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Game On!

25 May 2021

Here are FlexiSpot's top gaming chairs for the serious gamer

Gaming requires any serious player to have the best gaming rig for a fun time while at play. Therefore, gamers need to have the latest build that they are willing to spend tons of money on.

While the central processing unit is essential, a gamer must keep in mind that a healthy spine and back are crucial for a great gaming time. 

That is why FlexiSpot came up with ergonomic gaming chairs that would suit any novice or professional player.

1. Ergonomic gaming chair A39635M

The Ergonomic gaming chair A39635M has an adjustable seat height that can let you customize the best configuration for your build. This gaming chair features a five-star base and swift rolling casters that make it easy to move around your workstation. Assembling this chair is also a breeze because you will have all the necessary hardware and instruction to use this chair right away.

Customer Reviews:

"I was looking for a replacement chair since I've been working from home a lot more. This chair was both within my budget and seemed to fit all the criteria I had in mind. I ended up receiving my order several days earlier than expected, which was a welcome surprise. Upon unpacking everything, it took me less than 30 minutes to put the chair together." - Kevin M.

"We got this chair for my gamer 12 yr old for Christmas, and it's great!!! I, his mother, put it together, and it was easy. I then tested it and didn't want to get up! Very comfortable, and he's been in it every day since doing school and then gaming and has never complained once! No wear or tear. Even my cats love it, now you know it's good!" - Monica S.

"I purchased this chair a bit ago to replace my old wooden chair. Let me say; this is a nice chair. I had to contact the seller due to confusion, and I got a response within 24 hours, so I am very pleased about that. The chair was easy to assemble and feels very nice." - Meredith.

2. Ergonomic Gaming Chair with Retractable Footrest Ri3476

The Ergonomic Gaming Chair with Retractable Footrest Ri3476 is the perfect match for gamers who love to relax.

Reclining on this ergonomic gaming chair is as easy as pie. Take a seat, pull the handle up, and adjust the recliner to your liking to have a good rest after an intense gaming session.

There is also a footrest under the set that you can freely retract for additional comfort during your downtime. With a bit of push, you would have your foot support that would prevent paresthesia or, in layman's terms, the tingling feeling when sustained pressure causes your nerves to stay compressed.

Customer Reviews:

"Great chair for the price, and no cheesy logos, which I'm a fan of. It was not hard to assemble, but some parts I needed to watch the video for as the paper instructions were not as easy to see what to do—built in less than an hour, though. Great support/comfort and feels high quality. There was a slightly strong smell out of the box, but it aired out after a day or two. Would recommend it." - David L.

"As a student and given the quarantine situation this year, I spend a lot of time at my desk. Sitting in a chair for long periods was often uncomfortable until I purchased this chair. This chair has a full support system for my head, neck, and back. The lumbar support pillow has the bonus feature of having a massaging vibration, powered via USB. The chair was easy to assemble, and the instructions were satisfactory. It could be a little bit larger to show detail, but it worked out fine. The range of adjustment on this chair is great, more than any of my past chairs. The leg rest is also a nice touch. A very comfortable chair, I would recommend." - Brian.

"I have been using this chair for almost two weeks now, and I must say this chair is perfect if you work 8 to 10 hours a day. I used to have a little back pain due to my previous chair, so I returned it and bought it. This chair has a long back that supports the neck perfectly. The seat cushion is also really nice and comfortable. Smooth wheel, sturdy material, and it does not make any noise when stretched or pushed back. It is also easy to assemble. It took hardly 20 minutes for me to assemble. I am delighted with this product and recommend it because this is the best in the budget." - Jayant B.

The Takeaway With Both Gaming Chairs

Both Ergonomic Gaming Chair with Retractable Footrest Ri3476 and Ergonomic gaming chair A39635M are great additions to any gaming rig. That is why it is up to user preference which one would be perfect for them.

For instance, if you want a classic no-brainer chair, go with the Ergonomic gaming chair A39635M. Not only do you have the functionality of a gaming chair, but you also have the added features that elevate a simple chair.

If you are a chill person who loves laid-back moments, the  Ergonomic Gaming Chair with Retractable Footrest Ri3476 is perfect for after-gaming cooldown thanks to the footrest and full-on recliner.

So, go ahead and treat yourself to FlexiSpot's gaming chairs that can make any computer rig be the best version of itself. FlexiSpot's gaming chairs also guarantee customer satisfaction with the fast delivery shipping as it also takes care of the spinal health of the user.

Head now to FlexiSpot's website to get the best deals and best ergonomic office solutions for your overall healthier well-being and mentally sound mind that can help you achieve your goals.