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FlexiSpot’s Brand Day Flash Sale: My Personal Experience

25 May 2021

With my apt response to health-related issues, it is not surprising that I am an ergonomic workstation freak.

Luckily for me, I heard about FlexiSpot’s brand day a few days ago. Trust me, with the fantastic deals I experienced today, I would have beaten myself nonstop if I had missed this.

Immediately after I heard about the brand day, I could not wait to check out the offers and activities. I looked forward to being actively involved in all the brand day activities. Do not blame me, the activities sounded interesting and of course, there’s the gifts’ part.

Additionally, I have been eying some workstations for a few weeks. Hence, the site-wide discount and flash sales are like a dream come true.

If your profession is sedentary then you probably understand the drive to acquire healthy workstations. The long sitting hours take a toll on you after a while. It has been taking a toll on me lately.

Well, that was my motivation when I visited FlexiSpot’s website today. So glad I did! I was probably one of the first few people that visited the website today!

Firstly, I cannot help but mention the latest website appearance. The change is huge and notably different from the previous website design, in a pleasant way. It is such a remarkable sight.

Aesthetically, I will rate it 8 out of 10. Once you log in to the site, you will notice the reddish-orange textures all over the website.

Now that I think about it, I think it gives an aura of love, or maybe the deals present on the website influenced this opinion. Either way, I sure felt loved.

There is a short welcome video at the top of the page. Immediately you log in to the page, the video kicks off with “Happy FlexiSpot’s Day!” in about 3 or 4 languages.

I thought it was cool, it kind of contributed to the site’s new warm and homey outlook. The video also includes video reviews from FlexiSpot’s customers all over the world. It ended sweetly with the StandForLove logo.

Furthermore, there is a short welcome note from FlexiSpot, further reassuring that there are fabulous prizes to win. Right after the welcome video and message is the product up for flash sale.

They had none other than the popular Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series EC5 on flash sale. It was sitting pretty on the page with a $100 slash. And yes, I could not wait to snatch it.

Before I get into how I purchased my discounted standing desk, I noticed other deals on the website that caught my attention. Right under the flash sale product is several other discounted products.

They all have a countdown attached to them. These time bars indicate how many more hours till the deal lapses.

After that is a section that displays the popular and well-loved FlexiSpot’s products. Finally, you will see the “FlexiSpot Day Special” section and the photo boot.

“FlexiSpot’s Day special” has some activities like daily check-in, lucky charm bundle, and spin and win.

The daily check involves erecting a digital standing desk with 10 clicks. You earn a click when you log in daily. You can also get additional clicks by sharing this activity on your social media pages. When you successfully mount the standing desk within the time frame, you win a $50 coupon.

For spin and win, it is just as simple as the daily check-in. Once you open the activity page, ensure you have registered with your email and tap the spin button. You can win coupons and gifts depending on the reward you land after the spin.

The lucky charm bundle is a social media contest. You need to like the “lucky charm bundle” post on FlexiSpot’s social media pages. Follow all the social media accounts and tag three of your friends under the post. FlexiSpot will pick winners randomly.

To participate in these activities, just click on the big tabs showing the name of the activity. This will refer you to the campaign page. You can also access the rules for each activity on the website. So, if you need more information about these activities, check the activity rules to confirm.

The photo boot section, on the other hand, holds beautiful workspace images from diverse customers. If you would like to take part in this activity, you can submit one of your finest workspace images.

Click the “share your stories” tab to submit your photo. If the photo is attractive enough to attract the highest number of likes, you will get a desk bike.

With all these activities going on at the same time, you have multiple opportunities to hit a win. Either via the discount or other exhilarating activities.

Overall, I would like to say the website is impressive and user-friendly. I did not get stuck trying to figure out any information. It is equipped with a lovable interface and seamless navigation. A hat tip to flexiSpot for making efforts to make the brand day more fun.

Now to my favorite part! The Flash Sale.

Flash Sale Deal


The image above is a screenshot of what the Flash sale section looks like. Each flash sale product lasts for a day.

The following day, another product will be on flash sale. That is how the flash sale will run for a week. Specifically, that is how it will run from May 24th, which is today, till May 31st.

Today, Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series EC5 is on flash sale with $100 off. For an EC5 pro series, this offer is highly generous. And if you would like to still grab it, you have to visit the website and place your order before the end of today.

I would recommend that you check out the flash deals daily to maximize this unique opportunity to upgrade your workspace Ergonomically.

How to Place an Order

Like I said earlier, the website is easily navigable. Placing my order was hassle-free. As you can see in the images above, there is a tab that states “SHOP NOW”.

Once I clicked this button, the sale page loaded to reveal an image of the desk and some options. The options included customizing my desk, adding accessories, and confirming selections.


At this stage, you can pick out the colors you would like to order. For instance, while I was ordering this desk, I selected a white desk color with a 55 x 28 dimension.

What I love about this selection process is the fact that the image of the desk keeps changing in tune with your customization. So, you get to see the options you have selected and decide if it suits your taste.

You can change the color or dimension as many times as possible, until the customized image rhymes with your preference.

After the customization, I noticed the “add to cart” option but I was eager to see what the accessories option would bring. So, I clicked the “next” tab just above add to cart.

Under the accessories, I had the option to buy a desk bike alongside this product. But of course, the price of the desk bike was added to the price of the standing desk.


I really cannot say which accessories are available for subsequent flash sale products. But I guess it depends on what the product is.

I decided to purchase a white colored desk bike and added it to my cart. Afterward, I was redirected to my cart where I clicked “proceed to checkout”. Finally, I filled in my shipping address and billing information.

To be sincere, I intend to buy more workstations in the next couple of days. The deals are incredible and guess what? There is more to come throughout this week. I am certainly going to make the most of this.

Getting an ergonomic workstation Without a discount can be expensive. Prior to finding out about the FlexiSpot brand day, I decided to buy myself a standing desk to ease the stress of sitting for long hours. This unhealthy work culture has affected my productivity for months now.

Although I have been lucky to escape immense back pains, I often have discomfort. Consequently, I have had a standing desk on my list for weeks now. In fact, I was close to making an impulse purchase when I found out about FlexiSpot’s brand day.

With my newly acquired workstation, I believe work is about to get less strenuous and tiring. The best part of this deal is that it kind of pushed me to get a desk bike as well.

And as much as I dread draining my wallet in the next couple of days, I am glad to be a part of this exceptional campaign.

Hence, I cannot wait to receive my standing desk and desk bike and purchase other products. If you are interested in purchasing this particular desk, please note that you need to do it before the end of today.

Subsequently, you can check out for more flash sale products in case you would prefer another workstation.

Do I regret purchasing the desk? Of course not! I could not have asked for more. Plus, I noticed just how hitch-free the purchase was. Initially, I did not know what I expected from the sale. I can remember feeling it was too good to be true. But now, I saved $100 on today’s product. And I am getting the same quality as when there was no discount

But after my first purchase, I keep praying to catch my favorite products on the discount sales. My workspace still lacks a few workstations. And when else is the best time to go shopping other than when a discount is certain?

Besides the general flash sale, FlexiSpot has a site-wide discount which includes a 15% discount on some products and a clearance sale on other products. Also, a rare discount sale on some new products.

In fact, FlexiSpot is currently doling out an overdose of juicy deals.

If these are not great deals, I do not know what is. Now is the best time to grab these offers while they last.

Verdict: Great Flash Deal Offer

I cannot help but say, the flash sale is lovable. While I am not conversant with other flash sale products for the rest of the week, I believe FlexiSpot’s products are worth some hype. Take it from a customer who has used a few FlexiSpot workstations.

So, if you are like me, and you would like to enjoy a reasonable discount deals, visit the FlexiSpot official website. And by the way, I forgot to mention that you get a $10 coupon on your first order once you sign up with your email.

Nevertheless, this offer does not cover your flash sale deal because the flash sale is independent of other brand day discounts. But do not hesitate to snatch this coupon offer while buying other products.