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Food for Academic Success in the Pandemic Era

09 August 2021

Time management, good study habits, resiliency, and diligence - these are the true marks of an outstanding student.

There are a lot of strategies that one can utilize that can help you to be successful in school and in life as a student. The benefits are there: respect from teachers, parents, and peers, getting into a college of one's choice, or even getting enough college credits to either finish college earlier or at the same time as you graduate high school.

Therefore, getting a good-paying job after high school and building a good life for yourself can be planned earlier. Doing that would also give you enough time and funds to do what you want, such as traveling or creating a startup. The possibilities for you are endless when you put in some hard work patiently.

However, for you to be able to put in the work you also need to take care of your own body externally and internally.

A routine of 20 to 30 minutes of exercise or physical activity is the minimum for a person to say that they do not live a sedentary life. Exercise would also enable a person’s body to react and act based on what certain circumstances need.

For example in the gym, you would have to have a good reaction time in dodgeball. Your body should have enough strength and speed, and these would all be easy if you’re not out of shape. Being physically active is also good for a person’s mental health and their capacity to socialize. Exercise releases happy hormones in your body that aids mood stability and a positive outlook for the future.

Girl cuts vegie chef dinner ingredients healthy food

Taking care of your body also means eating well and having a well-balanced meal.

Sure it usually involves a parent choosing and cooking what meal is to be had. However, you can also suggest what you want and need so you can incorporate food that has the nutrients that can prime your body and mind for success.

Usually, food that is heavy with vitamins and minerals is good for an active life. Good fats would enable your body to lower cholesterol levels especially if you like fried foods. It can help you feel full so you would not be tempted to eat junk foods as it also boosts brain function. Foods that are rich in antioxidants, on the other hand, provide that energy your body needs and will protect you against certain diseases of the brain.

You have also to keep in mind that food needs to be eaten in moderation. Overeating can cause the brain to be forgetful, irritable, and also clouded. This is not good when you are studying. We need to keep our stomachs healthy and our minds vigorous, alert, and absorbent. While this is the case for eating too much, lacking in certain nutrients may also cause symptoms of mental health issues. One example is vitamin B12. Low vitamin B12 in the body can cause psychiatric symptoms like depression, fatigue, anxiety, and at worst, even psychosis. People with low vitamin B6 in their diet are often associated with panic attacks and anxiety. That said, a healthy diet is good for one’s mental health just as good as it is for optimum brain function. Good food can also protect our body from the virus by strengthening our immune system.

The first brain food on my personal list is broccoli. This vegetable gets a lot of flack for being undesirable for the palate of growing children, which honestly doesn’t make sense as it doesn’t really taste bad. The key would either be a good recipe where this vegetable is incorporated or a good condiment for blanched broccoli. 100 grams of broccoli has 623 IU of vitamin A which is 21% of the recommended daily intake for adults.

This is a good vitamin for boosting the immune system and having a good vision which is important for students or people who love to read. It also has Vitamin K which is good for the fast healing of wounds and believe it or not, Vitamin C or ascorbic acid helps the body create and maintain the connective tissues inside it. Choline is good for brain development and makes your memory sharp.

Guacamole or avocado toast, anyone? Avocados have folate and Vitamin K and this means it can help prevent blood clots thus preventing aneurysm or stroke. It can also help you improve and maintain memory and concentration that would help while you are studying for quizzes or big exams.

If you have ever encountered those random facts accounts on Twitter or Instagram, then you might be familiar with the next recommended food. Dark chocolate contains flavonoids which are water-soluble compounds found in plants or plant products like wine, chocolate, or tea. There are 12 major subclasses of flavonoids based on their chemical structure and they also have their uses. 

The type that chocolate belongs to is what is called Flavan-3-ols, same with tea, strawberries, blueberries, apples, grapes, and cocoa-based products. This helps maintain elasticity in the blood vessels which makes it easier for blood to flow into your brain. Thus it helps the brain function while you study.

Other foods that you can add to your diet for effective brain function while studying are berries, celery, any leafy green vegetables, bone broth, extra virgin olive oil, rosemary, salmon, walnuts, and turmeric. When you are studying, it is best to do that on FlexiSpot’s Height Adjustable Ergonomic Study Desk

It is the best choice of desk for children and teenagers who are studying and soon will be returning to school. It will conform to your height as it is adjustable. That way, you can study comfortably without back, numbness, or hip pains. It is smooth and stable when you adjust the height so it would not be a problem if you have your things or even your study computer on it. 

High-quality materials are used because you only deserve the best. You have a desk that is environment-friendly and also safe for your health. It is a very stable desk built to last, so the student or the parent will not be inconvenienced. That way, you would only think of your academic success and the best life in the future.