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Furniture Design and Work Efficiency

30 April 2021

There are several factors that contribute to an employee’s work efficiency.  They could be some kind of motivation such as intrinsic and extrinsic motivation.  Intrinsic motivation comes from within the person that a worker is motivated to work efficiently because of the satisfaction the job brings and the worker finds the job generally interesting. On the contrary, extrinsic motivation comes in the form of rewards and incentives given by the company to motivate employees to do their job efficiently.  

Incentives in the form additional cash gift, salary increase, promotion promotes efficiency to an employee because this motivation helps to satisfy human basic needs of food, clothing, and shelter.  With increase in salary, the employee can uplift his/her standing of living and inspire him/her to perform the tasks assigned competently.

Efficiency has been defined by many and simply defined as” the correct way of doing things such that possibly waste in the form of physical, material, energy and time is reduced.”  For example, a clerk can process a loan application in 15 minutes without wasting time  chatting or talking  to another employee.  He is focused on the task at hand so that the processing is correct and runs smoothly/ In this way, the clerk is efficiently doing his task at hand.

Several forms of research have been made by business organizations to determine exactly how employees can perform their jobs efficiently at any given time.  It is relevant and important to know it as businesses will not prosper and grow when employees cannot do the right way of doing their job. Time is precious to be wasted and wasting work time means waste of resources and revenue for the business organization.

Recent research conducted shows that a worker’s efficiency is affected by the work environment and office furniture design.  With an experiment conducted in a certain factory, it shows that sedentary behavior of employees contributed to some discomfort, poor posture, and illnesses especially in the lumbar area.  

It was found that the longer the employee sit in front of the computer, the more it produced back and neck pains.  It was recommended that the employees be given ergonomic standing desks or tables so that they can experience standing while working to change their posture.  The more-than-a week long experiment showed that employees are happy and satisfied using the adjustable standing desk and they were able to perform well with increased efficiency.

Focusing more on modern technology and office furniture design, innovation in term of designing office furniture and creatively designed office layout have become the focal point of modernizing and improving the workplace environment.  With office furniture, the design such as an office chair becomes user-friendly which is also related to ergonomic furniture design.

These days, when social distancing is a protocol, the office layout has been transformed into a more spacious work area while still promoting interaction among employees such as office meetings or group meetings that usually pertain to work.  The office layout also has been changed to promote increased efficiency and productivity.

With the new office design and layout established, furniture design is brought to the fore because furniture design is said to be affecting how employees work in the office and how much output they could produce in a certain period of time. For example, an ergonomic chair may provide the employee with comfort and ease in working thereby stress is reduced. 

In this case, sitting in an ergonomic chair helps the worker to think clearly and thus work in the right way. Using the ergonomic chair also helps the worker to exercise good posture that helps prevent pain and discomfort while working.  The adjustable ergonomic chairs can function as a work chair or a rest chair where an employee can recline and take some naps during breaks.  

The Soutien Office Chair is a remarkable ergonomic chair in modern times.  This ergonomic chair comes from FlexiSpot which is one of the most trusted brands in the world. In fact, millions of people love this brand for the outstanding products it offers.  The Soutien Office Chair has a 3D lumbar support system that gives 135 degrees lounge tilt. This enables the user to recline for a much-needed rest during long breaks where a catnap is possible.  Napping is a good way to make the brain and mind refreshed helping to think clearly and focus more on the job.

What is more magical about this ergonomic chair is that it has a 3D lumbar support system and features 3 height adjustment levels. With this feature, slouching or other incorrect postures are avoided. The backrest has 3D lumbar support system and luxuriously curved that harmonizes with   the neck and spine for an ultimate lumbar support and relaxation.

To complement the backrest adjustability, this cool chair is equipped with a 4D armrest cushioned for added support and comfortability for your arms and elbows. The armrest contours to the arms and elbows for maximum coziness.