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Flowers for Business

09 July 2021

Did you know that there are about 369 species of flowering plants all over the world? This is out of the 391,000 vascular plants that are scientifically known to man. A study also reported that new species of plants come from three countries such as China, Brazil, and Australia which are listed as the top sources of such plants.

Flowering plants are one of the most wonderful of nature and they grow not only for their aesthetic properties but they are used for different purposes such as medicine, food, clothing, and the different species of plants are also used for building materials. (

Humans communicate with flowers to express different feelings and intentions to make other people understand the gesture of giving flowers.

On Valentine’s Day, flower shops are full of people buying flowers for their loved ones. Flowers are also used for different occasions such as birthday celebrations, weddings, big events such as conferences, fashion shows, the opening of shops or boutiques and when we visit our friends who are sick we usually give flowers to share good thoughts and bring happiness to others.

Gardening is a great hobby for those who have a green thumb as people say. And others do business with flowers. It is a lucrative source of income and many of those who ventured into selling and growing flowering plants have thrived and have been successful as they were able to take care of the business patiently and with all dedication.

There are different species of plants as they come in different sizes, colors, and shapes ( such as:

  • Annuals - these are flowering plants that grow for only one season. These plants brighten the garden with their bright and different colors such as cosmos, marigolds, zinnias, stock, sweet peas, and snapdragons.
  • Perennials - they live for years and some of them like lantana, bougainvillea, and cannas are grown in tropical or warm climates that grow all year long. Common among these kinds of flowering plants are Echinacea, delphiniums, foxglove, carnation, shasta daisy, and candytuft
  • Biennials - in the first year they grow from seed and blossom and die in the second year. An example is Hollyhocks; parsley, another biennial is popularly known as an herb than as a flower   
  • Trees - They must bear flowers first to form fruit for fruit production. They include apple, pear, cherry, peach, and plum. Lemon, orange, lime, and other citrus fruits are evergreen fruit trees. Some are cultivated for aesthetics rather than fruit production. They include dogwood, orchids, and crape myrtle.
  • Bushes - examples include roses, hydrangeas, forsythia, mock orange among others.

For flower gardening enthusiasts, the hobby could be transformed into a business that is profitable and lucrative.

This is especially true when you put your heart to it and you are patient enough to grow flowers with their individual characteristics and idiosyncrasies. Turning your interest into a business also requires more knowledge and skills in order to make it successful. 

Acquiring knowledge about the flower business could be through personal reading or through the Internet. There are also horticulturists in your area that you could consult with regarding your business plan to put up a flower business such as establishing a flower shop in your area.

Flower arrangement is also a skill that must be honed and there are a thousand ways to acquire this knowledge that is also essential for the flower or flower shop business. Now that the Internet is popular, it is easier to get some learning and knowledge about any business that you want to venture into.

It will not be always necessary to go to formal training as there is already a proliferation of information regarding the business that is available at any time. There are also courses available for training such as about floriculture and flower decoration.

I think flower arrangement is one of the most enjoyable and stress-free activities that you could learn to be more skillful in the flower shop business. If you are serious enough and it really piques your interest, then go for it. The more you are interested in it, the more you will learn the ropes of this particular business.

There are also things to remember when starting your own flower shop business if you want to seriously venture into it:

  • You have to know first your personal qualifications aside from your interest in the business
  • Training is also essential a starter
  • A strategic location is a must to reach your particular group of customers
  • You have to know the different suppliers if you still need more stocks for your shop.
  • Learn the different flowers that could be stocked in your shop
  • With online marketing getting more popular, it is also suggested that create your own website for your target customers

It is always better to be ready and equipped for your business as being such could make or break your business. The flower shop business is one profitable venture to be involved with if you have the skills, strong interest, and resolve to be successful in this particular business.

The location of your business is a determinant and big factor for your business to thrive and be successful. It is always good to look for a strategic location where people could see your shop conspicuously to fill their need for flowers and flower decoration.

Competitors also abound whenever businesses are thriving. So, this is also another element of business that you have to consider before you dive into it. There are some business strategies that you must learn to be at par with your competitors if not be more competitive than them.  

In order to showcase your flower arrangement and the aesthetic appeal, why not have one standing desk from Flexispot. The Standing Desk Pro Series-Extra large desktop is an ideal piece of furniture for your flower shop.  

It has a greater loading capacity of up to 275 lbs.; it has three memory presents for sit/stand posture that is good for transforming it into a work table for customers, orders, accounting, etc.

It also has a sit-stand reminder when you have to change posture from sitting to standing position. In other words, this desk is multipurpose and sturdy enough to be part of your shop.