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Gamer’s Guide: The best desks for a gamer (2021)

06 September 2021

Gamer’s complete guide: everything you should know

Gaming may seem like one of the most trivial activities ever, but it's a whole world of reality for gamers. You can't treat this reality with levity. So, it doesn't matter if you play games as a pastime or professionally; you need the perfect desk setup to make your gaming worthwhile. 

However, it would help if you had more than a basic desk to fit in your multiple monitors, speakers, and other gaming peripherals. One wrong notion about gaming desks is that it's all about size and nothing else affects your gaming experience. 

Now, that's one heck of a wrong notion. 

This comprehensive guide covers factors that should be up for consideration when you are picking a gaming desk. And it extends to reasons why an ergonomic gaming desk needs to be the first on your setup list. 

Overall, this article is set to make an already entertaining activity even more charming. Ease up all distractions, and be diligent in reading this till the end. We guarantee you; you'd have zero regrets. 

Gaming Chair with Footrest 293

Why should a gamer buy a gaming chair?

Before delving into the guide, it's important to explain why you need an ergonomic gaming standing desk. 

It's no news that avid gamers find themselves stuck to their gaming PC for long hours daily. The fact that they are gamers let's doesn't mean they are exempted from the dangers that a sedentary lifestyle brings. 

As office workers, they're exposed to the adverse effects of prolonged sitting. Consequently, there are numerous benefits of including a standcentric workstation in your setup. Below, you'll find the main benefits you'll get from owning a gaming sit-stand desk. 

It’s healthy

Chances are you ignore the health implications you are exposed to when you sit for an extended time. The most common effects of playing gaming DE on a regular desk for prolonged hours are back pain, neck ache, muscle strain, poor circulation, and brain fog.

Nevertheless, you can curtail these adverse effects by increasing the number of hours you spend on your feet. Spending more time on your feet daily reduces the risk of chronic disease, weight gain, and metabolic syndrome. And it's a simple way of easing intense back pain or neck pain.  

Better engagement and focus

There's only so much sitting that your brain can handle at a stretch. When you sit for extensive periods, you start getting antsy and uncomfortable. At its worst, you can experience all these coupled with muscle tension.

 However, you don't have to endure this discomfort while gaming. Investing in a sit-stand desk offers the opportunity to stand and stretch without missing out on any fun. Moreover, standing at intervals improves your blood circulation, which in turn boosts productivity and focus.  

Enhances your health and naturally limits gaming time

It isn't easy to keep track of time while gaming. If you are a die-hard fan of PC gaming, you understand how fast time flies while playing. Hours feel like minutes until you miss important appointments or end up doing nothing else all day. 

However, standing while playing gaming DE makes you more time conscious. 

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What a gamer should consider before buying a gaming chair

First things first. It's erroneous to buy any gaming desk you find in the market. It would help if you first consider your preference. This is the essential step that you can't afford to overlook because it helps you understand how to decide on the gaming desk to buy.

For instance, you may fancy buying a stunning sit-stand desk at the expense of one with a little functionality. Hence, it would help if you considered all your preferences as regards the following factors:


You can’t afford to undermine the cruciality of your gaming desk’s size. We recommend that you measure the size of the space you have available to know if the desk would fit in. However, you should also factor in the space of the chair. 

While considering the chair's size, note that a standard ergonomic chair can occupy about 5sq.ft. When you map out space, it becomes easy to go with a desk that falls within an accurate size range. However, size isn’t the only factor that needs rapt and detailed attention. 

Surface area

Getting the surface area of a desk could be tricky because not all desks specify this information. But you can calculate the surface area by checking the dimensions the manufacturer listed. This detail is vital, and it lets you in on how much space the desk provides. 

For example, not all desks can fit triple monitor setups on all desk types. Consequently, you should be aware of the kind of space you’d like your desk to have. With this information, you can streamline your options more accurately. 

Desk height

Your desk’s height is a vital requirement for perfect ergonomics. If your desk isn’t an adjustable ergonomic gaming desk, the desk height will limit the ergonomics included in your gaming setup.

That’s why we strongly recommend that you get an ergonomic sit-stand desk that encompasses all the unique ergonomics benefits. An ergo desk adjusts to your specific sitting and standing heights. 


You may wonder: how many functionalities could a gaming desk possibly have? You’d be shocked. The answer to that question is a lot. 

Some gaming standing desks go as far as embedding a cup holder, or CD slots that we believe are utterly unnecessary. But that's the attraction for some people. Therefore, you need to know the functions you want your desired desk to embody.

We've highlighted some essential features that we're certain every gamer would love to set you off:

Ergonomics and health

The height of your gaming keyboard, chair, mouse, monitor, and the likes are vital elements that contribute to good posture. Manufacturers are certainly aware of this. 

That’s exactly why there are many advanced desks with seamless adjustability features circulating in the market. For instance, an adjustable standing desk does wonders by creating a comfortable and stressless gaming setup for you. 

cable management tray CMP502

Cable management

All gamers have one problem in common.

 The messy tangle of cables creates an untidy look regardless of how hard you try to organize them. Luckily, some desks have cable management features to help organize your cables better.

These desks have built-in features that can effectively manage your endless cables. Some of the features that aids cable management are:

  • Cable trays
  • Holes and grommets
  • Slots
  • Cable nets

Besides hiding your cables away, these features give your desk a smooth appearance. If your gaming desks don’t have these features, you can add them separately later. Although, it’s better to have the features built-in as it saves you the stress.

Drawers and compartment

Are you big on the organization? Then don't miss out on this feature. Drawers, keyboard trays, cable trays, etc., are big players in making a decluttered space. Howbeit, they are useful for organization, ensure they don’t restrict airflow. 


This condition is also another crucial factor to consider because it affects the size and style of the gaming desk. 

Here’re the common shapes that a gaming desk design includes:


L-shaped gaming desks have earned the tag "professional" for quite a while now. The unique shape with mature appearance influenced that. Due to the special appearance, L-shaped desks end up with more surface area.

Moreover, it always fits a corner space, thereby helping you maximize your setup space in the most natural way possible. 


You can call it the classic on this list because it’s a choice that you’d find on every manufacturer’s list. A rectangular-shaped desk is basic, and it’s the shape most gamers need for their setup.


U-shaped is an advanced version of the L-shaped desk. They are similar, but this requires more space. Nonetheless, U-shaped desks prove to be an excellent choice for diverse workspace variants.


Corner desks are the typical minimalist setup for a gamer. It’s the perfect option If you are low on space, but you'll have to deal with a smaller surface area as well. So, if you decide on a corner desk, you will have a minimalist setup. 

This isn’t a problem unless you have more peripherals to set up. However, in this case, you can make the most of your space with creative mount ideas. Mounting is a surefire way to maximize a corner gaming desk. 

Electric Height Adjustable Gaming Desk - 48" W

Quality and materials

Manufacturers get creative with a lot of materials. Sometimes glass, plastic, steel, wood, or particleboard. Each one could be an excellent option for you. Nonetheless, you need to consider some features in determining the material that falls in line with your preference. Hence, consider the following factors:


Although people hardly pay attention to the feel of a material, it’s essential. You’d favor a wooden or plastic desk if you have a habit of leaning into your desk and placing arms on it. 

Wood and plastic are more temperature neutral compared to glass or steel. In short, find what works for you.


Nothing else matters if you don’t find the style of a desk attractive. This factor is essentially one of the most important as it determines your fondness for the workstation. The simple tip is to buy a gaming desk that appeals to your aesthetics and fits into your idea of stunning.

However, keeping it simple is the secret to an overall classy workspace. A desk with a simple but exquisite design allows other equipment to become the focal point.

Construction quality

It’d be unwise to break a bank because of a gaming desk. Considering that a PC and other equipment may cost an arm and a leg, it might be a burden to deal with an expensive desk.  

Nevertheless, placing the same pricey PC on a subpar desk is risky. Don’t take your chance with a cheaply made desk. One way to find out the quality is by inspecting it thoroughly to check for any error in the finish. 

For online buyers, you may go through the customers' reviews and also check the material used for the frame. The sight of plastic in its frame is a red flag that signals weak stability. Hence, stainless steel is a better option.

Weight capacity

Your gaming setup has a large influence on the weight capacity of your desk. You don’t need to decipher any information to figure out the weight capacity. Manufacturers often list it as a product spec. 

To find out which one would serve you well, examine the weight of your gaming equipment. And ensure you go for any desk that wouldn’t crumble under the weight.  

What are the best gaming desks?

For the best gaming desk, these two are the popular and well-liked desks that you may consider investing in:

Electric Height Adjustable Gaming Desk - 55" W

Electric Height Adjustable Gaming Desk - 55" W

Easily occupying our top pick space is the famous Electric height adjustable gaming desk- 55’ W. It has numerous handy features that promote productivity and enhance your wellbeing by keeping you comfortable all day long.

It’s undoubtedly the best gaming desk to buy. We’ll tell you why.

Firstly, this desk has an extensive height adjustment of 27.9 - 47.6, making it suitable for almost any height. Additionally, it can pull off stability even with a maximum 154 lbs. weight capacity. 

The adjustability setting keeps comfort within arm’s reach. It also has a swift adjustment reflex to ensure the switch doesn’t disrupt your game. 

Furthermore, the double steel construction for the frame is excellent in any jostling during the game. Overall, it's our first choice of gaming desk.

Electric Height Adjustable Gaming Desk - 48" W

Electric Height Adjustable Gaming Desk - 48" W

Flexispot, undoubtedly, creates a standard for other manufacturers to keep up with; this standing desk testifies to that.

This desk has a lot to offer, starting with the carbon fiber textured top to the one-button swift height adjustment. 

It has an anti-Collison function that sees that the standing desk doesn’t ram into anything during height adjustment.

Furthermore, the curves desktop aligns with your body more and create space for your elbows. You can rest assured that your gaming experience would be worthwhile with this gaming desk. 

Final Words

We sincerely hope our comprehensive guide armed you with detailed information on buying the best gaming desk. Regardless of your choice, be sure it’s sturdy, spacious enough for your gadgets, and attractive to keep you enthralled. 

Remember, Flexispot always has an extensive list of affordable equipment that are worthy additions to your gaming setup.