highly compatible with various desktop sizes ranging from 47" to 80" in length and 28" to 35" in width.

Additionally, the E7 Plus has a unique, patented frame design that enables it to be adapted to a wide range of desktop accessories effortlessly. Unlike other standing desks where you have to add extra wooden blocks for support, you can easily attach a monitor mount to the E7 Plus. Besides, there is ample space between the frame and the underside of the desktop, so you can equip the E7 Plus with a keyboard tray and an under-desk drawer for extra storage space.

Operation and Weight Capacity

FlexiSpot incorporates cutting-edge technology in the design and creation of the E7 Plus standing desk. With four 3-stage legs, the E7 Plus has a greater height adjustment range from 26" to 51.6", which makes this desk suitable for users of varying heights and perfect for the whole family. Moreover, the 3-stage leg design and the dual-motor system contribute to smoother height adjustments and minimized wobbling during height adjustments.

In terms of weight capacity, the E7 Plus can support loads up to 540 lbs. Therefore, you can place heavy objects like office peripherals on the desk without worrying that it will crumble under the load. Besides, the desk also has an anti-collision system in place that detects nearby objects and avoids colliding with them to keep your belongings safe.


The E7 Plus is equipped with a digital keypad that lets you program up to four height presets. If you live with other users of different heights, this feature is immensely convenient as you do not have to adjust the height of the desk each time you use it. As an added bonus, the keypad comes with a USB charging port that allows you to charge your mobile devices.

Price and Warranty

Currently, the E7 Plus retails for $599.99. You can add on a desktop at an additional cost. Available desktop options include chipboard, bamboo, solid wood texture, and solid wood. You get to enjoy a 15-year warranty with each purchase of this standing desk, too.

FlexiSpot E7Q Standing Desk


The E7Q is another one of FlexiSpot's four-legged offerings. Made of solid carbon steel, it is designed to handle the longest of work days and is certainly one of FlexiSpot's most stable standing desks yet. With four robust columns, it will surely promise you a wobble-free working experience and exceptional stability, so you can count on this large and durable desk to do the heavy lifting for you.


In terms of design, the E7Q is similar to the E7 Plus, for both desks share modern and stylish designs. However, the E7Q's frame boasts a significant width adjustment range of 43.3" to 74.8" which makes the desk compatible with extra-large desktops. Available in only black, the frame also has a "holeless" leg design that makes the desk more pleasing to look at.

Operation and Weight Capacity

Like the E7 Plus, the E7Q possesses four 3-stage legs that contribute to the large height adjustment range of 25.8" to 51.6". However, the similarities end here, for the E7Q is equipped with not just two, but four motors! As a result, you get to enjoy faster and smoother height adjustments. Plus, the E7Q has a maximum weight capacity of 660 lbs. No doubt, the E7Q is an absolute beast!


Like the E7 Plus, the E7Q has a built-in digital keypad that lets you save up to four height presets, so you do not have to keep adjusting the desk's height manually. Once again, a USB charging port is included for you to charge your mobile devices conveniently.

Price and Warranty

Currently, the E7Q retails for $899.99, and you can add on either a chipboard or a bamboo desktop at an additional cost. You also get to enjoy a 15-year warranty with each purchase of this standing desk.

Why Choose FlexiSpot?

FlexiSpot is a leading brand in the office furniture industry that upholds product quality and customer satisfaction, making sure only high-quality and eco-friendly materials are used in the production of its standing desks. As such, many of our standing desks withstand the test of time, even after years of usage. To express our confidence in our products' quality, we even offer a 15-year warranty for both the E7 Plus and the E7Q standing desks.

Furthermore, to showcase its commitment to sustainability, FlexiSpot sources only recyclable materials in the production of its standing desks and desktops. Constant research and development is also carried out to increase the share of upcycling and reduce waste.

Besides, we have a 30-day, risk-free return policy on almost all FlexiSpot products, where you are free to return items within 30 days of receipt at no additional cost. However, certain terms and conditions apply.

Lastly, at FlexiSpot, we firmly believe that the customer journey does not end at checkout. This is why we provide reliable after-sales service to all of our paying customers. Our dedicated and friendly customer service team is always on standby to assist you with any purchase- and product-related issues via live chat and email.


To sum up, both the E7 Plus and the E7Q have a lot to offer in terms of stability, height adjustment range, and weight capacity. However, there is a $300 price difference between both standing desks. Therefore, if you prefer a robust and exceptionally stable standing desk without breaking the bank, we highly recommend that you purchase an E7 Plus. On the other hand, if you have ample space available in your room, and you require more desktop space to place your items and devices, then the E7Q will be a better choice for you, given its large desktop size.