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Fun Desk Games To Play With Your Children While You Are On Break

20 April 2021

Working from home brought employees who are also parents much closer to their family.

While it is true that staying in quarantine for a long time  is not a great thing for your mental health, your loving family would always have your back through this dark time. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic,  working from home has been the preferred set-up of employers to make sure that their workers stay safe and healthy. 

Working remotely also gave employees more time to bond with their family as they create genius ways to have fun whilst maintaining their workplace integrity.

For the most part of the past few pandemic-free years, lunch breaks are often spent with a co-worker or a classmate. Some have the weekends off to spend time and eat together with their family or while others have none at all.

That is why while we are still living our lives in the New Normal, we should come up with more ways of keeping our spirits up. And the best and also free way to do so is to play games around the best all-in-one standing desk, the Comhar by FlexiSpot.

Here are some of the few games that you can play with your kids while you are on a break and how to play them.

  • The ABC Game

- Once you are all around the Comhar, one person picks whether the words they should say are names, animals, songs, places, or even events. Once the theme has been picked, someone starts the game by saying  a word that begins with the letter A. The word should be relevant with the category to be acceptable.  The turns go around the table with everyone giving a word with each corresponding letter. There is also a time limit of 5 seconds to make the game more exciting.

For example, if you have 5 players, you must also hear 5 words that begin with the letter A and the rest of the alphabet. Failure to comply means disqualification until one winner comes on top.

  • Guessing Who

- The players should write three adjectives that best describe them. It does not matter if the facts are written with just one word or in a phrase. After that, everyone should give their papers to the game host and this is where the fun begins. The host must jumble up the papers and put each of it on the paper. Everyone must pick the adjectives that they have not written and give the paper to whom they think actually wrote it. The game master must take note of who puts the paper on the other player to determine a winner. The one with the most number of right guesses wins the game.

  • The Shortest Story for the Shortest Break

- every player goes around the table to craft the shortest story. Each person will have as turn as long as they only say 5 words per sentence. Every one must stay attentive to provide a sentence that would make the story as creative and entertaining as possible.

  • Sungka

- Want to play and learn about other countries’ table games? Then you are in luck because aside from teaching you simple and easy to play games, you would also learn about Sungka which is Filipino game that is popularly used to pass some time whilst sharpening their mental processes.  

Since playing Sungka requires an oblong-shaped wooden board with seven small holes on each side and 1 big hole for both ends of the board, turn your Comhar desk into a makeshift Sungka board by drawing circles on it with an erasable sharpie. To prepare the game, equally distribute 49 shells (you can use beads or buttons) all over the holes on the board except for the big holes which will be called the head. The first player then removes all of the beads from the hole on the far left of his side. He then distributes them anti-clockwise-- one in each hole to the right of that hole and acquiring the opponent's "head" but not his own "head".

If the final piece falls into a filled hole, then all the pieces are removed from that hole, and are apportioned in the same way in the next round. This player's turn ends when the final falls into an empty hole on the opposing side.

Keep doing this until there are no more beads on both of the opponents holes. To determine who won, count the pieces that are on each head separately and whoever has the most wins.

  • I Am _____.

- On a piece of paper, write down different celebrity names. It does not matter if the celebrity is dead or alive as long as they are famous. Let everyone pick a paper without having any idea who they will get. Once every player has a celebrity, throughout the whole game everyone must act like the celebrity they unknowingly picked. Everyone can guess anyone they want to and the last one to be guessed is the winner while the one with the most number of guesses is in second place.

  • Color Me Crazy

- To play this game, the game master must list down colors but change the hue of the word so it does not correctly correspond to the word.

Once that is over, the players must read aloud the colors of the words and not the word itself. The players must do it as fast as they can. The one with less mistakes and the fastest to correctly read the list wins.

Games are a great way to bring your family closer together. Now that you are working at the comfort and safety of your own home, the best way to spend time with your family is to make sure that everyone gets to join in on the fun. 

For the best impromptu game sessions, the Comhar is your best bet for a break time filled with lots of fun. The ergonomic standing desk can also be adjusted according to a player’s height to enhance everyone’s experience and bonding with the whole family.