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Fun things to do with your kids during the lockdown

18 May 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has necessitated a drastic change in our routine. If you're reading this, you're probably stuck at home. And if you have kids, they are probably stuck at home with you too. Shelter in place orders means that movement has been heavily restricted and that large gatherings have been almost totally banned (because apparently, you can't ban protests).

If you have kids at home, this may pose a unique problem. How does one deal with staying at home with children for extended periods? Younger children need time to play with their peers, and if they can't get that, parents become the next closest thing. That's why we'll be looking at a few fun activities that you can get involved in with your kids. Importantly, parents can use these activities to reconnect with their children.

While it may be easy to become a couch potato, it's important that parents try to use this period to spend valuable time with their kids. For all you know, you may never get this much free time ever again.

Play Outside

If you have a garden or a verandah, this can be the perfect escape for you and your kids. Staying inside all day can be a drag for your mental health and that of your children. So if you can, try to take them outside to have a breath of fresh air. You could try playing games like hide and seek, hopscotch and others to lift their spirits too.

Arts And Crafts Never Miss

If you have artsy children (younger children are almost always artsy), it may be a good idea to start several arts and craft projects. There are so many things you could make with regular home objects like toilet paper (however, if you have a toilet paper shortage in your city, you should probably hold off plans of using that). You could also make a lot of interesting things using paper, and these things can be great for decorating your children's room.

Make Cooking Fun

There are very few children who do not enjoy being in the kitchen. And even if they don't, there are certain ways to make the entire cooking experience a fun one for kids. If your kids love cookies or cake, you could even kill two birds with one stone. You could teach them how to make these tasty treats, while actually making it for them. Since this has the added advantage of being quality bonding time, it may even be killing three birds with one stone.

Playing Dress Up

For female children, there's hardly anything more fun than playing dress-up. In fact, this is even true for male children as well. You've probably even had offers to come to play dress up. If you get such offers, and you can oblige, please do. You'll be playing a game that your child is interested in, and it can be a great bonding time for both of you.

Cleaning Up

Can cleaning up be fun? Of course, it can, especially if you turn it into a game. Since you're staying at home full-time, the house is certain to be extra messy. You can allow your children to race to clean up a particular area, and whoever cleans up the fastest gets a price. If their rooms are riddled with toys, you can award points for each toy picked. You can even make it a contest of who cleans up the house best.


Staying at home may be an invitation to overfeed— and since children don't have the opportunity to play as much, it could be easier for those calories to build up. Exercising with your kids will have the twin benefit of keeping them healthy, and allowing them to spend quality time with you.

If you don't have the time to exercise because of work, you could buy a desk bike like the Deskbike V9 from Flexispot. The desk bike could also double as a standing desk, that way you can work in whatever form you prefer. Importantly, you'd only need about 1 minute to set the entire bike up. It really doesn't get easier.

Remember, as you spend time with your family during this period, try to take photos of happy times. As I said, you may never get this chance again. Make the most of it, and when this passes, you'll look back on this with happiness.